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Black Shrinks to Paris: What About the Other Dings?

6/21/2007 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonParis Hilton may have a new calling -- which may erroneously presuppose that she had an old one -- as a prison treatment consultant! Socialite psychosociologist!

The Southern California Association of Black Psychologists is asking Paris Hilton to speak out and help change the treatment of the very same people with whom she shared the mental ward earlier this month. Bunkmate brainpower!

In the letter obtained by TMZ, they address complaints they've received from L.A. County Jail inmates and their relatives, who are upset about the "special treatment" Hilton is receiving for her mental problems. The letter also asks county officials to provide the same specialized care and treatment for other inmates with similar mental ailments.

Paris did say she was looking to get more involved with a cause ...


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ok like...... OMG that so isn't hot..............!

are these people idots or what? just so ya know- i am black. at first poor people and people of color were ticked off and ranting about unfairness between us and the rich, famous and beautiful. now some of these same people are asking for paris "i dont have any brain cells left to work with" hilton to help them? in the words of Fred Sanford-"You Big Dummies!" do you really think this girl gives as rats backside about anyone other then herself? if she did her anorexic whorey butt would start eating, stop all the partying, take responsibility for her actions and spend time in real prison, not use mommy and daddy to get her grown butt out of trouble, not drink and drive certainly not drive without a license.

2681 days ago


She's selfish spoilt rich brat who believed she was above the law. She won't help anyone else.

2681 days ago

crazy fingers    

Paris helping others? Thats not how she got into jail in the first place, so i wouldnt count on it. Stranger things have happened, i guess, like Paris being sent to jail in the first place. Only few days left for us all to revel in Paris's sorrow. Then she becomes the new, kinder, gentler Paris. we shall see...

2681 days ago


The more I think about this the more it is just wrong! Paris should not be able to profit from her crimes. OJ Simpson was not even convicted of his alleged crimes and has been barred from releasing his book because he is not allowed to profit from his crimes. Paris was convicted of her crimes! How is this just? This is just not fair. I have not only wrote to the Today show to voice my opinion but have also wrote to the City Attorney to see if he can put a stop to this! Every should email them as well! This is not right!

2681 days ago


I think the reason they don't let the kids walk is because the photographers would then only take pictures of the children.
I did see a photo of Jolie carrying Shiloh, But of course she had her Fav accessory on the other hip,Jolie looked silly all the way to the limo.
I'm tired of the over whelmed parent act as well.

2681 days ago


That's crazy talk.

2681 days ago


we love you paris!

come support!


2681 days ago


Mental Illness is no joke, and yes this would a wonderful opportunity for Paris to use her visability, name and MONEY to do something better for the people of this country & ultimately herself. The mental health care system in the US stinks, and I can only imagine the situation in the jail & prision system is even worse.

Every moron who thinks mental health issues are non-important should look around them, someone in their family & social circles is probably suffering from depression, manic depression,schizophrenia & other fun things.

2681 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Uh oh - here comes da judge again!

Wait till Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and julian Bond jump on this dudes bandwagon!

This guy needs to view Herpes Hilton's racist video and see how much he expects her help!

Wait till her skanky ass gets out and the inmates, black or white have all the little "perks"taken away from them when she prances out the door - you think she'll care???

2681 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Maybe Herpes Hiton will donate the $1 mil she's getting paid to do her first tv interview to this guys cause!

Should have opened Alcatraz for her - wouldn't have to worry about pasiing out Valtrex to the other inmates and guards

2681 days ago


I tjhought Paris already said she wants to get involved with MS and Breast cancer.
She can't load too much on herself, after all, she does have several companies around the world. to look after.

Paris is NOT Biploar. Who thinks up those idiotic tales?

Paris is claustrophobic, and when you stick such a person into a small room they get panic attacks. I think she'll be fine once she gets out.

2681 days ago


One reason Kathy Hilton is just thrilled about her daughter Paris’s engagement to Greek billionaire shipping heir Paris Latsis is that she’s hoping the union will solve her husband’s financial woes, sources say. While the tabs typically gush about the elder Hiltons’ “$1 billion fortune,” Kathy and her husband Rick have long scraped by on freebies and a modest trust fund. “The truth is, there are so many Hiltons out there that each one is due only a few million,” a source close to the family says. “Paris is the only one who is actually making her own money”—an estimated $10 million last year, from commercials, her perfume, appearance fees, and share of the earnings from One Night In Paris. While that’s certainly not chump change, in the circle of the absurdly rich it barely registers. “Kathy and Rick are hoping that with Latsis’s money behind them they’ll finally be able to claim their rightful place among the jet set,” says the source. “A few years ago [filmmaker] Jamie Johnson didn’t even consider the daughters rich enough to use in his documentary Born Rich.” Our cynical source says that Paris, who received a black ferrari as an engagement present, also has a game plan of her own: “She’ll definitely get pregnant very quickly. It’ll guarantee her an income for life.” Hilton’s rep, Rob Shuter, laughed off questions about the Hilton family’s motives via e-mail: “LOL. Paris and Paris met, fell in love, and want to get married. That simple.”

2681 days ago

Goerge Bush    

Paris would be fantastic at this! I hope she can help these people. Paris will indeed do something in the form of a worthy cause when she is released.

2681 days ago

what i think    

Help the black community go after another white person with the stupid white people helping them do it. Wake up people. Why don't they go after their own community like they do the white community? It speaks for itself.

2681 days ago

I call bullshit    

I see suzy is not in the desert today. I also see she has not cracked open the bottle of gin yet......

2681 days ago
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