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Condom Ads Ribbed Too Much -- FOX & CBS Pull Out

6/18/2007 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Trojan condoms has a bone to pick with FOX and CBS, after the networks deemed their new commercials "not appropriate" for TV. Meanwhile, several erectile dysfunction ads continue to penetrate their airwaves as we speak.

One of the Trojan ads shows a bunch of pigs (not scummy dudes but actual swine) trying to score with hot chicks (not baby chickens but good lookin' women) at a bar. When one of the pigs decides that he wants to take a woman back to his pen, he hoofs it into a bathroom, buys a jimmy hat, and "evolves" into a man. According to a press release from Trojan, the hog is a "hero" who demonstrates responsibility by choosing to keep his little piggy in a latex blanket.

An internal document obtained by TMZ, CBS justified their decision to Trojan saying "While we understand and appreciate the humor of this creative (ad), we do not find it appropriate for our network, even with late night only restriction. Also, the hard liquor references/props are not allowed."

FOX, of course, had a more conservative defense. They told the condom maker "Contraceptive advertising must stress health related uses rather than the prevention of pregnancy."

So, for the record -- FOX and CBS will run advertisements teaching men how to get it up, but not how to cover it up.

For those of you dying to see Trojan's pig try to engage in a little horizontal truffle shuffle, the spot will air on ABC and NBC later this month -- after 11:30 PM.


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Haha suckers...    

I liked it.
It's amazing what networks will put on television and what they won't...crazy. There doesn't seem to be any consistancy whatsoever!

2684 days ago


Guys are pig’s lol! Picking up women at bars LOSERS! The ones, who are getting mad about, are probably the ones that go to bars to pick up women hahaha

2684 days ago


What are women there for, a good time? Don't even get me started what I see from females in clubs! Just look at my screen name.

2684 days ago


absolutely harmless.

they better should ban miz piggy spears from tv.

2684 days ago


Now if we could get the networks to pull those horrible, horrible, awful prescription drug ads and feminine hygiene ads and male enhancement ads it would be a far better world.

2684 days ago

Duke, Duke, Duke, - Duke of Earl    

It would have been much better to show the women as all bitches in heat. The "pig" returns from the toliet with his condom and turns into a "man" and then the bitch would turn into a "woman". smile and go off with him. As she turns from the bar, you would get a visual of her lower back tramp-stamp. The ad closes with a long-shot of a car in the bar parking lot rocking like mad and the guy doing her from behind, doggy style. Now, THAT'S a good advertisment!

2684 days ago

Grumpy old man    

I agree that the dudes getting mad at this commercial are more than likely the pigs at bars trying to "score" in real life. Yeah, it is a stupid commercial but, it was true & funny. lol

2684 days ago


I just saw this ad in Oklahoma. Usually 10 years behind... we must be movin' up! It wasn't really that offensive- more just annoying. But whatever, now trojan is just going to get more publicity on other stations.

2684 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.....10:00 pm not one second before.......Clever, but not for children to see....AT ALL!!!!!.........

2684 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.............................FOX said NO?!!, Must be TACKY!!!!!...........................

2684 days ago


quick picking on pigs!

2684 days ago


Well, Fox wouldn't want a condom ad shown. That would imply that people have sex. Do Republicans HAVE sex???

2684 days ago

Fun Bun    

Wouldn't want to ruin the pure Fox Image would we?

Funny as Hell ! Hope to see it soon!

2684 days ago

Barbo Garbo    

I don;t see the big deal...

it's funny, it;s memorable and promotes a lot of the issues today;s youth is facing out there with all the sex PIGS.

Good stuff!

2684 days ago


"Contraceptive advertising must stress health related uses rather than the prevention of pregnancy."

I'm sorry, that made me do a double take! Pregnancy IS a health related matter...for the mother and the fetus.

Are they KIDDING????!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!!!?????!

2684 days ago
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