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Paris Still Freezing in the Cooler?

6/18/2007 9:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton basked in the warm glow of her mom and pop's love on Father's Day -- not to mention sister Nicky's as well -- but her biggest problem, according to her mom, is warding off the chill of her cold, cold cell.

We've told you before that Paris is "freezing" in her cell, and it doesn't look like things have heated up at all. Mom Kathy complained to assembled photogs that she thought Paris' arm might be broken, as Paris apparently kept rubbing her arm, shivering in the cold, reports the New York Daily News. That's cold!

The Hiltons turned up yesterday evening around 7:15 PM, and stayed for an hour. When collected photogs yelled out "Happy Father's Day" to Rick Hilton, he deadpanned, "It's not ideally my best." Meanwhile, Nicky's ex, Kevin Connolly, says jailbird Paris is like a "cat," says People, because "she always lands on her feet."

Rosie Right for "Price," Says Bob B.

Bob Barker's choice to replace him as host of "The Price is Right?" Rosie O'Donnell.

The outgoing Barker, who's last show aired Friday, told reporters that CBS is going to "have a meeting with Rosie," but that the network might not want, as he so decorously put it, "a lady host. As far as I know, they've only auditioned men."

Apparently, Rosie told Barker (when he was on her show back when) that she "loved" "Price" and wanted to host it some day. Todd Newton of E!, Mark Steines of "Entertainment Tonight," and tan man George Hamilton are among the other purported possibilities.

Cruise -- High Priest to Perform Wedding?

We all know that Tom Cruise is at the highest level of "clear" in the ranks of the Church of Scientology, but is that enough to allow him to perform a wedding? Women's Wear Daily (via Page Six) reports that Cruise might be the officiant (or whatever they call it in Scientology-speak) when James Packer, Aussie heir to a $6.5-billion fortune says his "I Dos" on France's Cote d'Azur this weekend.

Party Favors: Olsen Twins Get 300K for Bday Snaps? ... Vanessa Slashes Reality Plans with Knifing ... "Fantastic" Opening for "Silver Surfer"

The Olsen Twins celebrated their actual birthday last week with a low-key champagne toast, but the real party -- which they threw over the weekend -- may net them $300,000, which is how much they asked for photos, reports Gatecrasher. ... Also in Gatecrasher, Vanessa Minnillo wants a reality show all to herself but those knife shenanigans she got into with Lindsay Lohan may have slashed any plans for that. ... The "Fantastic Four" sequel made a ton of money over weekend, $57.1 million to be exact. Which means that they'll probably do yet another one. Oh, wait, they already are -- a spin-off of "The Silver Surfer."


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Rosie would be FANTASTIC!!! Between sparring matches with Elisabeth, she proved that she's wittier than ever and I think she would be such a great host! I watched 'The View' religiously before, during, and sadly, not so much after, her tenure on the show with my breakfast before I begin work, and I'll tell ya: she was the most compelling, interesting and well-spoken individual I've seen on US television in a very, very long time.

She's a smart cookie and would know not to bring politics to TPiR. The one thing I've read that she'd like to change is to give consolation prizes to people who don't win and to give gifts to the entire audience, which I always thought they should do since they obviously don't have a short supply of companies who want to advertise with them.

2685 days ago


In case you have been on an alternate planet for the last decade....America is not a christian society...its a DIVERSE place where there is separation of church and state

What kind of Christian society is this??????

2685 days ago

Arturo Fuente    

I'm a huge Bob fan, but I'm glad he's retiring and will no longer be on the air now that I've found out he's buddies with Kandahar Rosie. I enjoyed his show for decades only to be left with a better taste in my mouth. Way to go Bob.

2685 days ago

ooh that hurts good    

NOthing really to say about Tom but thought he should have at least one comment
Can we now say he is officially over and no longer write about him. The same goes for the Sad Sad Brad the Dad. After having a story on tmz for 3 days he has only managed to get about 40 comments. Oh to be over must be hard on these hasbeens.

2685 days ago


On Bob Barker commenting that Rosie O'Donnell should be the new host of the Price is Right.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

On Tom Cruise becoming a High Priest of his Cult (but they still want to call it a "religion):
It's plainly obvious that Scientology is about: finding celebrities to prosletyze more victims to their web.... finding rich people like that Aussie heir to finance their programs.... mind control. Any organized group that goes to great lengths to prevent people from leaving and puts heavy pressure on critics is a menace to society. Some people forget that the C.O.S. was founded by a "science fiction" writer L.Ron Hubbard
For an objective view on that group, go to You'll also get a chance to see the entire "South Park" Scientology episode. I never saw it the first time around. That episode is funny, funny. But it is also, scary, scary that rational people are duped on a daily basis. It it truly frightening.... John Smith....

2685 days ago


thank you !!!!!!!!

that's what i said also ! withdrawel. that's what the sherriff baca let her out, and when she was in the medical wing they realized she was going through substance withdrawel. Her mom is pitiful. sisn't she get the release where paris said" she's not going to act ditzy anymore?" So stop giving the reject excuses and let her spin it right when she gets out of the pokey

2685 days ago


I have never read such jealous comments.
Everyone by now knows Paris Hilton was given EXTRA time because of who she is.
That is what is not fair. Anyone else would have gotten out, but for some reason the Judge wanted to be sure she did not.

Here is what you need to do with these people

First of all, here is a cash cow "crimininal" for those of you who consider her one.
A big fine, to benefit someone of need, as well as mandatory AA and community service, and strong probabation would have benefitted everyone better.

Instead, the costs to tax payers over this is just ridiculous.

And to all of you who write these vicious, nasty things, it just amazes me how jealous of wealth and beauty people can be.

What has she done so terribly wrong. Young stupid, and drinking. Keep her off the road, yank her license for a very , very long time, and get again mandatory AA help.

Everyone is judging and not using common sense when they do. I saw a min. of 6 guards standing around doing nothing when her parents came.
What an incredible waste of money!

2685 days ago


Rosie emceeing the Price is Right would be its death knell.

2685 days ago


Oh, for the love of God. Paris Hilton is not "freezing to death" by any stretch of the imagination. Being cold because the air conditioning is set a little too low (or maybe she's just sensitive to air conditioning because she's so thin) is NOT torture, it's NOT abusive, and it's definitely NOT a violation of Paris Hilton's civil rights.

Yet some here want the ACLU to immediately stop working on real cases, so they can litigate Paris's "right" to control the air conditioning, despite the fact that her temperature decisions will undoubtedly prove to be uncomfortable to others. Of course, to be fair, those people who were made uncomfortable by Paris's preferred temperature will then get to control the air conditioning (we can't violate their "right" to not be hot, either) but their preferred temperature will undoubtedly cause discomfort to others, including Paris; so then Paris will want to turn the temperature up, while others will want to turn the temperature down, and so on and so forth, until all the LA County Jail will ever get done is changing the thermostat.

Do you have any idea how ridiculous it is to claim civil rights violations over the air conditioning? Should the guards also claim civil rights violations if they get either hot or cold at work? Perhaps we should just sue God, since under that bizarre theory it is a violation of all our civil rights when the weather is either too hot or too cold? Obviously, this is beyond ludicrous, and no one in their right mind would believe it made any sense at all to claiim civil rights violations over the air conditioning, when the temperature is apparently at least reasonably comfortable to everyone except, of course, Paris Hilton.

Thanks for the laughs, though. LOL

2685 days ago


Rosie would be great at a game show. There are rumors that certain stars will not appear on The View anymore because of they way Rosie was treated. Rosie carries a lot of clout with many celebrities. Good, the view stinks without her now.

2685 days ago


Oh please! A broken arm from rubbing it?!? Now I've heard everything!!

The little princess needs to grow up and realize that she is no better than anyone else just because she has money!

2685 days ago


Cruise netted a whale in Packer with his $6.5 billion. Scientologist are salivating to get their paws on that treasure. How come you never see the scientologist recruit the poor and downtrodden? How many soup kitchens do they operated?

2685 days ago

Mary T.    

The Price is Right will go down the tubes with Rosie in charge. Bob Barker have you lost your mind???????? I would never watch that show again if Rosie is on there. She and her mouth need to go into retirement.......

2685 days ago


I'm sure the California jails ARE freezing.

Air conditioning may be expensive but they are facing an epidemic
of tough new Staph infections.
These things thrive in warmth and dampness.

They have to keep them chilled or disease will run rampant.

Prisoner rights might be a worthwhile issue but
I'm more concerned with the men & women sitting in ratty hospitals.
They gave up limbs for our Country and they sit there without necessities,
while you and I and the convicts watch 'Heroes' on TV.

2685 days ago


OMG...Paris' human rights are not being violated...her arm is not broken...she is not cold. IT'S CALLED WITHDRAWL!!! Pain, shaking, fever...poor little rich girl can't get her fix. Thats all there is to it. I'm glad she gets to experience what us "real" people would get as a punishment.

2685 days ago
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