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Start Thinking About Tomorrow: Hillary in '08

6/20/2007 7:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comHillary Clinton's campaign put together a video to reveal the final choice for her campaign theme song -- and it's a "Sopranos" spoof.

Senator Clinton even convinced the former leader of the free world to appear in her vid. Those carrot sticks?!? Get that man an Oscar!

And wait ... is that Johnny Sack? He lives ... and he's a Democrat!

Take a look.


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My, how refreshing to wake up and see what an open -minded country we have here.Go ahead, rip any candidate apart that doesn't think like you, and let 's go kill up some of our boys in this God forsaken war that was Mr. Bush stuck our ass in. These are not "our" wars's viet nam again....just need a few more years and alot more bodies...oh, but we don't get to see the flag covered boxes this time. My son's were fortunate to be born and educated "between" those pathetic "wars" and privedged enought to go to college ..others got throught whatever chosen mitilary acacademy they could get into.... Some actually turned out to be astronauts ( no they are not ALL perfect) , pilots, MD's, fathers and civil servants. Some are even in DC trying to knock some sense into politician's heads before we totally lose again....this time our world will blame us and never respect us. I well never blame our soldiers for going...they wanted to....which in NOT what we wanted 40 years ago. Our country is falling apart in so many ways...wake up people, lets start taking care of our 50 million Americans without health insurance....yep, very educacted, hard working people, our hungry Americans, our under educated childred so they don't repeat history. I don't know who or if there's a "perfect person" for this job but lets listen to them. God help us everyone before it's too late.

2644 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Yeah Right... I don't see the point of your post. Are you saying that I am not Korean? Well I am of Korean descent but proud to be a naturalized US citizen as of 2006. I find people like Jolene offensive because I don't feel she stands for freedom of speech and has attacked Hillary because she is a woman. I came to this country because of opportunity especially for professional women like myself. Hillary is not my favorite candidate but it bothers me that the discussion around her revolves around her personality instead of how she stand on the issues. I agree that I was rude to Jolene but I get worried when I think about what right wing people could do to this country.... I was responding more to other posts of her's on this board not just the Hilary posts.

As for as evoloution... that is a litmus test for me... if someone does not believe in this... then they are ignorant ...It is a return to the dark ages....Yeah Right again you only believe in "freedom of speech" if it agrees with your agenda....Happy to live in a county that supports freedom of speech so if you disagree with me go at it... I can take it...

2644 days ago



Say bye bye bye to Hillary and Lou Perlman

2644 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Junky... thanks for the most boring post of all time...

2644 days ago


Hillary as President? Then you must like more government telling you what to do(because you are too stupid to know what is best for you and your family), higher taxes (because you would just waste your money anyway & the bigger governement will need more money to run your life), less freedom ( because the government can't tell you how to live your life and raise your family if you have freedom), and The USA gone as we all have known it and all of the soldiers who have died for it's freedoms. I am talking World War 2, World War 1, Civil War, Revolutionary War, and even all the other ones some are against. Read your history of your country and see what freedom was all about.

2644 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

CJ---your comment is annoying... why not just support attention to her postion on the issues instead of her gender... sad that you are alive

2644 days ago

Yeah Right    

Sarah, the only thing I agree with is the last two lines of your post. The reason America is in the current shape and state it is in, is because of NEGATIVE people like yourself. What is ranting, raving and b*tching going to do about anything? Look where it got Cindy Sheehan. The little people, also know as everyday citizens don't have a say in anything. Just get over it already. My little brother is currently in Iraq, I worry about him everyday. Does he want to be there? HELL NO! But he says to me everytime I speak to him, that "people back home need to shut-up already. We're there in the middle of a war, some call it a civil war, and we have no say in the matter. We're here doing a job we were told/ordered to do. We have no choice but to do it. But the Press needs to stop reporting on all the bad and negative things that go on over here." You should see the photos he's sent me of him and all these little kids and villagers. They are so happy that he is there. So Sarah, like your mother hopefully taught and told you, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all." Like I said in my first post, I served in the marines for 8 years, just got out about 6 months ago. I support the guys 100%, everyday, with all my heart. Until you have been in service and even been to war (I have, both Afghanistan and Iraq), please refrain from posting ridiculous rants. Your angst and frustration is with the President and he alone. And above all else, stop with the negativity. You don't think that crap gets back to the troops? You are sadly mistaken. Stressing the word "sadly"...

Semper Fi and God Bless them Boys.

"Devil Dog For Life"

2644 days ago

Is it Just me?    

Love Hillary, not wild about the song...hope the negative publicity attached to celine Dion dosn't come back and bite her...

2644 days ago

Is it Just me?    

Noooo Hillary, think again...not a good campaign song...*shudders*

2644 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Yeah Right,

Yes you have the right to support the war. Well I don't and I have that right also. I don't get your logic ... if you begin a mission that you thought was noble and then got more facts that supported ending the mission would you keep on with it? Being Patriot is not supporting leadership no matter what... you need to read your history because that is the mind set in communist China and was the mindset in Nazi Germany. True leaders adjust the couse.

I hope your son is safe and well

2644 days ago


perez hilton arrested!
he was arrested and taken to jail when found with copious ammounts of drugs on him.

2644 days ago


Boy Howdy, I hope you are reported!!!!!

2644 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Good work Boy Howdy! People like Jolene only believe in free speech if it agrees with their narrow minded agenda.... they can listen to Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh all day thinking that they are there buddies...when they won't give them the time of day in real life...I am not sure Hillary is the answer but George Bush has been an awful president... sad....

2644 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Jill Boy Howdy can say whatever s/he wants.... were you some sort of Hall Monitor at your school? what is wrong with you?

2644 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Jill would you report Boy Howdy to the Gestaop? Jill you are SICK

2644 days ago
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