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6/19/2007 5:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OJ SimpsonIn his book, "If I Did It," Simpson describes a scene during his infamous Bronco chase where he debated killing himself with a Magnum:

A.C. drove another half-mile or so and pulled into an orange grove, where no one could spot us, not even from the sky. He got out to take a leak, and the moment he left the Bronco I reached for my grip. I unzipped it and pulled out the Magnum. I was in tremendous pain, and I saw nothing but more pain ahead of me, and I decided to end it. I realized, I can make this stop. One shot to the flicking [sic] head and it's over.

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Do it OJ! Do it OJ! Do it OJ! Do it OJ! Pull the trigger!

2692 days ago


damn..he should have just pulled the trigger. WUSS!

2692 days ago


Please stop giving him TMZ space or publicity. PLEASE out of respect for a horrible tragedy and a waste of the judicial process STOP REPORTING ON OJ SIMPSON.

2692 days ago


Note to OJ:

It's not too late! Sieze the day and off yourself!

2692 days ago

Awww, Not This Crap Again!    

Anyone who publicly announces that they WANT to kill themselves, or thought about killing themselves, if full of crap. People hell bent on ending their lives, just do it. They do not want an audience, they are not ATTENTION WHORES.

People like OJ are attention whores, and their goal is to garner sympathy from gullible people, and a "kinship" from among people who might have at one time thought about it...QUIETLY!!!

There's no time like the present to follow through on any of your dreams/plans. OJ has MY vote....go for it.....KILLER!!!

2692 days ago


#15 - You've got that right. Best post to date!!!!!!!

2692 days ago


Yeah right O.J you can still do it its not to late. Bang bang

2692 days ago

Susan B    

OJ deserved to die. I wish he had killed himself!!!!

2692 days ago


He should have.

2692 days ago

Dr. Dave from Toronto, Ontario    

OJ.... you are a sick man.... there is not much anyone can say..... you need help.... at the county jail.

2692 days ago

leen salas    

OJ....cannot believe that you are still around. Wish you would have killed yourself that day while acting like a damed fool. I really believe that you were just too scared to put the gun to your head and fire it up.....your a coward! you got luck that a jury of mostly black put you in the free world........ever since that day you have toyed with the Brown's & Goldmen' are a and will always be a disgrace! so you did not make it to prision but in your life no one really cares about you nor do they believe in you like they once did. I have seen you on TV now again...guess the drinking has really got to you, it shows in your body and in your face.......One day you will pay for the horrible crime you commited.

2692 days ago


Please don't print anything more about this psychopath...Goofy Paris Hilton stufffine..Pschopathic killer that wants publicity..Uh Uh

2692 days ago


NEVER TOO LATE, O.J.!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

2692 days ago

Empathy Matters    

Simpson, if you are reading this, please listen to me. It is never too late, please do it!

2692 days ago


OJ is a waste of skin and a sad excuse for a human being. The only good thing about him not killing himself is someone else will get the chance to do it for that bastard. I am shocked he has made it this far. I would help pay the legal bills of Mr. Goldman if he killed that murderer.

2692 days ago
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