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Sally Kirkland

Leads Paris Protest

6/20/2007 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

At the forefront of civil protest, leading the cause of the moment, actress/Oscar attendee Sally Kirkland appeared outside of Lynwood jail yesterday, pleading for mercy for Paris Hilton, but from the look of Kirkland, she's the one who could use some mercy! Nurse!

Looking as if someone woke her up about five minutes before the protest, Miss Kirkland took the time to plead for prayers for Nicole Richie too, calling the wayward "Simple Life" stars her "angels." Oh Lord! Kirkland, who'd worked with Paris and Nicole as an acting coach on the series, was interviewed alongside a mob of Paris supporters numbering at least half a dozen.

The talented, vagabondish actress then led the protest into nearby streets, where she seemed lost in the confusion, or perhaps just confused. Paris' lawyer, Richard Hutton, unseen by the protesters, happened upon the scene and could only shake his head in disbelief at the groundswell of support for the heiress/convict.


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jProud American Author    

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz oh for crying out loud. Who cares??? Sally Kirkman? She only wants publicity --she could care less about Paris.

2682 days ago

Go To Jail Paris    

Tom Cruise must be gay

2682 days ago


That must be the crypt keeper out there. Horrifying.

2682 days ago


Hutton's disbelief is probably that Kirkland was out in broad daylight and did not disintegrate!

2682 days ago


Sally is a minister too. Prolly how Herpes Hilton found religion.

NIce to see ALL of Hiltons fans in one place. Easier to keep track of the wing nuts.

2682 days ago


This is Out of Control, the senior citizens are protesting for Paris, instead of fighting Issues that concerns the Elderly. Did Sally forget to take her medicine?

2682 days ago


For all of you dopes who keep insisting that Paris is so warmhearted and kind, I suggest you take a trip to and look up the video taken of a New Year's Eve party where your lovely girl was filmed making racist comments, singing about how glad she is that she's not 'broke, ugle and poor', being obnoxious,loud, uncouth and just all around ugly, it might change your mind about this woman who acts so aloof in the public eye.
She's two faced and this home video proves it.
Also, for all of you who keep insisting that she's in jail JUST because she was driving on an expired license....try again. She's in jail because she VIOLATED her probation. Not just once, but TWICE. The original arrest stemmed from driving drunk. Subsequent times found her doing 75mph in a 35mph zone, at night, with no headlights on. people need to get a grip and stop whining about how Delgadillo's wife did the 'same't thing Paris did and only got a fine. She did not do the SAME thing Paris did. She was NOT violating her probation, she was NOT driving drunk.
Do you people even bother to READ the information, much less comprehend it?

2682 days ago


Isn't she getting out in a few days, for petes sake? Who the heck cares anymore? We are so sick of hearing about her. Anybody notice that there is a war going on? Or millions dying in Darfur? Or wait.. global warming? Can we please pick a cause that is more than just a waste of oxygen on this planet? If she bought it tomorrow, we'd care for a month (see Anna Nicole Smith) and then she would become a distant, thank GOD, memory.

2682 days ago

kim suck    

is that HOT LIPS?

2682 days ago


#11, if you're looking for REAL news, you've obviously come to the wrong place. TMZ does not "DO" real news.

2682 days ago


What I find funny is that the picture only shows 2 and half people..... LOL. Who is this woman anyway and why isn't Sally Struthers doing the protest?

2682 days ago


wow.. nutjobs... And regarding the length of her sentence... maybe, just maybe she should have screwed up her probation multiple times and been late to the court house... How many people in "her situation" are just let go, even with being late to court... Stop crying about how unfair it is. She'll get out, she'll be back to her old tricks and you guys can keep pretending she's beautiful and talented.

And did the DA's wife violate her probation multiple times and show up late to court? Would be interesting to find out.

And yeah, go check out that video.. Warmhearted... Her fans are just kidding themselves... Or they're idiots.. I'll go with number two.

2682 days ago


Only in L A.

2682 days ago


"is that HOT LIPS?"

No, that's Sally KELLERMAN, who played the role in the "M*A*S*H" film. Sally Kirkland won an Oscar nomination in 1987 for "Anna." (I could see the confusion; not only are they both Sally K.s, both are tall blondes.) Kirkland's a good actress and nice person, charmingly goofy, but I'm disappointed that she would publicly speak on behalf of someone who drove while intoxicated and could have killed somebody.

2682 days ago

Gatorade Please    


2682 days ago
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