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Angelina Not That Sorry After All

6/20/2007 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie apologized up and down Manhattan last week for the muzzle she tried to slap on the media -- but was that just a lot of hot air?

Page Six reports that even though Angie lifted a ban on FOX News and blamed that infamously "excessive" document on her reps, she still banned Us Weekly and Life & Style, among other celeb glossies, from talking to her at last Friday's press junket for "A Mighty Heart." Only OK! and People were allowed, the latter of which has reportedly paid Jolie big bucks for photos.

Meanwhile, Angie may be none too happy that her baby daddy's mom -- Jane Pitt -- is visiting Brad's ex, Jennifer Aniston. The two were spotted Sunday afternoon at Jen's beach house, and their relationship rankles Jolie: "She doesn't like that Brad's mom is still close with Jen and is threatened by that," says a Page Six source.

Elisabeth to Rosie – So Long, Beeyatch

Elisabeth Hasselbeck says that she and Rosie aren't friends anymore, and that it was Rosie who killed what was left of their friendship by video blog.

Hasselbeck says in an interview with "Access Hollywood" that she and Ro had a "true friendship" despite their totally divergent politics, but after Rosie blabbed that she had tried hard -- but failed -- to keep their friendship going, she turned her back, too.

Meanwhile, Rosie went after all the usual suspects on her stop in New York City for the True Colors tour, says Gatecrasher, calling Larry King a "human toad" for an interview with Donald Trump where Trump bashed her, and added that even though she really wants the "Price is Right" job, CBS suits say, "No, we want the weatherman." Could she be giving away the fact that Dave Price will take Bob Barker's place? Stay tuned.

Sanjaya – My Sis Won't Show 'Em

Sanjaya Malakar -- remember him? -- still thinks he's got a future in showbiz, but is trying to downplay any possibility that his hot sister, Shyamali, might make hay (and coin) by showing off her more marketable assets in a nude magazine spread, Rush & Molloy report. "She was never the type to flaunt it," says Sanjy, who seems to have forgotten her jiggle-icious appearances in the "American Idol" audience. As for Sanjaya himself, he says, "My first objective is to legitimize my music, then do modeling and acting." Don't stop believin', Sanjy.

Party Favors: Prince's Purple Majesty Rolls into Roosevelt ... Tom Cruise -- Golden Globe Nods for Life? ... Duhamel's Way Awkward Pickup Line ... Clooney Cashing in Credit Card of Fame

Prince is staying at Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel -- for seven shows starting this Saturday -- and only 200 people are getting in each night to see His Purpleness at the Blossom Room. ... Tom Cruise may get a Golden Globe in perpetuity now that his pal Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, has bought Dick Clark Productions for $175 million. DCP, of course, produces the Golden Globe telecast, and as FOX News observes, is not unsusceptible to being swayed by external influences. ... Want to know how to pick up Fergie? Tell her she's "hot," which is what Josh Duhamel did, he says, the first time he met her, he tells Best Life magazine (via People). ... George Clooney tells the Los Angeles Times that he's using his fame like a credit card, and he's binge-spending on making people aware of the genocide in Darfur ... And if you're wondering -- yes, we got the Party started this morning without Paris, but she did tell TMZ yesterday that she's being treated just like any other inmate in jail, and that she's reading a lot of "fan mail." ...

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Elisabeth Hasselbitch will get a purple heart from George bush for how she fought Rosie off the view....and Hannity and all the FAUXNOISE el-stupidos will be there to cheer her on................stupid, dumb blonde...she reminds me of a stepford wife........but one that thinks that she's actually smart................


2645 days ago


I hate, hate, hate Hasslebeck. Her hubby is a loser (what is he, 3rd string?) and she is a totally irrelevant, ignorant ex-reality has-been. Kudo's to Ro for dumping her skanky-ass!

2645 days ago


Angie is a selfish bitch. First shes running around adopting babies in all different third world countries while maintaining an active movie career. Now she is jealous over Brads relationship with his Jen's mother. Angie is probably never home. Angie is an idiot. The kids will be totally screwed up and I can't believe that they keep letting her adopt all these poor children. Who is watching them? The nannies? Brad? her? Is she dragging the kids around with her? What a life for these poor kids. Just because they have money doesnt mean they will be happy. What is going on? No wonder she is so skinny. She probably has no time to eat. I personally think she is ugly and has an eating disorder. She doesnt even seem like a particularly nice person to me.

2645 days ago


Whats the big deal with Sanjaya? He can't sing and he's not much to look at .

2645 days ago


Why would anyone believe what Angelina Jolie says? For months she lied about having an affair with Brad Pitt. Then she said that they were just friends even tho they had feelings that ran deeper. Then she said that she wanted to have his baby while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

2645 days ago


Can we just forget about Rosie? Maybe if we ignore her, she'll go away. She reminds me of a little child who when they don't get attention or their own way or if you don't agree with them...they turn on you and shout insults. Get yourself some real professional help, Rosie. Now that Celebrity Fit Club is over...that lady therapist might be available.

2645 days ago


A couple of posters have said Jennifer can't keep a man. Let's see, they were married seven years. How long as AJ been with and/or married to anyone. She perhaps is the one that can't keep a man. Just a thought.

2645 days ago



2645 days ago

showers of Blessings    


This business about Brad Pitt’s mother Jane visiting Jennifer Aniston? From what I hear, and believe what you wish, no drama here. They were close when they were married, they continue to maintain a friendship, and no one is freaking out about it.

As a source told me last night: “she’s not going to jeopardise her relationship with the mother of her grandchildren to hang out with an ex daughter in law. If it really was a problem for Angie, it wouldn’t have happened.

But I doubt Jane is happy that she showed up and the swarm was already there”…which does bring up the more intriguing matter:

how conveniently often the paps seem to be photographing Aniston’s house lately. Coincidence or conspiracy??? And on the flipside, how will Grandma Pitt deal with the exploitation? Stay tuned...

2645 days ago

showers of Blessings    

I used to watch every single episode of Friends. I used to look at what Jen wears and I will go to the store and find the same thing. At that time, I didnt know anything about this Brad/Angie/Jen saga.

I therefore did my research. I put a lot of weight on their personal interviews particularly on the interviews before they announced their separation. . I try to get a gut feel of each of them. Beleive me, I separated tabloids and facts. I have come to the conclusion that Angie is brutally honest. I respected her giving 1/3 to charity. I did a search on oprah’s site, there was a picture of Brad with all the African children surrounding him, I was so disappointed that Jen was NOT in the picture. I looked at the date of that pic and it was taken before they were separated. We see pictures of Jen with Brad on every red carpet event yet she didnt accompany her then husband to Africa. Why???

I saw pictures of Jen smoking. We saw Jen at Oprah, at Diane Sawyer, at Access Hollywood, claiming a baby is on the way. Why cant she tell the truth? Why lied? Some people called her a fraud. Well, I call this misleading the public. Honesty is important to me. Once you lose this trust, it’s hard to gain that back.

There is this Vanity Fair interview. This interview is the one which I am fuming. This is the deciding factor that I believe Jen is responsible for all the things printed. Even though her publicist mis-guided her. But an employer is responsible for her agent’s actions. She knew what was going on. She should take accountability of this.

then, there are more…..

2645 days ago

showers of Blessings    

Jennifer Aniston lied to the public about the baby issue. You may say, everybody lies. But think Clinton. He got caught lieing to the public about the Monica Lewinsky affair. He was impeached by the house. Why, because Clinton is a public figure. Dont stand out there in front of the media and lied.

In a similar vein, Jennifer Aniston is a celebrity. She should not lie to the public about the baby issue. You cannot even argue she changed her mind about family. The fact that we caught her smoking cigarettes after cigarettes clearly shows she absolutely had NO intent of a baby during the marriage. If there was NO intent of doing something, how can you argue she changed her mind. Lieing to the public INTENTIONALLY is a fraud. Now, mind you, dont get sidetracked that she had the right to choose when to start motherhood. We are NOT talking about whether she had the right or not . We are stating a fact. The fact is "she lied".

Trust is important . I do hope she will change for the better. Again, I dont hate her. I wish her no ill will.

2645 days ago


Angelina's mouth looks luscious.

2645 days ago


Oh man, Rosie, I used to watch your show, that was before you became so hostile and over-bearing...I know you do alot of charity work, and that's cool, but you're not nice anymore, the hostility, the petty ( on all sides ) public feuds, putting down 'heteros', turning on people that challenge your opinions...I hope you seek help for whatever issues you have, you obviously have issues, before you totally destroy your reputation...

I tried to post this on and wasn't successful...

2645 days ago


Hey Oh puuuleease!!

Just because your beer drinking trailer park husband left you for that sexy 18 year old Hooters girl doesn't mean you have to be so bitter and mean about Angelina and Elizabeth. They both have more beauty and talent in their pinkies than you do in your whole fat body. Jelousy won't bring your hubby back. Lol!

2645 days ago


Sanjaya should sit his ugly butt down. He has no future in show business. Sanjaya MUST realize that he was NOT a hit on American Idol but a joke. He lasted so long because people like me wanted to shake the odds and frustrate Simon- I can't imagine anyone paying money to see his no talent behind. Sanjaya it was a joke played on American idol by lots of people it wasn't because we liked you. You are ugly, skinny and have no talent and you should admit that you are gay- Also, Sanjaya your mother is a drug dealer

2645 days ago
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