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Dead McMahon in Bad Taste?

6/20/2007 5:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Death struck twice for the WWE this week, and the real fatality is making the WWE wonder whether the staged one should stay in the script.

WWE fem-fighter "Sensational Sherri" Martel was found dead at her mother's home June 15, and just three days before, chief butt-head Vince McMahon was "killed" in a limo explosion on the "Monday Night RAW" broadcast. Foul play wasn't suspected in Martel's death, but cops have said in reports that the cause wasn't natural.

In light of Martel's real death, we're told there were discussions inside the WWE about abandoning their current "McMahon is Presumed Dead" storyline, with many WWE folks feeling that it was in poor taste.

But c'mon, folks, this is the WWE we're talking about! Not only is McMahon staying dead, the WWE, according to reports, plans to push the storyline even further with the discovery of DNA evidence linking McMahon, his limo driver and a "mysterious third party" to the fictional attack ... all for consumption this Friday on "WWE Smackdown."

That sound you hear is Owen Hart, spinning in his grave.

The WWE had no comment on the situation.


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I think anyone who even knows anything about what is going on in the WWE saga is a big ass peckerhead. Watching this stupid crap is just like watching those gay ass soap operas. To tell you the truth, Id rather watch the soap operas. This crap gets dumber and dumber everytime i hear a WWE GEEK fan talk about it. Get a life nerds.

2588 days ago


My husband is a faithful follower of WWE and I just saw Stephanie last night dressed in black talking about her dead father...I was wondering what the deal was - thanks for clearing it up. Maybe this storyline was created so Vince could get some plastic surgery of some kind - this would keep him out of the spot light for as long as he needs to heal.....

Who ever said in a previous post about him putting himself as the star in the ring - is so correct - it is totally stupid of him to do - who gives a crap? Wrestler on wrestler is one thing - but Vince McMahon is NO wrestler - just an idot (a rich idiot - but still an idiot!)

2588 days ago

Killbot Factory    

People, this is entertainment!! Whether it is in good taste or bad should be left up to the viewer. I find it funny that many of the losers and lowlifes on this board are laughing at wrestling fans while many of you are the same people who want to find every piece of celebrity gossip because your own lives are so unfulfilling. Many of you are too ugly and too stupid to make anything of yourselves, and now you want to bash men, women and children that enjoy a scripted television program?

2588 days ago

You don't need to know    

The has to be the stupidest story line they have ever come up with, but they must be doing something right becuase the McMahon's have more money than probably any of us on here reading this stuff. For all the people that bitch about different postings on TMZ, maybe people like Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, and Britney Spears would not have careers and the bucks they do if we stopped commenting on stuff like this.

2588 days ago


I guess old Joe #77 is one of the homo's that sit at home and whack off to Vince M. Nothing would please Joe more than to be able to suck and swallow for the Undertaker. GEEKS GEEKS GEEKS GEEKS!

2588 days ago


I have been a wrestling fan for many years. I get sick at the way wrestling has went down hill in the last 5 years or so. I remember when there actually was GOOD storylines not fake deaths or matches to determine custody of a child. I remember when wrestling was interesting and entertaining not so damn perdictable. I think the best thing for WWE could be if Vince actually died or retired.

2588 days ago


Wanna peer into the mind of Vincent Kennedy McMahon? A few years ago he wanted to do an angle where Stephanie (his daughter) was pregnant and it would turn out HE WAS THE FATHER! Look it up. If you cut that man, poor taste will flow from his wounds. They say animals don't have souls...HA!

2588 days ago

pattie in cali    

someone said that their son couldn't tell between true and false, well this show is all FALSE, so why was that statement made.? vince's show is fake, if they were really fighting. it would be outlawed, people crack me up. its all staged. boy what people won't say. VINCE YOU ARE LOW AS THEY COME,

2588 days ago


this in so bad taste. we got service men and women dying over sea's by car bombs. and this ahole thinks this entertainment.

2588 days ago


want some real entertainment, turn it to spike and check out the UFC....WWE sucks ass...

2588 days ago


Just because someone watches wrestling, it doesn't make them a loser or a dumbass, as some of you have stated. It's entertainment, like most everything else on TV. If you don't like it, no one is forcing you to watch it. Go watch "Survivor" & things like that. Yeah, THOSE shows are real!
These men & women work year-round, with no off-season. They also work even when injured, unlike other athletes who go on the disabled list for a hangnail or blister. It's also the only programming with NO repeats! How many other shows can say that?!

2588 days ago


as an AVID WWE fan for nearly 15 years I thouroughly enjoy the "vince is dead" storyline; I am not even going to get into the argument regarding wrestling being fake or real because there are too many close minded morans out there who won't allow themselves to see that the athleticism is real however; I digress... sensational sherri was one of my all time favourite female superstars and to hear of her untimly death was a complete shock... I don't agree that vinces storyline is distasteful however I do agree that they should pay proper homage to the woman who sherri was and how she paved the way for all of the current females who participate in WWE events (I can't classify them as wrestlers since they have become so far removed from the "sport") Vince Mcmahon is a BRILLIANT man... love him or hate him he is a savy buisness man who has run this great orginazation for many years... aside from completly SCREWING over the Hart family on several occcasions I agree with 99% of what Vince portrays to us as entertainment!... I beleive that they will have dignity in sherri's passing and do things the right way.

2588 days ago

D.W. King    

WWE doing the Mcmahon storyline was over the top and dumb to begin with. I saw the explosion coming as soon as I saw that limo sitting all alone and the look on Vince's face like he was deciding wether or not to follow through on faking his death. Vince Killed Vince in my best guess to get sympathy from those who hate him. Yes I know it's a work.

But to only give Sherri a quick slide honoring her and continuing on mourning Vince, without showing any kind of respect like a video retrospective, or even commentary about the fact she died, was totally rude. Sherri gave a lot to WWE and several other promotions all of which are now owned by WWE through buy outs. She deserves more respect as a human being and talent than some stupid Kayfabe storyline.

2588 days ago


I am so sick of people complaining that this angle is in bad taste. My grandmother died of congestive heart failure last week, cancel all episodes of ER where old people die!

2588 days ago

Tony C    

It's a story line people, the death of Sherri came around the same time....who cares, she hasn't been around in has nothing to do with the all you bored housewives should do something more productive, like, help your kids study, or get your husbands food ready. ..and everyone who thinks this is in bad taste, your a bunch of MARKS!

2588 days ago
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