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Angelina Not That Sorry After All

6/20/2007 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie apologized up and down Manhattan last week for the muzzle she tried to slap on the media -- but was that just a lot of hot air?

Page Six reports that even though Angie lifted a ban on FOX News and blamed that infamously "excessive" document on her reps, she still banned Us Weekly and Life & Style, among other celeb glossies, from talking to her at last Friday's press junket for "A Mighty Heart." Only OK! and People were allowed, the latter of which has reportedly paid Jolie big bucks for photos.

Meanwhile, Angie may be none too happy that her baby daddy's mom -- Jane Pitt -- is visiting Brad's ex, Jennifer Aniston. The two were spotted Sunday afternoon at Jen's beach house, and their relationship rankles Jolie: "She doesn't like that Brad's mom is still close with Jen and is threatened by that," says a Page Six source.

Elisabeth to Rosie – So Long, Beeyatch

Elisabeth Hasselbeck says that she and Rosie aren't friends anymore, and that it was Rosie who killed what was left of their friendship by video blog.

Hasselbeck says in an interview with "Access Hollywood" that she and Ro had a "true friendship" despite their totally divergent politics, but after Rosie blabbed that she had tried hard -- but failed -- to keep their friendship going, she turned her back, too.

Meanwhile, Rosie went after all the usual suspects on her stop in New York City for the True Colors tour, says Gatecrasher, calling Larry King a "human toad" for an interview with Donald Trump where Trump bashed her, and added that even though she really wants the "Price is Right" job, CBS suits say, "No, we want the weatherman." Could she be giving away the fact that Dave Price will take Bob Barker's place? Stay tuned.

Sanjaya – My Sis Won't Show 'Em

Sanjaya Malakar -- remember him? -- still thinks he's got a future in showbiz, but is trying to downplay any possibility that his hot sister, Shyamali, might make hay (and coin) by showing off her more marketable assets in a nude magazine spread, Rush & Molloy report. "She was never the type to flaunt it," says Sanjy, who seems to have forgotten her jiggle-icious appearances in the "American Idol" audience. As for Sanjaya himself, he says, "My first objective is to legitimize my music, then do modeling and acting." Don't stop believin', Sanjy.

Party Favors: Prince's Purple Majesty Rolls into Roosevelt ... Tom Cruise -- Golden Globe Nods for Life? ... Duhamel's Way Awkward Pickup Line ... Clooney Cashing in Credit Card of Fame

Prince is staying at Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel -- for seven shows starting this Saturday -- and only 200 people are getting in each night to see His Purpleness at the Blossom Room. ... Tom Cruise may get a Golden Globe in perpetuity now that his pal Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, has bought Dick Clark Productions for $175 million. DCP, of course, produces the Golden Globe telecast, and as FOX News observes, is not unsusceptible to being swayed by external influences. ... Want to know how to pick up Fergie? Tell her she's "hot," which is what Josh Duhamel did, he says, the first time he met her, he tells Best Life magazine (via People). ... George Clooney tells the Los Angeles Times that he's using his fame like a credit card, and he's binge-spending on making people aware of the genocide in Darfur ... And if you're wondering -- yes, we got the Party started this morning without Paris, but she did tell TMZ yesterday that she's being treated just like any other inmate in jail, and that she's reading a lot of "fan mail." ...

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I don't get the whole Paris thing    

Angelina is a self centered whore! Everything she does is for the attention, "look at me, look at me, aren't I wonderful" She makes me sick! She is an attention seeking whore! And her mouth is so hidious with those big ass chicklet teeth and hidious lips.

Brad is in over his head and can't get out. I think Brad is stuck, look at all the flack he has received, and now all these new kids everyother week she seems to adopt then give them his name. I don't see how he could walk away if he wanted to.

They don't have the "real" chemistry that he had with Jennifer. It seems B & A are putting on a show, it is not very genuine, bad acting on their part. You can see right through it.

2659 days ago

give the dog a bone    

.....if you're gunna talk about her knockers , show 'um. I don't want to see Sanjaya' mug again.

2659 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

I first saw Angelina in some movie and we screamed: Look at her lips! She's godawful ugly!

Next thing you know, the press is writing about how 'beeyootiful she is.

I have no idea what brain injury the media has, but I wish they'd get treatment.

Angelina is ugly and even uglier now. Her face is actually deformed and from the latest photos on TMZ, her skin's turned yellow.

Brad Pitt just looks used up and worn out. I think he's trapped, now that Angelina's had his baby.

Angelina's a home wrecker and she knows it. Maybe she's seeking redemption by trying to adopt all these babies. Most were taken from other countries by deception on her part. One she stole. Another she lied to the orphanage that she and Brad did not live together because they won't adopt to unmarried couples.

She is shameless and feels no guilt. She needs to take herself to France and live there, land of her mother. She apparently feels more allegience to other countries.

2659 days ago

give the dog a bone    

Rosie is the most vial of all the she-beasts in "Skankville" and Lizzie is the fairest flower in all the land!

2659 days ago

showers of Blessings    

To all the Jolie Pitt stalkers:--

You are just making Angelina more famous online.....You are only basing your assumptions on pictures and stories that were published online and in and stories that the press purposely leaked out....NOT the real world of the Jolie Pitt family.

If you are treating tabloid news as the word of your god, they you must be really a sicko and a stalker......wasting your time reading and posting comments about people you hate is sick....You are considered a stalker with your should be posting comments on people you like them with your posts on their threads....stop wasting your time in threads of people you hate....

You CANNOT say Angelina this and Angelina that when your comments are only based on press releases....that is completely idiotic.

2659 days ago

showers of Blessings    

I agree 100%, Aniston is still playing victim, does she not realize that the only reason she is getting this award is because of her victim status, she doesn’t deserve it …I would think that deep down she knows she is no way a vanguard of any cause.

There is nothing humble about Aniston , I see a calculating woman. The media lets her get away with everything. She is never questioned about her lies to the public, her going back and forth. She changes as the wind blows.

Meanwhile Angie is questioned and attacked for everything. It amazes me how certain peeps in the public eye are given free passes no matter what, while others are not. Aniston is a person who self worth and self esteem is based on what others think of her, especially the public. It is quite sad really.

2659 days ago

showers of Blessings    

credit: coalharbourqt at justjared

Okay - you guys know I NEVER come to this thread to comment as I could care less about the ex, but I just can’t believe it. This is too funny - now Jen is shilling water like Donald Trump??!!! Good grief, talk about a bad PR move - we’ve all seen his stock go down the toilet (pardon the pun) in the past while. If she had half a brain she’d be getting on board with Jay-Z, as suggested previously. Personally, the only water I would dream of endorsing right now if I was a celebrity would be Ethos Water, which actually contributes some of its profits towards helping those who DON’T have clean drinking water develop the means to get it.

So on one hand you have Jennifer Aniston investing in a water company and shilling to make herself more money, and on the other hand you have Angelina Jolie doing UNHCR work and actually going to the countries that DON’T have clean drinking water to bring attention to this serious health issue. How bloody ironic is that? Having just been to a country where even the locals can’t drink their own water I think it’s pretty obvious who I support on this one. The only way JA could save face in this would be to actually donate 250 million litres of her stupid “Smartwater” to the UN for distribution to refugees and people who actually can’t turn on their darn tap and drink a glass of water from it.

Making money off of water with a few minerals added to it when 1 billion people don’t have clean drinking water on this planet just seems sick and absurd to me.

2659 days ago

I don't get the whole Paris thing    

Those of you who like Brad & Angie are going to like them no matter how fake she is. Those of us who don't like them, there is nothing you can say to change our minds.

2659 days ago

I don't get the whole Paris thing    

We love Angie..... Do you know what a stalker is??? Obviously you don't.

2659 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

Whatever your opinion may be of Rosie, the truth is that a lot of people didn't even know who Elisabeth Hasselbeck was until she started fighting with her. Rosie helped put her on the celebrity map. Before the View and being a contestant on Survivor, Hasselbeck was a shoe designer. How she made that leap, I have no idea! I suppose Jesus took the wheel on that one.

2659 days ago


I just have to laugh at Angelina, no US or In Touch, but OK magazine is fine. How does one arrive at that decision? How Is OK now a respected publication all of a sudden? Having paid her for photos though I guess money can buy anyone respect nowadays though.

To all of those calling Angelina disparaging and vulgar names, please know it degrades all women when you use these terms. It's time to forgive and move on. Jennifer Aniston did, and so should we. Comments on current issues are one thing, but leave the past in the past.

2659 days ago


go away Angelina and take that year off you promised and go make out with your brother and take Brad with you.

2659 days ago


ELIZABETH VS. ROSIE.....What Elizabeth has never gotten is that when you are a friend, and other people attack your friend, you stand up for them!! I doubt that Hasselbeck really considered Rosie a true friend or she would have known that Rosie does NOT consider our troops is the governing politicians who have put them in harms way who are the terrorists. E.H. is just a pretentious goody two-shoes living in her make-believe world. She can't be friends with real people!

2659 days ago


Elizabeth Hasslebitch does not know what it means to be a friend. That is why she is now just realizing that she and Rosie are not friends, they never were. Who could be a friend to that republican Bush loving freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2659 days ago


Elisabitch is a liar, she said that she was working on forgiveness with Rosie and they talked a lot over the weekend. That was after Rosie made the posting on her blog. Rosie went on to say that Elisabitch talked to Kelly not her.

2659 days ago
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