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Should TMZ Be Held In Contempt?

6/20/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OJ SimpsonThe legal trustee who is in control of the OJ Simpson manuscript "If I Did It" is upset at TMZ for publishing a link to the manuscript and running a story with several excerpts. The trustee is asking a judge to hold TMZ in contempt of court.

Last week, a judge gave the trustee authority to sell the manuscript and give the proceeds to the Goldman family. Fred Goldman, who was initially outraged that Simpson would try and peddle a book about how he might have committed the killings, had a change of heart and wanted the script sold and the proceeds directed his way.

In the court papers filed today, the lawyer for the trustee wrote, "...during the time that the Manuscript was published on the TMZ Website, literally tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people, downloaded the Manuscript, and now hold [the] property on their hard drives, property that is now freely transferable around the globe at the click of a mouse."

The legal papers claim "TMZ blatantly and intentionally violated the automatic stay." Last week, the judge had ordered the parties involved in the case or their agents not to disseminate the manuscript.

The trustee's lawyer is asking the judge to order TMZ to reveal how it obtained the manuscript. The lawyer also wants the judge to require TMZ "to show cause why it should not be held in contempt of this Court...."


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Fred Goldman it's time to move on.You're going to make yourself crazier persuing[milking]what ever you can out of this case.Have some class you don't see the Tillmans whos NFL star son was killed by U.S.Govt. incompetance weeping all over every cock-a-mamie site that will have them.

2650 days ago

MN 2 CA    

I have to say TMZ that I am sick of seeing this creep on your web site. You are giving this man exposure that is completely unneeded and quite honestly this seems a bit desparate on TMZ's part to get exposure. Don't take me wrong, I view your web site a couple times a day, but I think your editor has stooped to an all time low. If you have broken the law, then yes, you should be held responsable.

2650 days ago


Dont blame TMZ there doing what they do. whats outragous is that the Goldman family wants the book punish Money hungry people Ive said it along .

2650 days ago


continue to do what u do TMZ. I only log in to see juicy gossip like thhis..if you guys start to censure too much, the site will lose MASSIVE hits, that's for certain...people like to read this stuff. And for the record...i'm glad he got away with the world can learn that interracial relationships DONT PAY. Let white, gold digging bitches stay with loser, white men...and quit mooching off of rich, hispanic and black atheletes/celbrities....And for you colored people, STICK TO YOUR OWN KIND or you'll go BROKE!! YAY O.J. KILL SOME MORE WHITE BITCHES!

2650 days ago


"The lawyer also wants the judge to require TMZ "to show cause why it should not be held in contempt of this Court...." "

...since when is it the burden of the accused to provide proof that they shouldn't be prosecuted?
Guilty until proven innocent?

It was scummy for TMZ to post the manuscript and lessen the profits that should rightfully be given to the Goldman family (and Nicole's kids IMO), but unless someone at AOL broke into a judge's chambers and stole it, this lawsuit is stupid.

TMZ should offer to make a donation in the Goldman's name to Nicole Brown Simpson's charity ( as an apology and they'll probably drop the suit instead of dragging this out..they know it's baseless just as well as we do.

2650 days ago


I don't know if it was right to publish the excerpt, and yea, it was dumb on TMZ's part for the fact that they can be sued, or in contempt or whatever.

I also understand that the Goldman's want a sense of justice and peace for their son's death, esecially considering the fact that the murder made a joke of the system, walks free, and gloats about it. However, I don't understand why they want the manuscript published at all, even to get the money. If God forbid anything that horrible ever happened to my child, no amount of $ in the world could ever make me publicize the gory details of their death.

2650 days ago


I have to admit that TMZ should be held in contempt. You pushed the envelope too far this time, guys.

Besides the fact that you sensationalized O.J. If we can't give him the needle, then the press should ignore his antics and not give him the publicity he craves. That's why he wrote the damned book! He wants $$ and notoriety.

Don't give it to him!!!!!

2650 days ago

Susan B    


OJ is a MURDERER!!!!!

OJ is a MURDERER!!!!!

OJ is a MURDERER!!!!!

OJ is a MURDERER!!!!!

OJ is a MURDERER!!!!!

OJ is a MURDERER!!!!!

OJ is a MURDERER!!!!!

OJ is a MURDERER!!!!!

2650 days ago


I think they should be thanking TMZ. I imagine that more people will now actually buy the book after having read a small portion. You can't buy publicity like that.

2650 days ago


Good for TMZ. They just shed more light into how much of a creep OJ is. I sure as hell wouldn't buy anything he wrote.

2650 days ago


I don't think the Goldman's are wrong in wanting the money from the book. Why should that murdering bastard O.J. get it.

2650 days ago


Well where is the link? Fair use says you can publish a select few paragraphs, but lets see the whole thing!

2650 days ago

Bernice Mills    

Yes, you are in contempt. What recourse do you have to resolve your error in judgement or legal problem?

2650 days ago

Kris Peterson    

I can't believe that I read and understood the whole thing. I thought that I was brain dead. THERE'S STILL HOPE. OK, guys. I missed the whole thing otherwise I would have downloaded the manuscript as well. I hope that you don't get sued. This is a great site. I really enjoy it here. But, I could have waited for the book. Just turn it over, pay the court costs, and that's it. Try to figure out some way where it was all an misunderstanding. After all, you are young and it's just computers. It's not like you are pressing books or anything. And, after all, there were only 400 posts. I am sure that if you ask nice, all of your 400 posters or whoever downloaded will promise not to sell it. I'll stand by you. You have to remember again that you are BLESSED. Just pray.

2650 days ago


I wish Fred Goldman would just GO AWAY!! His looks creep me out & he's the biggest gold digger around. He doesn't care about his dead son or even O.J.--- he just wants money, money, money (and TV exposure).

2650 days ago
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