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Hillary's Horrendous Theme Song

6/19/2007 3:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comSen. Hillary Clinton asked her supporters to vote on a campaign song, and the results are horrifying.

Celine Dion's "You & I" was the winning choice, and if we didn't know better we'd think the voting was sabotaged. Bill won the presidency on "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" and W used "I Won't Back Down" in 2000 -- both of those have a some kind of campaign connection.

But the lyrics to "You and I" sound like someone taking a magical dream journey through the clouds, and not surprisingly, it was written by an adman for Air Canada! This isn't exactly the image you want to project when you're bucking for the biggest promotion in the free world. Check out the video TMZ whipped up to show what we mean.


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Zenophobe Alien    

#27 You must not have a life either. Didn't you post?

2682 days ago


Hillary has all the time in the world to travel around the country campaigning, but she couldn't find the time to read the intellegence report before voting to go to war in Iraq!

If she did, she would have known that that country had 3 sects that hated each other and that we had no plan after we attacked.

And she voted on an amnesty bill before reading it as well!

Instead she spends weeks trying to campaing on UTube!

What a leader!

2682 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Hil is a man in a womans body. We'll get our first cross dresser for Prez is she/he gets elected.

2682 days ago


Pacman -- If Hillary is the nomination, all bets are on that we have another Republican.
She can't beat the top 3 in all polls. She can only beat Obama.

I love Obama!

2682 days ago

Here in Utah    

What gives Rosie the idea she would be suited to be the host for TPIW. It takes a person with a nice personality to be a good tv host. Rosie does not qualify.

2682 days ago


I want a woman for the next President of the United States. But NOT Hillary Clinton.

Those of you that support that woman either aren't old enough, or have selectively forgotten the President's "First Bitch" from 1992 -2000. What did she accomplish during that time? Absolutely nothing, just like her current Senate record. She spent her time saving her own ass from all the legal scandels of the Rose Law Firm, the Whitewater Real Estate scandel, and her involvement with the taxpayer funded bailout of a failed savings and loan institution.

The ONLY thing she was given to publicly accomplish during her time as "First Lady" [using that term VERY loosely] was a National Medical Program. Funny.......even with a Democratic controlled Congress she managed to screw that up too and it failed miserably. After that, the White House "censored" The First Lady until the Clinton administration was over. She was not heard from publicly much after that again.

So all you Clinton supporters: You'd better be reading about her ACTUAL record, and not what she claims to be her accomplishments.

Whoopie Goldberg and Kathy Griffith would be better candidates for President than Hillary Clinton. At least they would look you in the eye and NOT LIE TO YOU. Wake up people.

2682 days ago


Just too stupid!

2682 days ago


Get used to it! Hillary and Celine are here to STAY! And it's not Hillary who chose the song. People voted for it. It got over 200,000 votes! I like the song. Stop judging Celine by My Heart Will Go On. She's got tons of other songs. And the one who says Celine has a huge ego - totally false. She's really down to earth. Talk to people in the business! Hillary is much better represented by Celine who has family values than the little tarts selling their bodies like Brit christina, woriah & company!

2682 days ago


How about pigs from pink floyd or baby let me bang your box by doug clark and the hot nuts!

2682 days ago



2682 days ago


Hey, Hey, Goodbye! Thats my vote!

2682 days ago

Awww, Not This Crap Again!    

@ #33. "I think she is the daughter of Satan and there is not a song available that would fit her. Repulsive."

Sure there about:
"Devil With A Blue Dress/Good Golly Miss Molly"


"Witchy Woman"
"The Bitch Is Back"
"Highway To Hell"

Just a thought...

2682 days ago


I voted, Will Smith - Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. As did thousands of other people. The polling was clearly rigged if some no talent twit like Celine Dion's song is the one who wins.

2682 days ago

Steve Savage    

It could have been worse. One suggested song was the theme song from "Shrek" (a big fat target for, well big fat jokes), and some of the others had lyrics that would have been laughable when applied to an election campaign (Don't these folks read lyrics???).

The worst idea ever came from the 2004 Bush campaign, where supporters could make their own campaign signs by typing in a slogan and getting a PDF download to print......BAD BAD idea! After a week or so of "abuse" (aka very humorous and cynical signs), the choices were limited to 5 or so canned themes. Bummer, and just when it was getting fun.

2682 days ago


Perhaps Bill and Hill will perform the song as a duet, thereby sparing us Celine's insipid shriekings while also allowing us to hear Bubba sing this line:

"I'm burning, yearning
Gently turning round and round
I'm always rising up I never
Want to come back down"

2682 days ago
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