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Start Thinking About Tomorrow: Hillary in '08

6/20/2007 7:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comHillary Clinton's campaign put together a video to reveal the final choice for her campaign theme song -- and it's a "Sopranos" spoof.

Senator Clinton even convinced the former leader of the free world to appear in her vid. Those carrot sticks?!? Get that man an Oscar!

And wait ... is that Johnny Sack? He lives ... and he's a Democrat!

Take a look.


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pattie in cali    

wow what can i say, copycat, couldn't you come up with anything else? shillary we don't want you as a president, you and your husband has cheated us for the last time. you are waisting our time, WE HATE YOU, FLIP FLOPPER, i would take a guess, an say, HBO, are backing you, SHAME ON YOU HBO, look shillary, you need to go back under that rock, take your husband with you, you guys are granstanders, your money hounds, GO THE HELL AWAY.

2679 days ago

Riley Martin    

Horrible song, but I'd still vote for Hillary.

2679 days ago


Someone said "There were no terrorists before Bush".

That is the most ignorant statement I have ever heard in my life.

I don't like Hillary...she can't make up her own mind.

2679 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    


I did not recieve any free education. I attended private Catholic school in Korea and attended Brown University with a small merit scholarship. My father is a scientist in Korea so luckily funds are not problem for my family. Why would you assume I had a free education? please explain? I have paid for my graduate eduation with my own funds.

2679 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Free for All... is the freedom you have fought for only for a certain select few. I volunteer often in my community although I have not served in the armed forces as 'you have. When you say "We don't care?" who is the "we?" is it narrow minded people that put done the customs of others? I honestly feel sorry for you. Perhaps one day we can share a meal of your choice and discuss our views kindly and respectfully.

2679 days ago


Korean- Thats great. I am glad you went to a catholic school and I though as an immigrant you got everything for free. All I am saying is that we have a right to say what we want good or bad. Your previous posts were wanting and waving that we should not bash Hillary. That is your right. Also respect our right that there are many who can not stand her and I know Im not the only one here on this blog that can not stand her. Don't be an idiot like Howdyboy

2679 days ago


Korean- Also in the first blog you were calling another blogger a Moron and NEO CON..remember Jolene (It is number 1) so in a way you are a hippocrate. But sure maybe when you yourself can stop the namecalling and have a civil conversation we can eat some shrimp fired rice.

2679 days ago


If she wins the nomination, it will be a very entertaining election. If she wins, it will be a tragedy- but the process of getting her elected will be as nasty and sneaky as she is! That means it will be politics at its best! How DID she get so rich anyway? She never owned a company- she was just a blood sucking lawyer. I hope she gets the nomination- it'll piss everybody off!

2679 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Free for all....

You are incorrect. I did not say that someone should not bash Hillary. I was upset that someone called her a bitch instread of criticizing her postions on the issues. The woman I was upset with also make negative remarks about my Korean Heritage (as have you).

Although I am not one of themmmany people who enjoy the prosperity of the US are descendents or immigrants that did recieve free education. Is this a bad thing? Do you only respect those who come from a long line of wealth and privelage? Are you against all immigrants... I am a LEGAL immigrant and contribute to this country that I love.

I find it instresting that you say you "pray" but you have so much anger and hatred in your posts (calling boyhowdy and me insulting names)...what type of God is it you pray to? What other things do you "believe in?"

2679 days ago


Anything would be better than the loser liar that is in office now.

2679 days ago


First I have to say that no one thinks a skin and bone person is anything near but pitiful looking. Most people would wonder if the person is on drugs. A size 0 is nothing to brag about .
As for she trying to show she would run this country as the sapranos ?
Has she got friends from the dark side of the world?
Not something I would want to compare myself with .
The commercial sucks and I think she is demeanted .
I hope Rudy or Fred Thompson beats the crap out of her and Bloomburg.

2679 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Free4all I do agree with you that calling someone a NEO CON is an insult... it is a horrible thing to be. In earlier posts I apologized to Jolene for making fun of her weight and calling her names ... it was not nice of me... but Free4all I hardly think you are the person to judge others.... you are a sad person

2679 days ago


Oh- and "native" americans are immigrants also, there are no indigenous people to North America. So stop whining about the Indians. They walked up and over and some even have strong european DNA (now that we can test those things) which means their ancestors came from European areas. Go do some research. Maybe Hillary will read this and start taxing those casinos!

2679 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    


2679 days ago


Korean- I am not angry unlike you who like to tell someone to shoplift at walmart and get some trimspa. You like to make fun of people's appreance yet get angry when someone makes fun of your heritage. I am not religious so don't even bother to bring it up you are a hippocrate and nothing more. Please go back to work. I know I am my lunch brake is over. remember people who live in glass houses should not cast stones. So if you cannot handle critisim don't give it!

2679 days ago
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