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Opri: I Will Get My Reputation Back!

6/19/2007 3:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that two celebrity clients have given her the ax, newly available attorney Debra Opri has vowed to get her reputation back. She started moments ago by spouting off a list of excuses why she couldn't come up a winner for Pamela Bach in her custody fight with David Hasselhoff.

After Bach formally fired Debra in a Los Angeles County Superior court session earlier today, Opri, who was also at court, told our cameras "I only had a month to turn things around, I got my marching orders and I ran out of time." Cue the world's smallest violin.

When Opri learned that her other celeb former client, Larry Birkhead, was handling some business in the same court today -- without the $650,000 check she claims he owes her -- Opri quipped "I'll have to stop by and say hi!"


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Hey Debra what cases have you won and what did it cost your victim?

2685 days ago


She is one big ass bitch!!

2685 days ago

Barbo Garbo    

She's going to have a really hard time on this task. Although there will always be someone else, to whom she will promise results, "Pro Bono" (Free), and if she wins, she will get her agent, (yes her agent she' is in Hollywood) to get all over it and the press will eat it all up again...
Now of course there could always be the untilmate flip side to all, she will mis shandle some one else's funds again, because she thinks she can, and she may very well end up disbarred!

Let's see... Who's next?

2685 days ago


Why are we worried about her? We have a congress trying to legalize 12 million illegal aliens who dont belong here We need to take our country back. Wake up people.

2685 days ago



2685 days ago

concerned fan    

DEBRA OPRI BLOWS GOATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EWWW!!! I can't stand this piece of crap. She is the only "lawyer" that focuses on her website and posing ( YUCK!))) for pictures that do not show any side of her that is flattering She doesn't even care about practicing law. She just flips that collar up ( which is sooooo outdated ) and jumps at anyone she thinks can get her on the news. Go away move to a farm and keep the goats happy!!!!!!!!!!!

2685 days ago


She doesnt know what to do with herself.....hmmmmmm............................................maybe a makeover.........Should I cut my bangs?!... Im gonna cut my bangs!........ I swear to god Im gonna cut my bangs?

2685 days ago


It's funny how no one ever heard of her before Anna Nicole died. At least I never heard of her before this. She's just making money off these celebs, and charging enormus amounts and then no one wants to pay her.
Eventlually, she'll just wear herself out trying to collect and then will never see her again.
Larry's a smart guy for getting rid of her. Bach should have read TMZ then made a better judgement call. Oh, I forgot, Bach doesn't have good judgement.
Debra you just need to lay low, or you'll never be taken seriously ever again.

2685 days ago


Opri: you ought to watch some of your interviews. It isn't hard to miss the fact that you never had a reputation. You just thought you did. You are an easy read for those of us with some business savy and wisdom. You are a snake... plain and simple. Return the guys money. Never have I heard of an attorney collecting sums into their trust account without written confirmation from the client and then afterwards writing a bill to match the amount! Disgusting. You were not receiving a settlement award..... bimbo. Even if you had, you would have to forward it on to your client! Perhaps minus your percentage... but still all by a clear agreement. You are disgusting.

2685 days ago

Concerned American    

I think Deb would be a good attorney to defend Michael Jackson or O.J.

2685 days ago

Sue the Crap out of Her!!!!!!!    

Hey you lying malicious skank, WHAT REPUTATION are you dreaming about?? The only reputation I and others are aware of for you is that you are a liar, greedy, malicious, fraudulent, wannabe celebrity skank. Turn down your collar (so outdated) keep your face out of the media and just GO AWAY. slink back into the rat hole you came from.
I pray that Larry wins against you and wish the same for Pamela bach (gee, what did you charge her, was it another tab for $600,000?) You and other lawyers like you need to be put into prison with a big bertha or bubba as the cell mate of choice. Too bad you didn't represent the double murderer OJ Simpson, he would be on death row right now where he shoud be if you had represented him. You missed the boat on that trial OLD GIRL!!

2685 days ago

Sue the Crap out of Her!!!!!!!    

Hey #65-concerned American... She did momentarily represent Wacko Jacko, but even the child molester FIRED HER ASS!!!! It is however a pity she did not represent the murdering OJ simpson, because if she had, he most certainly would have his sicko ass sitting on death row right now.

2685 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Opri is ugly inside and out. Hope she gets disbarred soon and we don't have to hear about her anymore.

2685 days ago


Opri, if you only had a month to turn things around, why did you take the case when you knew you were incompetent to do so! You should be paying your clients or washing dishes in a diner.

2685 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Damn, she looks like the shock jock Howard Stern! ewwww

2685 days ago
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