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Wayans to El Paso: F**k You and Good Night!

6/18/2007 8:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Damon WayansComedian Damon Wayans walked out right before a sold-out performance in El Paso, Tex. on Friday night because two female friends of his were not "immediately allowed into the club," the El Paso Times reports.

According to the paper, Wayans left five minutes before his second show on Friday, and shows on Saturday and Sunday -- all sold out -- were cancelled as well. Apparently "Marci X" was never shown in Texas.

The Times says anyone who purchased tickets to the show will get their mo' money back. Calls to Wayans' reps were not immediately returned.

UPDATE (6/20) -- Damon's reps sent TMZ this statement:

Never in 20 years of performing comedy has Damon walked out on a performance. Unfortunately, after driving 14 hours from LA to El Paso and looking forward to performing all weekend, Damon was put in the position where he felt he had no other choice than to leave. The Comic Strip comedy club had neglected its contractual obligations, and Damon was not receiving anything close to the warm welcome that the El Paso audiences were giving him. We regret that the actions of a club owner affected audiences coming to experience a great night of comedy.


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I don't understand making customers pay the cost of the doormen acting like idiots. I always go to comedy clubs, and I hate to say it...but famous comedians cancel a lot. They just don't give a damn. If the doormen were racist, then I'd say: I don't blame you. But that wasn't stated, so I'm going to say this: damon, you should've went to the door, told them they were your friends and brought them in. Case closed.

2645 days ago


He has a career? I thought I heard that Dancing with the stars has passed him up for some other looser.

2645 days ago


Damon Wayans? Who the heck is that?

2645 days ago


That turd has some rabbit teeth that just won't quit! Wanna carrot?

2645 days ago


Who gives a rat's ass!

2645 days ago


Stay the hell out of Texas, dude!

2645 days ago



I understand the room seated 8 and there was SRO for another 4 and management had to buy some of the tickets themselves to fill it up. That's why his female friends were not allowed. Blame the Fire Marshall not the club owners.

By the way the Wayans family are the leaders of crude words about their race.

2645 days ago

Isaak Pando    

Im from El Paso, I bought tickets ,so should his cheap ass friends. Dam he should have at least paid, I know that lame ass show made some money for him to spend. Oh yeah, Major Payne sucked......His brothers have more talent than him in their little finger.

2645 days ago


Wait a min,,, tick tock,,,,, that was the Wayans Bros 15 mins of fame running out. (15 years to late) See you on the Sinbad, Carrot Top, Gallager and Wayans Bros tour, I'm sure his women can get express seating for those shows.

2645 days ago


and he didnt leave til saturday night...someone really must've loved juarez!

2645 days ago


The room holds a hell of a lot more than 8. I live in a town in New Mexico, near El Paso, but go to El Paso all the time. I've been to the comedy club, and there's way more to it than what's been reported. Also, Wayans didn't party in Juarez (no one over 21 does), but was allegedly seen at some El Paso clubs after blowing off his gig, while people at the comedy club were still scratching their heads (or storming the box office for a refund) as to what happened. It was literally 5 minutes before the show, and the owner even tried to assure Wayans his friends would be seated as soon as the paying customers got their seats. That's only fair.
Would be interesting to get Wayans' side of the story.

2645 days ago

Just Me    

We donut like it much when them thar prostetoots, um prostatots. Ah shoot, them thar whores, leave the brothels and back alleys and wander inta are saloons. We have laws in this here town and all yall is spose to foller em. If yall cant obay them laws, then git.

2645 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

GEEZ TMZ you missed the soop on this one... the two "ladies" he was esorting were Dina Lohan and the sleazy Coral from Real World.

2645 days ago


WOW! Somebodies smellin' themselves - perhaps he's a little too big for his own ego. Screw those who paid to see you, F-them....

2645 days ago

Brenda Vierra    

The Comic Strip in El Paso seats about 300 and many comedians think it is one of the top clubs in the nation. Big acts play there all the time. It has been open for 21 years and has a fine reputation. Whoever said it seated 8, thats stupid. Why would a comedy club open that seated only 8 and how would they afford to pay the entertainers?

2645 days ago
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