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Should TMZ Be Held In Contempt?

6/20/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OJ SimpsonThe legal trustee who is in control of the OJ Simpson manuscript "If I Did It" is upset at TMZ for publishing a link to the manuscript and running a story with several excerpts. The trustee is asking a judge to hold TMZ in contempt of court.

Last week, a judge gave the trustee authority to sell the manuscript and give the proceeds to the Goldman family. Fred Goldman, who was initially outraged that Simpson would try and peddle a book about how he might have committed the killings, had a change of heart and wanted the script sold and the proceeds directed his way.

In the court papers filed today, the lawyer for the trustee wrote, "...during the time that the Manuscript was published on the TMZ Website, literally tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people, downloaded the Manuscript, and now hold [the] property on their hard drives, property that is now freely transferable around the globe at the click of a mouse."

The legal papers claim "TMZ blatantly and intentionally violated the automatic stay." Last week, the judge had ordered the parties involved in the case or their agents not to disseminate the manuscript.

The trustee's lawyer is asking the judge to order TMZ to reveal how it obtained the manuscript. The lawyer also wants the judge to require TMZ "to show cause why it should not be held in contempt of this Court...."


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jProud American Author    

I don't think that TMZ should be held in contempt. Their job is to deliver the news. I want Mr. Goldmen to get what is coming to him -after all that slimebag Simpson did to his family and others. Yet, I saw the manuscript and could care less to down load it. I think that people are sick of OJ and his crap and the only reason they would buy the book is to help out the Goldmens and then burn the book without reading it. OJ has had enough murderous celebrity and to think that he even wrote this book and is out on the lose is creepy. I feel sorry for OJs kids.

2679 days ago


It seems to me that TMZ cannot be held in contempt because the court order was not directed to TMZ, unless TMZ was acting as the agent for one of the parties involved in the lawsuit.

2679 days ago


TMZ, what you did was robbery. I used to come here for the latest news, now I am just disgusted with your tactics. Why do you protect OJ? We all know he DID it.

2679 days ago

NOT a fan of TMZ    


TMZ gives this prick, and Paris and all the other CelebuTramps TOOO much attention anyway!

I hope they sue your AAAASSSSSSSS off... and WIN!!

2679 days ago


So long as The Goldman's donate EVERY LAST CENT to Battered Women's and Victims of Crime, then they can touch the money, but make them sign the check over in front of TV cameras to prove it isn't going into their pocket. Can you imagine buying things to enjoy your life that you are living while your son and Nicole sleep forever?

2679 days ago


Goldman and his Daughter have to much hate inside them which will only eat them alive.

2679 days ago


That lawyer just wants his cut. And if they released it, then why buy it? Now that lawyer wants his money and is mad because he wont make as much. Welcome to America!

2679 days ago


TMZ plays fast and loose. This time maybe you at TMZ will be caught with YOUR pants down around your ankles. And people, lay off the Goldman family. How in the world can you judge them? They lost a son and there was no justice. None! Can you imagine the pain and anger they must feel? If pulling a coin or two out of their son's murderer's pocket gives them one iota of release, I say good for them and go for it!

2679 days ago

Dr. Sophy    

TMZ is no better than O.J.

Harvey "Simpson" is just as big a scumbag as O.J.

Burn in hell Harvey and TMZ...with your buddies O.J. and Paris.

2679 days ago

Mary T.    

Absolutely......Maybe you will stop posting every bit of garbage you find or pay for out of the Gutter.'s time YOU pay up!!!!! You did an injustice to the Goldman's.........................

2679 days ago


Absolutely. TMZ should never have put the manuscript online.

2679 days ago

gee whiz    

#22.....You have a REAL problem....what a racist a**hole....I feel very sorry for your parents...raising such a racist Adolf!

OJ...slit your own throat!

2679 days ago

gee whiz    

#22.....You have a REAL problem....what a racist a**hole....I feel very sorry for your parents...raising such a racist Adolf!

OJ...slit your own throat!

2679 days ago


I would understand that the family would not want this published. but the fact that Fred Goldman now wants to have it sold and him get the proceeds, he is profiting off the death of his son, and that is disgusting. If the script was upsetting to him he should have it destroyed and not selling it what is the difference betweem himself or OJ selling it either way it is disgusting.
Fred Goldman should be ashamed of himself.

2679 days ago


Yes, TMZ should be held in comtempt, just for the sake of money and pubicity, shame, OJ is the lowest piece of so called humanity walking.

2679 days ago
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