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Bumps into JT's Mom

6/20/2007 4:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Badonkadonky babe Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake's walking advertisement, his mom Lynn Harless, were spotted greeting each other on the streets of Stockholm. Lynn was dressed head-to-toe in her baby's William Rast clothing line.

Jess is hangin' with JT during his Euro tour, and has apparently gotten in some bonding time with the pop star's momma. Work it!

After his European tour, the titillating Timberlake plays his hometown of Memphis on August 6.


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montana mike    

damn, justin's mom is looking good--and as far as her being a milf
HELL YEAH she looks better than the drugged out drunk drivers and zit faced so called celebrities--justin-you can call me daddy

2629 days ago

You go Sandra!!!    

Jessica is pathetic. Justin disses her in magazines yet she still hangs on to him. I guess some people just are attracted to douchebags and will suffer through humiliation.

2628 days ago


So much better than psycho Cameron. 100x prettier too.

2628 days ago


i dont know what booty society is talking about... she has no asS at all .. all the squats and lunges in the world wont lift up a pancake flat booty shes been to the surgeon like a hell of alot of these fake white females in hollywood can you say kim hodashian and ice-ts wife "plastic surgery scar" coco the ho... her nose,breast and lips are fake as hell.. justin used her for a hot minute then tossed her away like yesterdays trash because now she suppose to be the "it" girl right now in hollywood... kissing up to his mom isnt going to make him want her.. he had his fun with this whore ,his thing is im done with this tramp NEXT!!!!!!! first ugly ass used up wasted no talent having britney spears, then ugly ass cameron diaz, scarlett hohanson, now this whore i wonder whos next on his long list of females he wants to use up.. hes a mama's boy no woman will ever measure up to his mothers expectations, no one is good enough for her son as far as shes concerned.. so trying to kiss up to her will do her no good...

2628 days ago

Dr Phil is a huge Cheeseball!    

I cannot understand how he continues to be so popular...I personally don't think he is particularly talented OR very good looking, as a matter of fact I think he's rather dorky looking. I would never date anyone that ugly..or that self-absorbed.

2628 days ago


What does that say when mom wears your new line of clothing?

2628 days ago


Oh Hi there Lynn! I was just running some errands in Stockholm.
Have you seen Justin? I heard he might be here.

2628 days ago


Sends the new girl home, Has mom with him wearing his new fashion line. Girl returns, Mom looks shocked lol.
This guy is either really mixed up or TMZ is.

2628 days ago


I don't think Justin's karma is to good, He experience's a mild come back and dumps Cam after all those years. I don't see that he is so great looking either. He does dress well I'll give him that.

2628 days ago

Stink Finger    

Do you thinks she wipes correctly?

2628 days ago

Stink Finger    

A small dingle berry or two might not be that bad....

2628 days ago


If my mother let em hang out like that, I'd have to be stoned day and night too........Jessica, come back to us! Please give Beverly a call.

2628 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

Wait I thought Jessica was told to go back home. Get the story straight

2628 days ago

south american lady    

let these people be jt want to date jb let it happen at least she his age and not sleeping around like cameron .so what she talk to his mom any guy who seroius with a girl wants there mom to chill eith new girl/ i wish them both the best.

2627 days ago

Justin's Buddy    

As someone who grew up w/Justin outside of Memphis, TN, I have to say that we are proud of him here. He has always had a big heart. Who cares who he chooses to date. That is his business and he is free to choose. As far as we know, he has avoided fathering any children so far and saw through the Britney "sparkle" and fake-innocence. His Mom is a great supporter of him, as any true Mom would be. If my son had a clothing line, I wouldn't be ashamed to be decked out in it from head-to-toe every day.
Just be glad that Mama Spears and her crooked contractor hubby didn't get Justin in any further w/ "innocent" little Britney. I hope, as most of us who know him here do, that he goes as far as he can and ends up w/the right woman to have a family with.

2627 days ago
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