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Rosie -- Gimme Bob's Job Already!

6/19/2007 10:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It might be far from a sure thing, but Rosie O'Donnell seems like she's all ready to come on down and be the next host of "The Price is Right."

The former "View" flamethrower tells her fan-inquisitors at that she's meeting with CBS this week to talk about "TPIR," and that she's all set to go if CBS asks her to take over the skinny mike from Bob Barker, who ended his 30-year run last Friday. "If they asked me, I sure would ... I LOVE THE PRICE IS RIGHT," she wrote. Barker endorsed Ro as his replacement over the weekend.

Of course, not everyone is thrilled about Rosie potentially plying players with Plinko. One reader wrote that a petition had already started for a "50-state sponsor boycott" should Rosie be chosen, to which O'Donnell spat back, "The only thing I want to gay up is you."

One thing everyone can take comfort in: Rosie says she'd keep Barker's signature sign-off about spaying and neutering.


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Rosie as the new host of TPIR?? Bob Barker is a legend, TPIR is a great show. Replacing a legend with a loudmouth b*tch who never knows when to shut the hell up is a bad bad idea. I love TPIR and will never ever watch again if they hire Rosie. She is disgusting and does not have the class to do this show.

2653 days ago


This would be SUCH mistake. Rosie can't help herself from being controversial. If she could be on the show without injecting her own bias' and political views into the show, that would be one thing but I do not believe she can do that. People have watched the show for years for its entertainment value. To make it into her PERSONAL platform for what she believes in would be the end of the show. I can't think of a worse choice for that reason. They will come to regret their decision if they replace Barker with her, Think BARBARA WALTERS before you jump into that one. Backed into a corner and not knowing how to get out of it without alienating a large chunk of viewers!

2653 days ago


Ok rosie on the price is right? HELL NO what will become of Bobs BEAUTIES ? will they become ROSIE'S BEAUTIES?? o hell NO this has gone way to far ........

2653 days ago

Haha suckers...    

It will not be Rosie. I've already bet $ on it. I am confident it will be a man...George Hamilton maybe? Any other guesses?

2653 days ago


It'd be funny when she started picking fights with the contestants.

2653 days ago

Abby you really think she cares if she is welcome in your home or not? Rosie!... ~assman for president '08"

2653 days ago

Queensryche Rules    

The Price Is Wrong, Biatch! What a bloated ego to go with her bloated body. FUPA's are not attractive.

Kate Beckinsale would be a much better host.

2653 days ago






2653 days ago


#13----- Tha best comment on TMZ EVER!!! LMFAO

2653 days ago


*rollseyes @ Abby

2653 days ago


I absolutely will not watch this show if she is joining.

2653 days ago


Rosie would be a perfect host for The Price is Right! The people they get on that show are so much fun, just like Rosie! I think she would be a fantastic replacement.

2653 days ago


If Rosie becomes the host of TPIR, I will never watch again. I used to like her when she had her talk show. But as soon as she announced she was gay, she went bonkers. I am all for gay rights, but not the way she has gone about it. I guess if she gets the job, there will be alot of gay cruises given away to straight people. Then Rosie will call the folks that don't go gay bashers. It amazed me that after she left the view, the girls said they could talk about hetrosexual sex now. Trump got it right!!!

2653 days ago


Rosie is not negative....only to morons. She is the real deal with a giving heart. Heck, the woman wants to give consolation prizes to people who don't win and grab bags for everyone in the audience. To all you haters, I hope you never go and get one if she gets the job!!

TMZ....Here was the comment Rosie sarcastically responded...of course you only showed that. HERE is the twit that deserved it!

Kami wrote:
I just emailed CBS and let them know of a 50 state sponsor boycott it they put you on to host TPIR. No way that you are going to gay that good show up.

Rosie's response:
kami kami kami
poor sad kami

the only thing i want to gay up
is u

My response: GO ROSIE!!!!

2653 days ago


Rosie would be sooo good as host! She's one of the wittiest individuals on TV today!

And to address the homophobes out there who are worried about Rosie 'gaying up' (read her blog) TPIR, let me tell you this: I watched 'The View' faithfully every morning with my breakfast before and during her tenure on the show, and she spent WAY MORE time discussing the worst president the US has ever (not) elected and the war in Iraq, which we all now know OFFICIALLY that the American people and the rest of the world were lied to by this administration regarding WMDs (c'mon, if you were paying attention back when Powell was trying to get permission from the UN, you'd know then that it was a load of garbage). She is OUTRAGED at the loss of life -- both the soldiers who were sent there by Bush (she supports the troops BIG TIME -- Google it on your own), and the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis who have perished.

Rosie did not discuss the current state of homophobia and gay-related issues nearly as much as she talked about the aforementioned loser-president.

I've said it before on another blog here: until the US recognizes homosexuals as equal citizens and gives them the right to marry (not just a civil union!!!), they have no right calling themselves 'the land of the free.' Save that for countries that trully understand democracy and the separation of church and state, like Canada and many European countries that allow same-sex marriage.

It is with a sad heart that I watch my great neighbour to the South become something of a theocracy. CAN'T WAIT FOR BUSH TO GO!!! He's destroying the US I had come to love and respect!!!

2653 days ago
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