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Rosie -- Gimme Bob's Job Already!

6/19/2007 10:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It might be far from a sure thing, but Rosie O'Donnell seems like she's all ready to come on down and be the next host of "The Price is Right."

The former "View" flamethrower tells her fan-inquisitors at that she's meeting with CBS this week to talk about "TPIR," and that she's all set to go if CBS asks her to take over the skinny mike from Bob Barker, who ended his 30-year run last Friday. "If they asked me, I sure would ... I LOVE THE PRICE IS RIGHT," she wrote. Barker endorsed Ro as his replacement over the weekend.

Of course, not everyone is thrilled about Rosie potentially plying players with Plinko. One reader wrote that a petition had already started for a "50-state sponsor boycott" should Rosie be chosen, to which O'Donnell spat back, "The only thing I want to gay up is you."

One thing everyone can take comfort in: Rosie says she'd keep Barker's signature sign-off about spaying and neutering.


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I VOTE FOR JOHN O'HURLY -- Using Rosie would be a HUGE mistake. Although I do like her, she can only succeed on a talk show-like platform .... game show, NO WAY! John, however -- LOVE his voice, his charisma .... he's handsome & funny! I think he'd be a WINNER!

2686 days ago

I don't mind Rosie and all her insane ideas. That said, The Price Is Right is like a good home cooked meal and the thought of Rosie hosting it, makes me want to throw up. Don't ruin the best game show to ever be on TV. Thanks.

PS, Rosie, please learn to navigate the waters on all your little water toys, in Miami. I would almost rather see you host The Price Is Right than to see you almost kill somebody, on the water, by not knowing what you are doing. I've seen this first hand.

2686 days ago


What a dumb idea.

2686 days ago


#18 Abby-maybe Rosie doesn't care if Pieta watches or not, but if enough people protest, it won't happen. Absolutely sponsers keep track of who's saying what about Rosie, so if you don't want her on, post it. You may be heard.

2686 days ago


I will NEVER watch The Price Is Right again if they give it to Rosie. I think CBS is making a big mistake for even considering her.

2686 days ago


I can't believe they would even consider Rosie for the Price is Right. She ruins everything she touches. I finally got to start watching The View again and love it again. Rosie needs to just go to the house. It's not like she needs the money. She just makes it a show of her opinion and really.....WHO CARES.

2686 days ago


OH CRAP!! Just great, here comes loud mouth Rosie to ruin a perfectly good show with her personal and politcal views taking over a damn GAME SHOW.

Rosie!!! Give us a damn break 85% of American hates you!! And that includes the gays too, people just don't like you, you ding bat FREAK!!!!!

2686 days ago


Rosie ?----uck--- Bob with his court case for sexual charge. Case close. Bob had his nose up some one Butt and got away with it.

Rosie will hit on any good looking women. and she will get away with it if there is a case.

If she is picked there is enough to Leave the program.


2686 days ago

70's kid    

Anybody listen to what she siad about not returning to the "View"? She wanted to be home for the kids? She didnt wnat to spend too much time away from the kids? At least with teh View she was done with work before noon. Now she's willing to work in California? Is she going to move her entire family to California, making it a 6 hour flight to her home in Florida not 2 hours? Hear anybody jump on that inconsistency? I'm all for the 50 state boycot.

2686 days ago

Dawn Day    

Rosie on TPIR would totally suck! Don't do it CBS, don't do it!!!

2686 days ago

Arturo Fuente    

If Rosie becomes the next host of TPIR, the world will come to an end. I can't believe Bob ruined his legacy by recommending someone like her. Both of them can take a long walk off a short pier.

Boycott Kandahar Rosie!!!

2686 days ago


Rosie, please stay focused on the things that everyone loves about you,
such as your outstanding Etiquette Tips:

2686 days ago


They would have to change the Plinko game to PINKO. Who the crap wants to see her fat headed blubbery ass on the Price is Right.

2686 days ago


What about the military folks in the audience? They'd hate her. Plus, she'd be so bored keeping to the theme of the show... what is she thinking? The show was never about BOB or his views... Except that last line of each show. Rosie would try to make everything about her. She's so narcissistic- she'd shout down old ladies and be rude to anyone needing one second of air time.

2686 days ago


If she hosted, I would stop watching. She is too loud mouthed and harsh.

2686 days ago
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