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Sally Kirkland

Leads Paris Protest

6/20/2007 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

At the forefront of civil protest, leading the cause of the moment, actress/Oscar attendee Sally Kirkland appeared outside of Lynwood jail yesterday, pleading for mercy for Paris Hilton, but from the look of Kirkland, she's the one who could use some mercy! Nurse!

Looking as if someone woke her up about five minutes before the protest, Miss Kirkland took the time to plead for prayers for Nicole Richie too, calling the wayward "Simple Life" stars her "angels." Oh Lord! Kirkland, who'd worked with Paris and Nicole as an acting coach on the series, was interviewed alongside a mob of Paris supporters numbering at least half a dozen.

The talented, vagabondish actress then led the protest into nearby streets, where she seemed lost in the confusion, or perhaps just confused. Paris' lawyer, Richard Hutton, unseen by the protesters, happened upon the scene and could only shake his head in disbelief at the groundswell of support for the heiress/convict.


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Another talented actress goes up in flames

2682 days ago

stop the madness    

Post 30 your an idoit,right wing judge,do you know his pollitical stance.He saw what she needed help.Her parents are too stupid to see it.grow up!

2682 days ago


Please ask Sally Kirkland,

What if Paris KILLED someone she loved...

2682 days ago


I'm just glad to see some those big girls out walking. I say keep Paris in jail a little longer, some of those women need a few more times around the block. Paris could be the inspiration they need to drop 100 pounds or so.

2682 days ago

Judith GoodGirl    

Sally Kirkland is an unfortunate -- extremely old unfortunate -- reminder of how Hollywood tosses out starlets after age 26 or so. Poor Sally keeps showing up at various award shows (Who is paying her rent? How is she living in the most expensive place in the world? ). She appears to be sort of tolerated (Moderator: Ah, yes, now comes Sallry Kirkland in her usual outlandish garb). But the poor woman has to eat, has to live in a safe place, you know. Was she a wise investor? Come on, unlikely.

2682 days ago


To me the sad part is she is going to get paid to promote drinking when she gets out of jail. I would think it should be the other way around she should be talking and helping with M.A.D. or a rehab program. I also think that part of her probation should be breaking no laws and no drinking. That is what most offenders probation is.Also she should have to see a probation officer like everyone else has to.

2682 days ago


No, that is a brave old woman with scruples who dares to go out and do something productive with her withered Life rather than sitting on her ass hiding behind a computer keyboarding stupid stuff like you. This is a public crusade. The Los Angeles city attorney's wife Michelle Delgedillo just this morning got preferential treatment to pay off her long outstanding parking violation tickets, no hassle over smashing her husband's city vehicle which she was not authorized to drive, driving with no personal liability insurance, driving on a suspended license and there is a 9 year old arrest warrant out for her failing to appear in court. Michelle could have killed someone just as easily when she recklessly drove and hit the pole. Michelle isn't going to jail. Sally and the other people are over there protesting that city attorney Rocky Delgedillo prosecuted and jailed Paris Hilton, yet, his own wife gets off with a wink wink deal from a traffic judge. Why is the city attorney's wife exempt from the law? Paris is in jail!

2682 days ago


Six protesters...BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

2682 days ago


Where is it written that six brave people can't get Los Angeles taxpayers to pay attention to the criminal negligence of a scofflaw city attorney?

2682 days ago



You don't know the facts:

On November 21, Hilton’s license was suspended for reckless driving with a high blood alcohol level. That suspension was to last until March 29, 2007. On January 15th, 2007 she was stopped by the California Highway Patrol who advised/reminded her both verbally and in writing that she was driving under a suspended license; her passenger had to drive the vehicle. On January 22, 2007, Hilton plead “no contest” to alcohol-related reckless driving and was placed on probation. On February 27th, she was again caught driving on the suspended license, and in violation of her probation, driving 70 mph without the car lights on in a 35 mph zone.

As part of her probation, Hilton was to begin a 12-hour program of alcohol education, which was to begin by February 2007. She failed to comply with this stipulation of her probation as well.

It’s no wonder the judge gave her 45 days; he knew that with time reduced for good behavior, the actual time served would be a few weeks at most. It was a very fair sentence.


2682 days ago


A crowd of half a dozen? And this is a groundswell? LOL!


2682 days ago


The city attorney's wife got off a bit too easily. But Paris still deserved the jail sentence. Period! For Pete's sake, did you read the court documents??


2682 days ago


To comment number 26: One can only hope. But I know my man.. He has never taken out the trash and I don't expect he will start now... LOL.

2682 days ago


How pathetic! Sad, sad woman. The other folks need help too.

2682 days ago



You are the reason most people want year round school, so kids like you don't spend all day on the internet.

2682 days ago
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