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Start Thinking About Tomorrow: Hillary in '08

6/20/2007 7:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comHillary Clinton's campaign put together a video to reveal the final choice for her campaign theme song -- and it's a "Sopranos" spoof.

Senator Clinton even convinced the former leader of the free world to appear in her vid. Those carrot sticks?!? Get that man an Oscar!

And wait ... is that Johnny Sack? He lives ... and he's a Democrat!

Take a look.


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Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Yeah RIght... your racist comments do not shadow my heart... I pray for you. I appreciate all the good work of American Soldiers. The American soldiers stationed in my village were very kind.

I thought you showed snobbery in your University of MIchigan comment not by the mention of your communities...I have no idea of the income level of towns in Michigan. I guess you are proud of your accomplishments. that is a good thing.

I never called you a homosexual but if you are one that is fine, I have no problem with that. As I said in my earlier post the postman in my village was a homosexual and I am proud to say he was my friend. I found your hole and pole analogy very distasteful and surprising from an educated man...

You seem very angry and I don't understand why... you have a good job, you live in what you seem to think is a prestigious area of Michigan and you have a wife and son. Why do you sound so mad.

I think I will change my screen name because it seems to provoke hatefulness from people such as you and the odd sad woman who calls herself Jolene.

2626 days ago

Awww, Not This Crap Again!    

While it may be true that America could stand to have a woman president, Hillary is NOT the answer. In fact, IF she were to win, it will set the thought of ANOTHER female presidential hopeful back a couple of hundred years--no one will want to go through THAT again (if we, as a country, survive her administration, that is).

Due to her age, this is Hillary's last chance at POWER--that is, what she is after. She could care less about America. I feel strongly that she only put up with Bill, because he "promised" her the presidency, if she stood by him. NO WOMAN in her right mind would allow that philandering pig of husband to disgrace her that publicly, and still hold hands with him walking out of Church...PUHLEEEESE!!! Everything she does is for the polls/approval ratings. Publicly she does what society "expects," privately, a WHOLE different ball game.

/has a good friend who was Hillary's college roommate at Wellesley College in Massachusetts--she is a lesbian. Chelsea was conceived in a Petri dish!

//I think Fred Thompson will get my vote--if he becomes a final candidate. No one else has impressed me thus far.

2626 days ago

Diana Gianna    

Go Hillary people still love Bill too. face it together they are still rocking. we need a women to clean up Bushs messes.
and give more power to women
men have freaked things up LONG ENOUGH....Go Hill

2626 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Yeah RIght... said that I have to explain this to a graduate of the University of MIchigan Ann Arbor... the point of my story was that the man that murdered the post man refused to change course in light of new facts... like GW...I was not calling you a homosexual... you might have some isues

2626 days ago

Diana Gianna    

and why..olbama he is still wet behind the ears.
not enough pro time in the feild .

hype by LA Hollywoods weird o's who can't run their lives
but wanna tell ya who to vote for...
.yeah olbama and his rehab buddies.
hahaha clean up LA air it STINKS out there.

2626 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Gas prices rice
Young men and women are dying
Bush and his friends get richer and richer
and you call the Clintons corrupt?

Anyone that is worth less that 5 million and calls him or herself a Repulican is an idiot!

2626 days ago

Awww, Not This Crap Again!    

For those of you who don't bother with the facts, and some history, I'll throw a simple one out there...Since 1980, this country has been lead by either a Bush or Clinton (President or Vice-President). Do we REALLY want (potentially) ANOTHER 8 YEARS of a Clinton running this country? If so, that would be nearly 40 YEARS of leadership by TWO families--and we thought the Monarchy was an obnoxious ruling power!

I once liked GW Bush, but not so much now. However, he IS our President, and this is the country I CHOOSE to live in--like it or leave it...the choice is yours!

2626 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

THanks Freespeak!

2626 days ago


Not this crap again, my thoughts exactly. you said it better than me

2626 days ago


To Korean- It must be nice to be here in America and recieve your education FREE since at the time you were not a citizen...Everyone here in AMERICA has a right to say what is on their mind GOOD OR BAD. If you don't like it, We don't care. I have served my country for over 5 years and I believe what I did was to protect our freedoms. I don't see you volunteering your time to be in the U.S. Armed Forces. Now again just chill out have a bowl of fried noodles or rice and an egg roll and relax.

2626 days ago


I can not stand this woman! I pray that she does not get elected. We are in big trouble if she does get elected!

2626 days ago

carol ard    

Everybody e-mail the bitch and all other senators and ask them where's the fence? 800 miles already legsilated for has not been done and they want us to believe that they will let admentments in this horrendous insane amnesty bill they want to broker..All incumbents must go BOTH PARTIES!

2626 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Life as we know it will be gone if that power mad Hiliary wins. Our taxes will triple. Remember, she has always lived off of us taxpayers and her friends. She has no idea how honest people have to save and save our money. Remember all the scandals while she and horny Bill were in the White House? She even tried to steal stuff and trashed the White House when they left. She is a socialist and will bring our country down. They are trailer trash! ANYONE but Hiliary.

2626 days ago

Winky Vitalic    


Apparently you aren't really Free 4 ALL are you? Unless you are a Native American, WE WERE ALL IMMIGRANTS, YOU FOOL! Thank God Korean got an education - apparently you passed yours up. Do you feel like a real American by slamming your brothers and sisters? I feel sorry for I don't - you are a closed-minded, hateful filthmonger.

2626 days ago


mmm egg rolls. too early for lunch but good thinking.

All of this arguing and the name calling that immigrant and people like them just distract from the real issues.

There was a post earlier talking about the amnesty bill, the civil was in Iraq, illegal immigration. These things are important and no politician or any right /left extremist will talk about it.

Name calling just diverts attention from the fact they know nothing about OUR history.

2626 days ago
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