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Jenna Jameson Is Now Rolling Even HARDER!

6/20/2007 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that porn princess Jenna Jameson picked up a new ride for her collection yesterday ... if you call a Rolls Royce Phantom a car. Yes, Jenna is riding in something.

The white 2007 Rolls Royce Phantom, which costs more than some houses, set Miss Jameson back about $360,000. TMZ spoke to Jameson, who told us, "It's the ultimate car and I can barely see over the dash (laughter) ... and the Ogara Coach Company took great care of me." Who doesn't?

Jenna left one of her old clunkers as a trade in ... a Bentley Continential GT.


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#62, you are really stupid..
Did the man said he is reading all day long about porn?

2688 days ago


Jenna looks terrible now,she is so skinny.She has lost her looks.Maybe its an eating disorder or drug addiction.

2688 days ago


Yes, we all make mistakes, but we don't all go prostitiute ourselves with strangers on camera......hello!

As a woman, spreading your legs for money is demeaning and sickening....or maybe I just speak from the tragic experience of rape, perhaps I have a different viewpoint as I was just 17 and accosted with a knife, it was put up or be shut up. At 17, I put up, at 53, I would rather fight to the death than have to go through that again. There were No police reports, no therapy, no telling anyone, just a deep dark distrubing secret to keep buried.

So, I would just like for women to realize that you have a brain use it well by doing good.

I think it was Jenna's soon to be ex husband that turned her into a "STAR" on the internet....before that she was just a c-rated porno gal.....she does now what she has always done, perform sexual acts for money. that is a whore, plain and simple. You can buy a pretty car, have plastic surgery, or bleach your hair blond, but a whore is a whore.
Just because it is her "job" doesn't make it right, after all a hitman has a job, too.

America is America because of honest, decent, hard working people. That is the backbone and mainstay of our country.. That is why millions of immigrants come to the USA legally and work at everyday honest jobs....people don't move to the US so they can wear underwear in public and perform sex acts....

Men be nicer to women and women be nicer to men, after all, we are all in this together and no one is getting out alive.

Wishing you all much Health and Happiness, Pamalita

2688 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

She's nasty looking; she looks like you expect a leg spreading coke whore to look like. She used to look OK; now she just looks like a used up, hagged out skank...

2687 days ago


I THINK IT WAS 250 GUY GANG BANG...........thats a little extreem...SHE IS GROSS

2686 days ago

Rockin' Robin    

Jenna looked sooooooo much better prior to having plastic surgery...she now looks like a platypus! She is destroying her looks and is way too skinny! She is a gorgeous girl but she is slowly ruining her looks and needs to eat a steak!

2686 days ago

get over it    

With all the time you guys have wasted here talking about her, that's why 'news' like this is posted! Any publicity is good publicity... for JJ.
Ps I wonder how many 'rides' she did to pay for that car?

2685 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

she's a nasty, c*cksucking whore...

2685 days ago


"porn" stars are simply hookers who are on camera. Simple as that.
Ever notice how the gals who have been hooking, err making pornos for a few years start to look really rough around the edges - Jenna is no exception and I'd hate to see her without makeup. ouch.

2684 days ago


What in the world did she do to her face.

2684 days ago


And I bet Tito is smacking his chops over this one , already planning to drive it more often than her .
Tito is bad for you Jenna , he is using his ' love' as a screen for his plan to get access to your cash . Beware.

2684 days ago


Yikes Jenna! What are you on? Where did your looks go? This can't be the same hottie that was in "Howard Stern's Private Parts"!

2684 days ago


She's quite used up, and is emotionally unstable, but you have to give it to her. Money makes the world go round, and she has enough to orbit it several times over. You can thank our fellow Americans for putting her where she is today. If it wasn't for perverted men, and our twisted society filling up her bank account, she wouldn't be where she is. You know there is something wrong when a PORN actress gets her own wax figurine likeness in a world famous museum. That just seems a bit wrong to me. WTF??
People have glorified her, and have turned her into an icon. She is a shrewd saavy business-woman, nasty and all. Now she can use her millions to lift up the saggy bits as she starts to age and "go down" in history. Supply and demand, y'all! You're feeding the monster. Thank America for that one. :-X

2684 days ago


You all just hatting.. Jeena is my kind of woman

2684 days ago


Another classy woman. Ugh.

2684 days ago
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