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Paris to TMZ -- I'm Just an Ordinary Inmate

6/19/2007 7:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton has sent a message to TMZ -- she ain't no one special in the pokey.

A rep who visited Paris today said Hilton wants TMZ to know she's being treated like any other inmate, emphasizing she's getting no special breaks.

We're told Paris is spending time reading "The Secret" and "The Power of Now." She's also reading lots of "fan mail" that has been sent to the jail. She says most of the letters are favorable and it's helping her. She's written responses to some of the letters.


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True dat true dat..

2645 days ago



2645 days ago


Paris' Prison Inmates Say They're Getting Double Treats And Freebies

June 15, 2007 7:54 a.m. EST

Jordan Casey - AHN News Writer
Los Angeles, CA (BANG) - Paris Hilton's fellow prison inmates are delighted she has returned because they are getting extra treats. Prisoners at California's Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood - where the socialite was transferred back to on Wednesday - claim they are receiving added perks to stop them complaining that Paris is getting special treatment.

Rosemary Gibbons, 35, who was released on Thursday, told the New York Daily News newspaper: "Since she was here last week, they started giving us double bologna, double apple juices. Two blankets instead of one - and a sheet, too! Everyone has cookies coming out of their pockets.

"Now we feel like we are in the Hilton Hotel."

Waynnisha Brown, 19, also released on Thursday, said: "There is extra food everywhere, and now they take you at the clinic right away if you are sick and they don't charge you. It's usually $3 for medical, now it's free."

Meanwhile, Paris' mother Kathy has revealed the socialite's sister Nicky was hysterical after visiting her in jail. Kathy told PEOPLE magazine: "It's tough. It is. It's just one hour a week - 30 minutes on Sunday and 30 minutes on Tuesday. We talk through glass.

"And Nicky left in hysterics. She tried to keep the brave face but - I never see Nicky cry."

Nicky added: "It's sad. It's like right out of the movies. The glass partition, the orange jumpsuit. Everything."

Paris, 26, re-entered prison custody at the weekend after a briefly being let out on house release. She spent four days at Twin Towers jail - a mental facility - due to unspecified medical conditions, and has now returned to Lynwood to complete her 45-day sentence for driving with a suspended license.

2645 days ago

i love you    

paris your all most done keep you eyes on the good things.
i have you and your family in my prayers. i'll be watching the news when you get out can't wait.

love you gurl

2645 days ago


#13 Snarksnarksnark - Sending her to Atascadero State Hospital would give her a mind-numbing reality check, but we don't want her worthless ass in San Luis Obispo county! How about Guantanamo Bay?

2645 days ago


I think there's entirely too much going on with this girl and her being in jail! There are soooooo many other things much more important that are being overlooked because this blonde went to jail! Who cares... I hear about her saying she's a changed person well I hope so because if not and she goes back I hope they throw the book at her. Just cause her family has money doesnt mean she should be treated any differently from any other inmate. It matters not who you are: if you do the crime... you do the time! P E R I O D ! ! !

2645 days ago

tuna marie    

poor little ole paris, next time obey the law, you stupid tramp.

2645 days ago

vickie corby    

Paris needs to read one book and only book book to ever get her life changed and that would be the bible.

2645 days ago


Paris...You can use this experience as a wake up call to do good things in your future. Everything happens the way it does for a reason...and much good can come of it. You do yield so much power with your name and money. Put both to good use like Angelina Jolie has done. You say that this has been a life altering moment for you and I hope you mean it. Do something good for kids. We shall see...Debbie (CASA) from Colorado

2645 days ago


How many can say they never, ever drove when they shouldn't have? NOT ME, for sure.

2645 days ago


Paris is such a nice person!! The judge was not fair with her. She just never went to jail and she should of get out of Jail already. I hope that she does not goes back to jail.

2645 days ago

TMZ is a Joke    

You know what , some of us are Paris haters. We are tired of hearing about someone who has never held a real job in her life. She is a trust fund baby. Maybe if she grew up like the rest of us, middle class or so, and then made it to the top, she would have all the respect in the world from me. But when you already start out at the top, its not fair to say you are being treated like the rest. Maybe if you had a job since you were 16 at Micky D's or BK, you would have earned the respect you deserve.

Anyone else in your place would be in Jail and not have the Extra Stuff you get...

Reality Check Here

2645 days ago


THATS BEAUTIFUL DEBBIE.... I ditto your comments

2645 days ago


There is still hope. Drew Barrymore went through all of this junk, and finally grew up.

2645 days ago


Well the good news is that she gets out soon and you wont have to talk about her jail time anymore

2645 days ago
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