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Should TMZ Be Held In Contempt?

6/20/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OJ SimpsonThe legal trustee who is in control of the OJ Simpson manuscript "If I Did It" is upset at TMZ for publishing a link to the manuscript and running a story with several excerpts. The trustee is asking a judge to hold TMZ in contempt of court.

Last week, a judge gave the trustee authority to sell the manuscript and give the proceeds to the Goldman family. Fred Goldman, who was initially outraged that Simpson would try and peddle a book about how he might have committed the killings, had a change of heart and wanted the script sold and the proceeds directed his way.

In the court papers filed today, the lawyer for the trustee wrote, "...during the time that the Manuscript was published on the TMZ Website, literally tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people, downloaded the Manuscript, and now hold [the] property on their hard drives, property that is now freely transferable around the globe at the click of a mouse."

The legal papers claim "TMZ blatantly and intentionally violated the automatic stay." Last week, the judge had ordered the parties involved in the case or their agents not to disseminate the manuscript.

The trustee's lawyer is asking the judge to order TMZ to reveal how it obtained the manuscript. The lawyer also wants the judge to require TMZ "to show cause why it should not be held in contempt of this Court...."


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I am not a fan of Oj Simpsons but I am even less of a fan of Fred Goldmans. Goldman has made a career of trying to get money out of OJ, instead of moving on after he filed his civil suit and won, he quit his job and took on a radio show which lasted a week or two, since then it has been one lawsuit after another, this coming from a man who hadn't talked to his son Ron for 5 years. The money won't bring him back. I have to wonder why OJ would write a book like this and then sell it knowing that Fred Goldman would be right there to take the money, it doesn't make sense.

TMZ can always claim journalistic integrity and not reveal their source but it sounds to me like the book was already out there or parts of it, if TMZ posted a link was it to someone else who had the book pages or did TMZ have the pages themselves? It would be easy for them to find out who it was, if not then the Journalistic integrity will have to do. Fred didn't care if the book was published especially if there was money involved, he thought it was so terrible that OJ would write a book like this for money, he sure jumped on it when he thought he would get something out of it though. A page here and there isn't going to stop people from buying it if they want it, I don't think it wi;; sell anyway. I read an excerpt on TMZ and it didn't seem to tell a whole long story and give the ending or anything else, Fred should just take what he can get out of it and move the hell on, get a job while he's at it. He makes himself look worse and worse with each lawsuit. If I were OJ Simpson I would never try to make one dime over what he already gets a month, don't give Goldman the satisfaction of going to court or on his favorite venue, a talk show to bitch about it. OJ should just stop trying to get attention, no one cares what he does. TMZ was just doing its job, they must have got them somewhere so they aren't that well guarded and I've read a lot of things in the tabloids about this book including what is in it, just not word for word, but once Goldman gets involved its lawsuit time. How crass.

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Keep your feet on the ground    



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Goldman now is going to sue TMZ because they will have deprived him of $$$.

2683 days ago


I think if the book is published the money should be used for domestic violence shelters. That anyone would want to give O.J. his say is beyond words. We all know he is guilty. They should put him on the next space shuttle and jettison him into outter space. Do we really need to hear about the loser anymore? Why give him any attention at all good or bad. He doesn'd deserve anything. He took life away from 2 people and has no remorse. Please, everyone, let us not even acknowledge that he even exists.

2683 days ago


So much for our justice system. OJ got away with murder, TMZ is a disgrace and should be held in contempt.

2683 days ago


You know, I did think it was odd that TMZ would leak portions of the book considering how overtly they (or Levin, perhaps?) seems to hate OJ. Someone there had to have known about the deal with Goldman and should have known that publishing it online would dramatically reduce any monetary gains from its sale. I mean, I'm no fan of Goldie or his family, but I thought TMZ was. Very confusing, indeed.

2683 days ago


Don't know if OJ is guilty of murder or not. I agree with the comment that says he probably knows who did it and is not at liberty to tell because of the closeness. But I'm observing what appears to be a lot of racist remarks and it seems quite interesting that many people feel the way they do and yet so many of them want to identify with black in some way rather if it's the music that blacks introduced to the world, or spending time and dollars on achieving the perfect tan. If your racist attitude is brought on by jealousy and envy, why can't you just embrace the black people. Black folks have always wanted to be accepted and at least liked by their white brothers despite the horrible ways they have been treated in the past and present. We all have something to share if we get rid of the hatred and realize we come from the same creator.
I probably never read any reply to this comment but, I hope it will have an impact on someone's life and they will come to terms with themselves and help to reach others.
The OJ drama has become a centerpiece that has help to show the divide between the whites and the blacks. Water fountain debates were heated during and after the trial. Majority of whites were ready to lynch him and majority blacks wanted to see justice prevail while hoping he was indeed innocent. Would it have been the same attention if the victims were black? Please examine your thoughts on this and at least be honest with yourself.

2683 days ago

PARIS Hilton    

hahahahahahaahaha. I hope you get everything that coming to you Your a disgrace to the world and I hope you go down in flames. Paybacks a bitch and please shut down this website JUDGE!!!!

2683 days ago


What you fint ta do, TMZ?

2683 days ago


HA HA, I hope TMZ is held in contempt & sued for a percentage of the site's revenue for each day they continue to advertise the murder's words.

It's one thing to scoop a document in the public's another thing to steal it & then break a known court order and a copyright.....No wonder Harvey & crew are so smitten with Paris, they've got the same kind of arrogant Paris mentality.

Go Goldman's & Brown's. Take 'em to court for mental anguish too!

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Yes, you should be held in contempt. I hope they get you. You knew full well what you were doing, TMZ. Maybe a little lawsuit will give you pause the nest time, Mr. Levin.

2683 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

If TMZ promoted the downloading of the manuscript in direct violation of the law, then TMZ should be held accountable. I would think, Harvey Levin, that as a former lawyer, you would have done your homework on this one, before you decided to promote the disbursal of this disgusting filth.

What's wrong, Harvey, couldn't promote that book written by the Auschwitz guard (where he detailed about how he liked killing all thos prisoners) & make money on it at the same time? That's about the same thing; a book written by a mass murderer, which I'm sure you would be happy to promote for money...

2683 days ago


I love the people who are extremely pissed at TMZ for publishing the info, but lets not forget that TMZ's success is based on all the people who have already read the posting and then commented! So why should the people/person who leaked the manuscript not be held in contempt rather than TMZ...

PS- If you don't agree with all the things that TMZ publishes, then quit visiting the site. They're doing their job. I agree with #38

2683 days ago
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