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45 and Single?

6/20/2007 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

San Fernando Valley lothario Scott Baio, who has allegedly had his way with numerous Hollywood honeys -- including Heather Locklear, Pamela Anderson, Denise Richards and Nicollette Sheridan -- is now 45 and still single. What?

Chachi, seen here with pal Jason Hervey (Wayne on "Wonder Years"), is now joining the rank ranks of Flava Flav and Bret Michaels on VH1 to search for a soulmate. The show will follow Baio as he tries to find himself while enduring a mid-life crisis, wondering why he's still single and unable to settle down -- not even with his current girlfriend, Renee. Walk away, Renee!

Baio has agreed to fully surrender the next eight weeks of his life to exhaustive introspection with a life coach, Dr. Alison Arnold, otherwise known as "Doc Ali." Doc Ali will try to get to the core of his problem, and Scott will be forced to revisit some ex-girlfriends -- and take a vow of celibacy.

If the lengthy list of Scotty's beam-ups is true, a vow of celibacy might not stick!


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Awww, Not This Crap Again!    

He, he, he!!! I proposed to a fan mail letter....when I was TWELVE!!!! See...this is what happens to guys who think they're God's gift to women!!! :o)

Funny, I think it was Pamela Anderscum, that said Scott was a regular at Heff's mansion, and that he was like the town bicycle....everyone's ridden him! BWAHHHAHAHHAHAH.

Too bad, he's a washed up has been, trying to regain a little popularity.

His breakout show "Joanie Loves Chachi" should have been called "Chachi Loves Chachi"

The only advice I can give to anyone dating an Italian man (with an ego, a strong Italian upbringing, and overbearing old-world Italian mother), is R-U-N!!!! And don't ever look back!!!

2646 days ago


what's going on with this? I was reading about it on I think he may be too old for this.

2646 days ago



2645 days ago


Another screwed up child actor. This is a message for all child actors, take the $ you've earned and get an education!

2645 days ago


All the women he has dated are beautiful but they also have something else in common: they date losers and don't really have high standards when it comes to looks or how cool a guy is. Case in point:
Denise Richards = Chalie Sheen, Richie Sambora
Heather Locklear = Richie Sambora, David Spade
Nicollette Sheridan = Michael Bolton
Pamela Anderson = Kid Rock etc.

2645 days ago

Go To Jail Paris    

Maybe he's gay, like Tom Cruise?

Maybe, just maybe

Maybe he's in love with Tom Cruise...a secret lover of his perhaps.....

Maybe, just maybe

2645 days ago

Go To Jail Paris    

I think he's gay, like Tom Cruise

2645 days ago


What's going on in Hollywood? Are there no good writers left that we have to resort to "reality overkill"? Certainly they can come up with something better than reality show after reality show. I miss the good old days of TV and I"m only 40!

2645 days ago


He's arrogant. I've seen him at Laker games. He seems to have forgotten Happy Days ended 20+ years ago.

2645 days ago


Hell, while we're at it, when is Donny Osmond and Shawn Cassidy's show coming out?

2645 days ago


ugh he looks tore up! his face looks like someone beat him with a bat and he hasnt slept in years, stop doing coke!!! that will help u out for starters

2645 days ago


Has-Beens looking for attention and a little cash. Sad.
Reality shows suck and are humilating to these so called celebrities.
How about Celebrity Fit Club? Yuck. Get some class.

2645 days ago


Can anyone say gay...... He was a loser and remains a loser.

2645 days ago


Hey if Renee takes a hike ....I'll marry him!

2645 days ago


Yeah, they should call the show Nobody Loves Chachi!

2645 days ago
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