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A Wardrobe Deconstructed

6/17/2007 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

To the naked eye, singer Paulina Rubio looks quite stylish, but look deeper into her ensemble, and you can see her glaring unoriginality.

Paulina was seen leaving the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, wearing this kaleidoscopic bandana -- a look taken right from the closet of weavetastic pop mom Britney Spears. The oversized beauty goggles are a staple of the Nicole Richie school, while her ratty peroxided locks and pouting lips are hallmarks of the hobo-chic Olsen twins. And how does she acknowledge the photogs? With rehabber Lindsay Lohan's favorite gesture -- the peace sign. *yawn*

Rubio's latest single, Ayudame, means "Help me." It seems like she's helped herself ... to everyone else's leftovers.


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well TMZ... i would like to add that PAULINA RUBIO is known for her unique style and trust... she would never copy anyone or their style. i think if she were to read this she would be completely offended!

p.s. you don't need to look too deep to state that pretty much all of california... more southern california owns these pieces in their wardrobe. so until we don't see paulina rubio wearing baggy, oversized, boho inspired rags with sequins on them... let's respect her hot style! WE LOVE YOU PAULINA!!!!!!! PAU-POWER!!!!!!!!!! : )

2669 days ago

Auntie Em    

That's Paulina???

I honestly thought it was MK...

Why on earth would she, or anyone else, want to look like little scraggly MK?

2694 days ago

I love taco bell!!    

Ha..Ha..LMAO...TMZ you better watch out you don't now Paulina. She'll die if you tell her she's a copy cat..She's very Diva & she has her own style and doesn't like to be compared to no one.

This is Pualina Rubio she's the "Golden Girl" from Mexico. I even seen a reporter tell her she's like a spanish Paris Hilton and her answer was hilarious!! She said " Don't ever in your life compared me to a Prostitute" She was furiuos that they compared her to Paris,but they meant by dressing cute & sexy not by acting like her. She still dint care,she said Paris has a sex tape so she's a Prostitute.. I was like OMG this girl is

I was like OMG i din't know even in other country they would consider Paris a prostitute. Is like if you call someone Paris, your calling them a B****. I love Paris anyways,I'm a huge fan of Paris!!!!

Now regarding this news, For the people that don't know about her let me tell you Paulina would not copy someone it's probaly a coincedence. Artist buy there stuff at the same stores. Just because other artist have bought it doesn't mean she can't. That's crazy!! The stores would be out of business. Besides Paulina is very "Diva" she OMG how do i put it in a nice way..she be caught dead before trying to copy another everyone who knows about her wont believe she is copying someone.She's too coinceded to do something like this. She's very very very Diva.. She attracts paparrazi a lot..because this girl is really interesting and is always doing something so heads up TMZ you will have tons of news with Paulina. Actually i find her very pretty & sweet,and I love her unique style. Paulina has her own sexy style and she will NEVER copy someone..I also love her music too.

Do you honestly think Paulina would want to copy MK? Come on who in there right mind would??? LMAO :)

2694 days ago

Just sayin'...    

Completely agree w/ Nicole...let me just add another thing: Paulina's been sporting that hair for years well as the piece sign salute... TMZ probably just doesn't follow hispanic artists too much so isn't aware of this, but trust me, Paulina is not copying anyone...What she's wearing, from head to toe is defnitely up her alley...just look her up and you'll see wearing similar things in the past...obviously, not exactly the same, since she does like to be in style... but anyway, I recommend her music to this girl- a total girl-power kinda chica... intelligent, funny, bold....she really is a fun person w/ nothing but positive energy... her interviews are always entertaining and very enlightening....go pau-pau!

2694 days ago

jack Shite    

uuuhhhhh...yeh it looks like she is borrowing looks from people and it's pretty funny whoever wrote that.

She looks confused and unsure of her style or maybe because she really doesn't have any style. What I remember about Paula Rubio are these skimpy outfits she wears on stage.
Anyways -- She's really not that famous and ask 10 people who she is and I bet 9 of them wouldn't even know.
She is not even in the same league of fame as a Paris Hilton.

2694 days ago

jack Shite    

Thats pretty funny. She does look confused as to her style or identity.

She looks desperate for attention because if you asked 10 people who she was, I bet 9 of them wouldn't even be able to tell you. She's not even on the same page or close to the level of fame of a paris hilton so I don't know why she would dis her.

She is kind of a Shakira wanna be.

Is that why she's in L.A. ? to stalk Shakira?? Shakiras in L.A. right now too.

From the pictures I've seen of her onstage, she certainly dresses like a prostitute and is selling sex so it's funny she would knock Paris. She looks good but also rather like a tart.
is she talented? Can she sing? I havn't heard her.

2694 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

In March she attended Lilliana Sada's wedding (as in super rich) in Monterrey, Mexico




OH WELL, things happen

2694 days ago


Although Paullina Rubio carries accessories similar to those seen on Nichole Richie and Britney Spears I highly doubt from her previous statements that Rubio acknowledges Richie and Spears let alone takes fashion cues form them. Also with regard to her choice of accessories as well as her hair style and antics, Rubio began and has maintained a personal style similar to that which she displays above since long before Richie hired a stylist to help with fashion choices, and Britney, Mary-Kate, and Lindsey finished puberty and debuted on the Hollywood scene.

2694 days ago


It is not uncommon for two stars to coincidently wear similar pieces or outfits; just think of all the magazines that ask you to rate two stars placed side by side, wearing the same outfit.

2694 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

So did one ex-USA President and 2 ex Mexican presidents at

the March wedding of Lilliana Sada

Hola magazine had a good coverage.

2694 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

A couple of years back Mercedes sued her in Los Angeles and it went to trial for not showing up at their event

she was partying it up in Acapulco

2694 days ago

Paris & Paulina.    

Paris + Paulina = Party 24/7

They should be call the 3 P. These two girls love to Party day/night. If they meet they would become bestfriends, because they both act exactly the same. Paulina is very famous in Mexico,She was like a britney (before she went down hill) pop star,The all Party it up Girl. I have no doubt she will do the same in USA once she learns where all the hot spot are here. She gets super-famous in every country she steps foot in. There something about her that gets triple fame in a heart beat,could it be that she's rich,hot,famous and Parties 24/7 ? Yup,She's another Paris Hilton, The only thing missing is a Paulina sex tape.

2694 days ago

Paris & Paulina.    

Before Britney went down hill not Paulina. Sorry TMZ needs a editor.

2694 days ago


I have never heard of her. I thought it was MK.

2694 days ago

Paris & Paulina.    

I know this photo looks just like MK .. but no this is Paulina Rubio. They call her "La chica dorada" that means "The Golden Girl"
She's the daughter of a famous mexican actress Susana Dosamante.Paulina has sold over 16 Million albums worldwide.This girl been singing since she was like 5 years old.

Here's her Bio

2693 days ago
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