Jolie Flustered by FOX Flurry

6/18/2007 3:40 PM PDT
No one puts Angelina Jolie in a corner and makes her squirm -- except, perhaps FOX News -- which wanted to know exactly why they were banned from covering the premiere of Jolie's latest flick, "A Mighty Heart."

In this clip obtained by TMZ, a FOX reporter quizzes Angie about it, right on the streets of Manhattan as she made the rounds shilling for "Heart." Jolie, initially a bit flustered -- as much by the question as the insane storm of autograph seekers -- admitted afterward that her treatment of FOX and the infamous contract her reps tried to force on journos was "excessive."

As one might expect, there will be plenty more breakdown of Joliegate on tonight's "O'Reilly Factor".