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Dannielynn Gets a Lift -- from Howard K.?

6/18/2007 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern left the Bahamas last week to get his Dannielynn fix, among other things.

Cameras caught Howard K. playing the role of chauffeur this weekend as he drove Dannielynn to Larry Birkhead's new digs -- Anna's former home in the San Fernando Valley. Birkhead is in the process of moving from his old apartment into the new place, and couldn't fit Dannielynn in the moving truck. Fortunately, his right-hand man was there to help. Our spies tell us Stern has visited the baby several times and he's getting along great with Larry B.

Stern has more than babytalk on his mind. There's a hearing tomorrow in downtown L.A. that both Stern and Birkhead will attend. The subject -- Anna Nicole's estate. Stern is an executor, and Birkhead is now the parent of the beneficiary -- Dannielynn.


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As far as Larry moving into Anna's house-Not sure how I feel about that-All though I can see where it would belong to Dannielynn-She is the cuttest baby-I think it is very big of Larry to let Stern be in Dannielynn's life-I am from Ky - Larry is a good honest Ky MAN-He knows that HATE only destroys the HATER--By hating Stern it would only hurt him and Dannielynn-Congradulations Larry you have a bueatiful baby girl----Lou Ky

2635 days ago


When will Larry ever learn to stay clear of Stern??? To me if he was any father at all he'd never let that man near his daughter after 2 suspicious deaths!! Even Taz has her own suspicions as she told in Greta interview

2635 days ago


That Baby is sooo damn cute

2653 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

That is really cool..Glad those guys are getting along and got rid of Virgie! She was very insincere.

2653 days ago


I just watched a new Anna Nicole show last night, footage of her career and life. I had seen some of this stuff but was really TURNED OFF by her behavior in so much of it. If Larry Birkhead wants his daughter to have good impression of her mom, I do hope she never gets her hands on this footage. I just can't imagine Larry even wanting contact with Stern, a man who kept Larry from his baby for six months. Sometimes I think Larry is intelligent, sometimes not. But any guy who found Anna Nicole attractive has got to like bimbos.

2653 days ago


Larry is an idiot-smoozing with that stupid Stern after he wouldn't give up that baby. Expect to see BOTH of them where money for the kid is concerned!

2653 days ago


It is so good to see Howard again...especially holding that sweet baby he cared for so much. It is also a good thing that Larry is going to move into Anna's home, a place where Dannilynn should be.

2653 days ago

Bahama Mama    

Larry makes me sick! I hope Opri destroys him in court! How can he even talk to Coward K. $tern? He killed Anna & Daniel! Howard is the dumbass that caused Larry's legal problems!

Larry, please! The money is not worth it! You are a backstabber and you use people! Pay your Bill!

2653 days ago


..............TIME 4 A BEER.............LATER MOM

2653 days ago


I am so glad that Larry and Howard are getting along for Dannielynn's sake. I think it is great that they can put past differences aside and be associates so Dannielynn can have the two men in her life that loved her mom. Atleast Vergie isn't there. Anna made it clear she didn't want that woman in her daughters life and I hope that Larry respects that. She was only after the money anyways........

2653 days ago


Why in the hell would or could Larry move into Anna's home?

2653 days ago

pattie in cali    

hey LARRY you might want to watch out, DON'T TRUST HOWARD, something is not right here,

2653 days ago


Good Father's Day for both of them!! larry is being a good sport about all of this mess!! The baby is absolutely adorable!!!

Linda in Buffalo, Texas

2653 days ago

kim suck    

THE hell with both of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2653 days ago


Isn't it a little early, son?

2653 days ago
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