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Should TMZ Be Held In Contempt?

6/20/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OJ SimpsonThe legal trustee who is in control of the OJ Simpson manuscript "If I Did It" is upset at TMZ for publishing a link to the manuscript and running a story with several excerpts. The trustee is asking a judge to hold TMZ in contempt of court.

Last week, a judge gave the trustee authority to sell the manuscript and give the proceeds to the Goldman family. Fred Goldman, who was initially outraged that Simpson would try and peddle a book about how he might have committed the killings, had a change of heart and wanted the script sold and the proceeds directed his way.

In the court papers filed today, the lawyer for the trustee wrote, "...during the time that the Manuscript was published on the TMZ Website, literally tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people, downloaded the Manuscript, and now hold [the] property on their hard drives, property that is now freely transferable around the globe at the click of a mouse."

The legal papers claim "TMZ blatantly and intentionally violated the automatic stay." Last week, the judge had ordered the parties involved in the case or their agents not to disseminate the manuscript.

The trustee's lawyer is asking the judge to order TMZ to reveal how it obtained the manuscript. The lawyer also wants the judge to require TMZ "to show cause why it should not be held in contempt of this Court...."


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TMZ was just disseminating celebrity news. Screw Goldman. He never wanted anything to do with Ron until Ron was dead and there was money to be made.

2684 days ago


I whole heartedly agree that the book is a shameful reminder of what went down that night. The Goldmans are only after the money. It shows that they show no shame in profiting from the deaths of two people, one of which was their own blood. Greed of Hollywood at its finest. They feel they are owed monies in lieu of their son....ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Maybe O.J wrote the damn book to pay these greedy mongrels so he can move on with his life. I mean the suit he wore to court, the book and what else....The bled the man dry and expecting him to give more. The Goldmans should have killed right along with their son. Too bad so sad I guess. Good job TMZ, Now the family is assed out on their money. What will they try next? I agree with another poster who said it perfect all they want is MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY.

2684 days ago

Mary T.    

TMZ is EVIL.....................Anything for a story..So Harvey's fugly face can be on all the news shows.........................

2684 days ago


Sorry but if you think collecting coins to put in your pocket when your son has been murdered in such a horrific manner is going to make it a little better with forgetting...that is just completely wrong. I am not beating up on him - but I do know him through someone who really knows him so I guess that puts me in the position to write what I do. Sorry. It's been a long time and is never forgotten but by continually trying to find a way to recoup in a financial way - is never going to make it get better for them and keeps that idiot OJ in the limelight.

2684 days ago

The Warden    

Yes, TMZ should be held for contempt and put out of business. Not just for this issue but for being in bed with Paris Hilton and secretly acting as a media arm of her PR machine. Come clean with the deal you have with her and how much you are paying her for exclusive access.

2684 days ago

NOT a fan of TMZ    

I don't think the Goldman's have too much hate for him!! Are you KIDDING ME!! (JANET) I DISPISE this human being, and hope that he dies of a slow, painful, agonzing death!! And he didn't kill my family member.

What the GOLDMAN'S NEED TO DO... is research the lodge in NV. (I think is where it is) O.J.'s attorney's MOM is the first person listed on the property deed... O.J.'s name is buried down near the bottom. Westlaw wouldn't find it - LexisNexis would!! Get your money that way too...

And HOPEFULLY this is the end of TMZ... I'd rather get RIGHT information, than FAST information...

2684 days ago


I don't know if TMZ was wrong or right to publish the material (I tend to think that since the court order wasn't directed toward TMZ, they didn't violate the ruling, however their might be a "copyright" issue). In any event, aside from OJ's stupidity (and greed) for writing this story, I'm also amazed at the Goldman family's money grab. I agree with another poster who said that if any money goes to the Goldman family, they should donate it to a cause that helps victims of domestic and violent crimes. Right now, the Goldmans are coming across as greedy. Despite that, OJ should be in jail and never should have been given an opportunity to publish the book in the first place. I hope TMZ comes out of this okay - it's a great site.

2684 days ago


Conveniently enough, there is no poll attached to this story. I think TMZ should take down the excerpt (if not already done so), apologize to the Goldman family for ruining their, most likely, one chance to collect on some of the money this murderer owes them, and they should ignore all future stories that have to do with this piece of crap. I don't care what he says anymore. I don't care about his ramblings that try to convince people that he's innocent and still newsworthy. If I see his picture on this site, I skip the story. The only reason I heard about it was because Ron Goldman was on CNN's 360 last night. TMZ, really, step it up a bit please. Between every breath Paris takes in jail and OJ mouthing off, your site is going to crap.

2684 days ago


NO, TMZ should not be held in contempt. By publishing excerpts from the manuscript, those who thought OJ might NOT have been guilty might change their minds. Those who did feel he was guilty will have confirmation. And no money will have passed by having to buy the book should it ever come out, therefore no money to fight over.

2684 days ago


The Goldman's need to get on with their life. All the money in the world will not bring Ron back.
And i have to agree that they are only about the money. The Goldman's think that money will bring them happiness and that it will take away the pain of losing Ron. I don't think it will.

As far as O.J. goes, he needs to be put out to pasture and just left there. he is a horrible man. And now is only trying to make money .

2684 days ago


tmz u should be ashamed of yourselves! u violated a court order and leaked out the contents of the amanuscript, if u feel paris shoudl be held accountable for her actions THEN SO SHOULD U,


2684 days ago

Jeff Kay    

Since TMZ was not under any directive issued by the judge, and is a legitamate news gathering organization, TMZ was under NO legal obligation to refrain from desseminating said manuscript. TMZ should claim first amend. privliges. TMZ should also leave the link to the manuscript up and running to show the judge that you don't believe you have /or are doing anything wrong....If the judge is stupid enough to actually indict you.....rally the mainstream media to your defense....Have this debated in the courtroom of PUBLIC WORKED for O.J. Simpson....turnaround would be fair play. And bring back Jim Crow.

2684 days ago


All of you idiots that get on here and wish TMZ the worst are just helping them. Why do you even look at the website and post comments if you hate them so badly?
I think that once the judge allowed the manuscript to be made public everyone is going to see it. They should have saw that coming!
TMZ, keep doin' what your doin'

2684 days ago


TMZ deserves it. They never should have put that junk online.

2684 days ago


Ohhh I think someone should be serving time for this. Hee hee . .. Move over Paris, your buddy's coming to sit with you. I will be giggling all day over this.

2684 days ago
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