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The Vagina Mysteries

6/18/2007 8:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine HeiglThe title of the hit movie "Knocked Up" suggests that Katherine Heigl's character is going to give birth, and boy does she ever! If you haven't yet seen the comedy, sorry to spoil it for ya, but there are multiple shots of a baby popping out ... with the camera right there between mom's legs. Or was it?

TMZ put its detective cap on to find out how "Knocked Up" writer/director Judd Apatow created this graphic scene and still managed to get an R Rating. We spoke with Larry of Honey's Place (an adult novelty distributor often called the "Costco of the porn industry") who believes the scene could have been created with special effects. Larry told us "We have vaginas in our warehouse. (Holy moly!) Manufacturers like Doc Johnson take a real porn star and make a latex mold of the body -- and they are pretty lifelike." Gee. Larry doesn't pussyfoot around.

Linda Teglovic, agent/owner of Body Parts Models says it's a tough job. "I would have a hard time finding a girl to do that," adding she has never seen a request for a "vagina double" on any breakdowns (casting call lists) that she's seen. But then again, anything's possible.

The New York Times Magazine reported in May that "The Devil Wears Prada" star Anne Hathaway was originally cast in "Knocked Up," but pulled out because she had problems with the vagina. Apatow told the Times "Hathaway dropped out of the film because she didn't want to allow us to use real footage of a woman giving birth to create the illusion that she is giving birth."

The MPAA wouldn't return our calls and Apatow was unreachable. Our best guess, culled from these snatches of information, is that "Knocked Up" used a stunt vagina.

Mystery solved?


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Hilton Fan, I hope your joking.She is rich,but not beautiful at all.And thats saying alot,considering that she can afford hair extensions,make up artists,etc.
She is not smart,driving drunk,driving on a suspended license 2 times,etc.
Also Paris has made a movie(s) and they all have been flops,except for her little soft porn film(One night in Paris).As far as her being a ambassador for our country,I think her drunk driving charge and her driving on a suspended lisence disqualifies her,as does her other public behavior.Tell me one postive thing Paris has done,besides making a ass out of herself.I am so glad I am me.I love my family and would not change places with her for all the money she has.

2686 days ago


Just ignore the first person posting...Its stupid...anyway! I saw the movie and how the heck did I miss that one! lol! I must have reached for the popcorn! haha! I din't care for the movie though...wasn't great..My opinion though! I LOVE Katerine though! I liked her back in that one movie?!?! With the Dad and she was acting like he was her Pimp! oh gosh! Yea I like "Knocked Up" better then that one!

2686 days ago

jProud American Author    

Well, that doesn't sound llike a movie that would interest me. I will just wait until one of the local stations play it and take out all the V shots. Gross people.

2686 days ago


paris died when she cried in the back of the cop car...on to the next celebutante victim...

2686 days ago


What is so offensive about a woman giving birth? How is that offensive? It is a natural thing to do. I just don't understand how that could be considered porn. I think the R rating fit and I don't believe the shots of the baby being born were excessive. Seriously, what is wrong with people? It isn't like this was meant to be a sexual thing.

2686 days ago


Did people really believe that was a real vagina? Seriously? Come on. Did these people also believe Ben Stiller really got caught in his zipper in 'Something About Mary'? Do I only ask questions?

2686 days ago


It was a prosthetic vagina. In several stories on Judd Apatow leading up to the movie's release he said that's how they did it. Do the research people!!!

2686 days ago


this movie is funny actually, very funny. at it was compared to being as funny as 40 year old virgin (and steve does make an appearance in the movie), but it's not as funny as that movie.. but still.. knocked up.. yep, funny.

2686 days ago


I guess no one read the May 6th article in USA Today ("For Apatow, Opportunity Knocks"), stating that stand-alone prosthetics were used.

2686 days ago

Auntie Em    

The boys at TMZ are the same boys who giggled in health class when watching the film concerning reproduction....Grow up, little boys....high school's over.
There is nothing about childbirth that would warrant an R rating....
You gotta admit that watching a woman give birth is a very effective method of birth control.

2686 days ago

tsk tsk tsk    

I LOVED this movie!! I think Katherine Heigl is a great actress,(I could not imagine the other girl in the movie at all!) and what is the fuss about showing a birth shot...Ok to be frank here, (even though my name is Missy), They tried to aim a mirror in that direction so I could watch my own birth....I was like, could you please turn that away from my view...The birth scene in this movie wasn't like the one I witnessed in my delivery!

2686 days ago


Are Catherine's boobs upside down grapefruits or all her own?

Don't look very natural to me.

2686 days ago


"Knocked Up" is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I am not a prude-- I loved the 40 Year Old Virgin. It's just that the 2 main characters had ZERO chemistry & it made the entire movie extremely unbelivable. I love movies where the geeky guy gets the hot girl but the casting director made a HUGE mistake by casting 2 actors that had no on-screen chemistry.

2686 days ago


Everyone who thinks for a second that it was real birth footage was nuts. Obviously fake. Did anyone not notice that it was

perfectly waxed?

perfectly tanned and evenly with no tan lines?

I'm sure the men were distracted by the baby head, but it was obviously a fake. No lady who was 9 month preggers would be able to do that.... and then also be the same woman willing to film it. Yeah right.

2686 days ago


Nothing new. There's a very graphic birth scene in Dr. T and the Women.

2686 days ago
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