Dannielynn Gets a Lift -- from Howard K.?

6/18/2007 2:10 PM PDT
Howard K. Stern left the Bahamas last week to get his Dannielynn fix, among other things.

Cameras caught Howard K. playing the role of chauffeur this weekend as he drove Dannielynn to Larry Birkhead's new digs -- Anna's former home in the San Fernando Valley. Birkhead is in the process of moving from his old apartment into the new place, and couldn't fit Dannielynn in the moving truck. Fortunately, his right-hand man was there to help. Our spies tell us Stern has visited the baby several times and he's getting along great with Larry B.

Stern has more than babytalk on his mind. There's a hearing tomorrow in downtown L.A. that both Stern and Birkhead will attend. The subject -- Anna Nicole's estate. Stern is an executor, and Birkhead is now the parent of the beneficiary -- Dannielynn.