It Takes Ashlee 8 Hours to Look This Good?!

6/20/2007 1:07 PM PDT
Lip-synching sensation Ashlee Simpson spent the day -- literally -- getting her hair did at Ken Paves Salon in West Hollywood on Tuesday.

As a swarm of paparazzi grew in number throughout the day, the 22-year-old celeb sister spent eight hours in the Robertson Blvd. beauty shop having her weave busted out and dyed. Lather.Rinse.Repeat. Lather.Rinse.Repeat. Lather.Rinse.Repeat.

Ashlee wound up exiting through the back door of the shop, leaving photogs bereft of a glimpse of the fruits of Paves' staff's labor! With her music career in dire straits, Ash may want to spend more time working on tracks in the studio and less on the ones in her hair!