Jolie Flustered by FOX Flurry

6/18/2007 3:40 PM PDT
Click to return to TMZ.comNo one puts Angelina Jolie in a corner and makes her squirm -- except, perhaps FOX News -- which wanted to know exactly why they were banned from covering the premiere of Jolie's latest flick, "A Mighty Heart."

In this clip obtained by TMZ, a FOX reporter quizzes Angie about it, right on the streets of Manhattan as she made the rounds shilling for "Heart." Jolie, initially a bit flustered -- as much by the question as the insane storm of autograph seekers -- admitted afterward that her treatment of FOX and the infamous contract her reps tried to force on journos was "excessive."

Angelina Jolie gallery: click to launch photosAs one might expect, there will be plenty more breakdown of Joliegate on tonight's "O'Reilly Factor".