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Jenna Jameson Is Now Rolling Even HARDER!

6/20/2007 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that porn princess Jenna Jameson picked up a new ride for her collection yesterday ... if you call a Rolls Royce Phantom a car. Yes, Jenna is riding in something.

The white 2007 Rolls Royce Phantom, which costs more than some houses, set Miss Jameson back about $360,000. TMZ spoke to Jameson, who told us, "It's the ultimate car and I can barely see over the dash (laughter) ... and the Ogara Coach Company took great care of me." Who doesn't?

Jenna left one of her old clunkers as a trade in ... a Bentley Continential GT.


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right on ,I guarentee you all the Judgmental Women pointing fingers are all Hotter than that Skank will ever be. Who could Honestly be Jealous of a Whore who does 5 guys at once on film. She has every std known to man. You must be such a Loser!!!!!!! Porn Lovers are all nothing but Losers who like to watch because they can't get any themselves. Go watch some more Porn and Jerk yourself off LOSER!!!!!!!!!

2682 days ago


Wooo Hooo!!! Go Jenna! Who says porn doesn't pay.

2682 days ago


#21, are you her personal doctor to state that she has every std know to man? If you are you are breaking patient confidentiality. If you are not then you are talking out of your a**. I am not defending her but just because she works in porn does not mean she has diseases.

2682 days ago


I guess thats not the only thing that she rides.........ewwwwww

2682 days ago


what who cares!

2682 days ago

Black Bettie    

Am I the only one who thinks that this once-pretty woman now looks EXACTLY like Hilary Duff since she got so skinny? Duff used to be cute too. Now they look like twin horses. I really want to hear some comments y'all!

2682 days ago


#22 You sound like you need some and a 1980 Rolls don't count.

2682 days ago


all these jealous judgmental fat ugly women... You all wish you could be her..

2682 days ago

all the madness    

I can not believe all of the hate in here. #1 I am female. #2 Do not start to call me names or downgrade me to make your self feel better

I do not- I SAID NOT- agree with Pornography or the type of things that go with it. HOWEVER, everyone has to work. Obviously there is a calling for this type of work and there are MILLIONS of people that watch, use, make or whatever porn. Why shouldnt she get paid for her career choice? It is all supply and demand people and it doesnt make her a bad person. If you do not beleive in this type of lifestyle then make sure that you and your family do not buy this crap. BUT SOMEONE IS......or she wouldnt be able to afford what she bought. Jenna is VERY famous for what she does, not I do not think it is acting. AGAIN, however, I can GARAUNTEE that she does not have AIDS or any other disease as the industry is very careful. I know this as I read on MANY DIFFERENT things and have read much about and seen many things about the porn industry so that I can leave intelligent comments and educate others that are less fortunate in that area. Yes, she has been with many partners but that is what she is paid to do. IT IS A JOB PEOPLE and obviously (supply and demand again) there are enough folks buying it to cover the HUGE expense that is the new car she has purchased. However, it is all together possible that she is a very intelligent woman and has been very SMART with her money and that is why she bought the car. You may be a person that makes money in a position that I do not agree with and I may not agree with how you spend your money but I do not EVER want someone to bash me for how I spend mine so I keep my mouth shut about others choices.
I think that instead of BASHING OTHERS, we should all take the logs out of our eye and quit worrying about the splinter in others. If you do not know what I mean, read a Bible and you will.
We have an opportunity here to read trash at this site. If you want more newsworthy material, leave this site and go somewhere else. But do not judge. be jealous or otherwise. No one follows me around with a camera and I bet if they did all of you would have some not so nice things to say to me about what I do so be careful about what you say to others.

2682 days ago

give the dog a bone    

It's funny, I had a lot of money and blew it. Jenna blew it and has a lot of money!

2682 days ago


jenna what happend you look so bad these days to much plastic or do u ahve HIV!!!!....ur so thin ..its scary!!!!! was a huge fan but now i can't bare to look at u ....not the beautful (natrual looking) girl u use to be.........what happend?????????

2682 days ago

Sydney Bristol    

I'm not really sure why this is newsworthy. My thoughts: JJ will be back in a few years, just like Janine who thought Vince Neil was her meal ticket. When that didn't work out she came back a haggard late-thirty-something and it's really just embarrassing and sad. Maybe Jenna's got a couple mil stashed away, but considering she's mid thirties and probably can't qualify for any other high paying job, she might want to curb the conspicuous consumption.

2682 days ago

stop the madness    

Hope it has good shocks

2682 days ago

Oh Please    

My mother always told me "you can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear"

2682 days ago

crazy hope    

pigs are pink and so it's fitting that her car be pink, also she has no morals and she looks like a bag of crap hard living I guess,she dos'nt fit in mainstream tv or celebrity status ,a hooker is the same as a porno queen they both have no respect for themselves and are poor examples for young women look at all the young stars trying to copy them it's so sad .

2682 days ago
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