Paulina: A Wardrobe Deconstructed

6/17/2007 4:02 AM PDT
To the naked eye, singer Paulina Rubio looks quite stylish, but look deeper into her ensemble, and you can see her glaring unoriginality.

Paulina was seen leaving the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, wearing this kaleidoscopic bandana -- a look taken right from the closet of weavetastic pop mom Britney Spears. The oversized beauty goggles are a staple of the Nicole Richie school, while her ratty peroxided locks and pouting lips are hallmarks of the hobo-chic Olsen twins. And how does she acknowledge the photogs? With rehabber Lindsay Lohan's favorite gesture -- the peace sign. *yawn*

Rubio's latest single, Ayudame, means "Help me." It seems like she's helped herself ... to everyone else's leftovers.