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Katie MILFs it Up in France

6/19/2007 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ah, la vie boheme!

Katie and cute little Suri frolicked at a French beach Tuesday, where they are on vacation following the wedding of Cruise friend, billionaire James Packer.

Hey Suri, hate to tell ya, but your mom's a MILF!


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Why do they all have the same exact haircut? wtf.

P.s. the Jolie-Pitt children are 1000x more beautiful

2619 days ago


I think Katie looks great, and Suri is totally adorable! I just don't understand why everyone continues to be so negative about this couple. Ok, when they were first dating they seemed to be a bit of an odd match, but obviously they have a good marriage,and a wonderful family. Why would they keep pretending to be happy if they are not? People keep saying "whatever happened to Katie - she's lost her identity", but really, what was her identity before? No disrepect to her, but obviousy she was a lot less known than her husband, so it's so easy to claim that he's trying to control her. Anyways, we need more young celebrities like Katie who show some class!

2619 days ago


She looks twice her age.

2619 days ago


So what happened to at a scieno clinic getting impregnated with skeletors tadpoles ....I guess the scienos must really put that turkey baster to good use....apparently Bd. Travolta is also pregnant. similar to Mrs for the ladies who married the closet homos...

2619 days ago


She has NO shape, how can that be sexy? My hsuband said that she is the opposite of a MILF.

2619 days ago


great picture!

2619 days ago


Thunder thighs? Not quite. They are just very toned and muscular. The angle it was shot doesn't help either. She does look older than she really is. And the whole family has the same hair cut!

2619 days ago


I really try to like Katie and not hate on her, but this bathing suit needs to go! I'm okay with the whole one piece thing, but something a little more flattering, please. The top part seems rather cute, but the cut of bottoms! No one's legs would look good in that high 80's cut. Get some boy short cut bottoms, they would be way cuter. Or maybe a nice tankini would be all right?

2619 days ago


OK fat girls..repeat after me. You're fat and she's not. She's hot! A Definite MILF.

And for the poster that husband think she's not a MILF...perhap Tom is more his speed. Does he get ya from behind a lot?? If so..say no more......

2619 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Flawbie Thighs, Flawbie Thighs, Wobble, Wobble.........

2619 days ago


I have always found the term "MILF" quite offensive, and then when addressing it to Suri, it's even more offensive, even as a joke. Can't you just give Katie a nice compliment without vulgarity? I know this is not the New York Times, and I love celebrity gossip as much as the next person, but please refrain from the profanity and innuendo headlines. It's not entertaining or clever.

Katie you do look great though. I wish the suit was a bit more modest in the front, but you and Suri sure do make a sweet picture together :)

2619 days ago


Another delusion hollywierd chick who think being skinny will cut it ..being skinny with a shape we cannot even begin to describe what I see...makes the flava of love girl slook like ideal models

2619 days ago


"is this picture a joke - OMG what is wrong Katie - get a new bathing suite a 20 something year old would wear - grow your hair back - start acting your age not Tom's - has he brain washed you - GET SOME HELP ! ! ! !"

west palm beach-I think her swimsuit is cute. You don't have to let everything hang out to be sexy or youthful. A bikini is not the only suit out there, and definitely not the only one that is sexy or cute. I actually think the old Hollywood glamour one-piece suits are much more sexy than most of the bikinis the stars are sporting.

2619 days ago


Katie, get rid of that bathing suit......Probably okay to say that Tom the control freak is behind this, and tells her not to show to much skin. I think Kate's legs look like trunks of a tree and its not the lense there trunks. You can do better than this for god sake your still young. That dress you wore at the football (soccer game) What was that! Posh may be a tart but she has more fashion sense than you. Your obsessed and manipulated by gay boy Tom, listen to your friends and run before it's to late and stop giving the best years of your life to the triple chinned, podgy gay boy. As for the hair, copy cat or what ever, after I had my first child my hair got so thick while pregnant it then started to fall out it was such a mess I cut it off, I copied jennifer aniston the friends look..It grew back

2619 days ago


She looks awful! Not only is she showing some flab, but she looks at LEAST 10 years older! Suri is cute though. That suit is horrible.

2619 days ago
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