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6/19/2007 5:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OJ SimpsonIn his book, "If I Did It," Simpson describes a scene during his infamous Bronco chase where he debated killing himself with a Magnum:

A.C. drove another half-mile or so and pulled into an orange grove, where no one could spot us, not even from the sky. He got out to take a leak, and the moment he left the Bronco I reached for my grip. I unzipped it and pulled out the Magnum. I was in tremendous pain, and I saw nothing but more pain ahead of me, and I decided to end it. I realized, I can make this stop. One shot to the flicking [sic] head and it's over.

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why is this man getting any attention? 10 years later and he's still out there. I hope his children really do know he killed their mother.....what a piece of crap!

2680 days ago


#45 Thank you for pointing out just a FEW of the reasons "Teri" typifies the super-stupid mentality of the criminal trial jury that acquitted this evil freak.
The DNA and circumstantial evidence was OVERWHELMINGLY against OJ. This was a no-brainer conviction, but was lost simply because the prosecuters were naive enough to think that a black jury would ever convict a black "hero". Only a videotape of OJ actually stabbing his 2 victims would've ever forced that jury to convict a national herioc one of their own. The prosecution's case was lost the instant that jury selection in an L.A. court was completed.
OJ had a motive= well-known jealousy and well-documented violent behavior acting out on it). The so-called drug-dealers "send a message to Nicole's roomate" murder makes NO sense and does not reflect how drug sealer behave in real life...especially when they have all the tools and capabilites to find Nicole's roomate and deal with it directly. In other words, why would they would kill 2 celebrities and draw the attention of the entire law enforcement establishment to themselves???? HELLO???!!!? are STOOOOPPPIIIDDDD....and a moron from hell.... no wonder you still defend this evil, narcissistic, arrogant, lying freak !!!!
Sickos attract and are defended and acquitted by sickos...some things never change!!!!
I pray that OJ dies a slow, agonizing, horrible death from cancer that lasts months or years and transforms his nacissistic persona into a ravaged, suffering skeleton shown on national would never equal the total suffering he caused to Nicole's and Ron's families and to this nation.

2680 days ago


Yep, uh huh! So you DON'T kill your wife, he pleads, yet he's desperate to kill himself? Sorry, OJ, clearly, only people who commit such horrible crimes (like you did) think of killing themselves....especially BEFORE anyone even heard a word from you. You murderer. You sick, twisted, you know what! The only salvation you will ever have is to come clean. You will never get a good night sleep again, ever. YOU will haunt you for the rest of your life..........

2680 days ago


I can remember the damn Bronco "chase scene" like it was just yesterday. His friend, AJ Cowlings(?) was driving ,trying to talk him out of it (suicide) ,so we were all told during the broadcasts that never seemed to end when this happened.I hate the fact that this man was so smug then and still smug now. Just sickening.

2680 days ago

Mel Gibson    

Simpson was found NOT GUILTY by a preponderance of the evidence in his murder trial.

HIs Civil Trial - in the lilly white community in which it was conducted - was ridiculous.
Had the issue been whether Simpson killed Abraham Lincoln, that jury would have found him and every other African American guilty.

Get over it.

If you don't like the fact that SIMPSON was found NOT GUILTY of MURDER in his CRIMINAL TRIAL, then I suppose you'd be ready and willing to release SCOTT PETERSON from his SAN QUENTIN death-wait cell, because he was found GUILTY.

2680 days ago

tanya davison    

commit suicide? and leave his millions? This man loved himself waaaaay too much to do that....The only thing he would have squeezed is his oranges for his O.J....please.....

2680 days ago

John Edwards    

Do the world a favor OJ and pull the trigger. Just when people think you can't get much lower than you are, you and write a book like that prove us all wrong. Pull the trigger OJ, please.

2679 days ago

Just Thinking    

I find it sad...
There are people so sick, so evil, they will take the breathe of another but not stifle their own. Pity he did not kill himself and leave the lives of the others alone... OJ said , I am so miserable I will kill others and then beg for my own life.

Last summer, I threw out the stack of newspapers that had documented the case. I watched it day by day believing justice would prevail. The black-lash for a man who never cared to associate with that not white. The papers showing legal counsel and even OJ in shock as the verdict was read.... not quilty.... then the stories of the arm twisting in the jury room. The media thrived and justice died...

Oh, I remember the days well. Fear of riots was previlent. I watched my kids get on school buses not knowing if the buses would be attacked... We had lived thru the days of Rodney King... the burning of cities... and we were 60 miles away from LA....yes... summers of fear and days of evil are not good for the health of a community... I took off my blinders and said never again... I will not serve on a jury... not for all the Disneyland trips in the world.. I will vote against every judge who panders justice for media...
... and finally, after 34 years, I moved from the LA-LA lands of perpetual yellow-smogged skies and Pari-soled days to a state of well being where sanity is kinder than your reality...where life has meaning beyond the clogged 5 lane highways of flying birds or pinging shots of friendly motorists... Keep your 405 or 605s; take your 215s and 60s... stay right where you are so your insanity does not infest our community here...
I hated the illegals getting free health care as I struggled to clothe my own through thrift store buys...My property taxes paid for these law breakers to get schooling for free...I was rewarded with the gangs of your society tagging the corners of our humble lives... I saw my elderly neighbors cringe in fear and watch them crumble... vulnerable to the crude newness of unlawfulness...fear to walk 4 blocks to the store....

Oh, but I did good! I told my kids no to theme parks... I forced them to excel through 3 colleges... scholarships all... 3 BS degrees and a masters to boot...and we all left the LA-LA land to seek our futures.... we left our scars... the shootings, the dead bodies, the perpetual helicopters overhead, the sirens screaming day in and nite out... No stars to be seen where we lived...

Oh, California! How I learned to hate you! A drug infested, lawless, unkind society where crudeness is the master... I vow, we won't return.

2679 days ago

Brian Howell    

Shame on you for even indulging OJ by having his killer propaganda on your site!

2679 days ago


Hey OJ, its not to late to go ahead and pull the trigger !

2679 days ago


I saw on CNN that the Goldman family is upset about this article on TMZ.first they said it was a "how to murder book when O.J. was going to get the money.NOw it is a confession book when they get the money.what ever it is they said it was a disgrace to thier son and NO ONE should ever read it.They stopped the deal so OJ couldn't get the money.Now the book is OK because they get the money?????????? They need to stay out of the news and let thier son rest in peace and get they money another way from him.This is just profit for the Goldman family it doesn't reduce what OJ owes them.They are just as bad with this book trying to make a profit off of his son's death.The Goldman family should be ashamed for every wanting this book published.The Brown family has opened shelters to help other women the only time we hear about the Goldman family is when he is trying to make a profit.

2679 days ago


too bad he didn't.

2679 days ago


I feel so sorry for his kids, what a loser !!!!!!!!!

2679 days ago

who cares    


2679 days ago

It's time    

With all of the killings in this world, why hasn't someone gotten him? As for suicide? He's not that sharp.

2679 days ago
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