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Scaffolding Goes Up Around Angelyne

6/20/2007 1:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

AngelyneAngelyne, the overinflated, self-indulgent, perennially pink L.A. icon, who has bombarded the city for years with billboards featuring her own wannabe-glam image (one read "Barbie wishes she were me") is now working ... out of a storage shed.

The curvaceous platinum blonde, age unknown, a local legend known for tooling around town in pink form-fitting pants in her pink Corvette, was forced out of her Hollywood Blvd. office after nearly 20 years, because a high-rent hotel is under construction.

The pink wannabe diva was paid a small amount of relocation green by the city, but she wants more cash. She told the L.A. Times the developer refused ... saying, "Honey, take me to court." Another case of subpoena envy!


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Ok, her first Billboard went up in 1984. Before that some scmuck paid for posters of her starting in 1978. She was at LEAST mid to late 40's then.
If you have seen this LaToya Jackson looking old woman in person anytime in the last 20 years, you know she is at least in her late 60's. And that is being nice. She has neck cords that hang like saggy tendons and age spots all over her veiny breasts. She looks good for 70, but come on she is so old it's amazing she can see to drive.
IMDB says she is younger, she has said she is 38 for the past 20 years so keep on sagging in there Ancientlyne!
She should be cast in a freak show because one look at that face in person scares you to death!

2680 days ago

Ida Clair    

Surely the IMDB date of 1958 is a typo. I bet they meant 1858 or perhaps 1598.

She was a scary looking old hag easily in her 60s when I saw her around 1986. She has a cameo in "Earth Girls are Easy", complete with pink Corvette, if you want to see for yourself. As I recall, it's a rather kind shot, but she still looks ooooold and frightening.

2680 days ago


HaHa, I just saw this women in the Ventura Mall. She's ALWAYS up here in the VC! She looks like crap in person. Very OLD looking!

2680 days ago


well...she certainly isn't looking out for anyone other than herself....look at this picture i took on sat...

2680 days ago

Ida Clair    

to #26 - Hiland,

It figures doesn't it? Self important, delsional and bad parker. Probably because she's senile, has shunk and can't see over the dash any more.

2680 days ago

Ida Clair    

Oops, make that delusional - not delsional

2680 days ago

Ida Clair    

#29 - asteadyrain

They why waste time commenting on the story?

2680 days ago


Her and Gummi Bear should go out on a date, and everyone can say who the heck are they? Only in Hollyweird lol

2680 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Here's a perfect example of a no-talent hollywood hanger-on, who's addicted to media attention. Just like paris, she's famous for being famous. What the hell does this loser do for a living? She doesn't sing, dance, act or play an instrument. What's left, sex-for-money on Hollywood blvd for a living?

2680 days ago


All of you guys who saw her years ago, and said she looked old then, I do beleive you, and she probably IS lying about her age when she says she was born in 1958... but... if all that is true, when was the above pic taken of her then? She doesn't look TOO bad in the above pic. She COULD be about 50-ish in that pic...

Sorry, I live in Boston, and no one over here has ever heard of this hag, so I really don't have anything to compare her to...

And why does she think she is so great? I thought old blond sluts were on every street corner out there.

2680 days ago


Shame on you people who tag elders as "old hags." I am not a fan of hers, but, it makes me smile to see her billboards. I would rather look at this Pink Betty Boop than the hard-living young junkies sporting nasty tatoos and a pierced navel.

2680 days ago

Kitty Kat    

I had to stop and read the comments on this story because I saw Angelyne back in the 70's. During that decade, she drove a pink cadillac. I grew up in Gollywood - even graduated from Hollywood High School. I used to see her all over that town - up in Laurel Canyon, cruising down Hollywood Blvd., and of course, Sunset. Trust me, she WAS old 30+ years ago and all the descriptions here (saggy arms, wrinkles, inflated, etc.) is all true. The photo in this story is the same photo she used for her publicity shots 30 years ago, and even then, she didn't look like the photo. She used to have that billboard all over town - the most memorable at Sunset and La Cienega. What a hoot. This was a great trip down memory lane!

2679 days ago


what a whore.

2676 days ago


Leave her alone! What's with all the hateful comments? Is she hurting anyone? At least she's doing what she wants to do in life, unlike all you haters out there. Easy for everyone else to say nasty things, but many of you work at jobs you can't stand, live with people you hate, and act/look ugly. Plus you know if you could afford plastic surgery, you would do it in a heartbeat!

1531 days ago
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