Scaffolding Goes Up Around Angelyne

6/20/2007 1:06 PM PDT
Angelyne, the overinflated, self-indulgent, perennially pink L.A. icon, who has bombarded the city for years with billboards featuring her own wannabe-glam image (one read "Barbie wishes she were me") is now working ... out of a storage shed.

The curvaceous platinum blonde, age unknown, a local legend known for tooling around town in pink form-fitting pants in her pink Corvette, was forced out of her Hollywood Blvd. office after nearly 20 years, because a high-rent hotel is under construction.

The pink wannabe diva was paid a small amount of relocation green by the city, but she wants more cash. She told the L.A. Times the developer refused ... saying, "Honey, take me to court." Another case of subpoena envy!