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Katherine Heigl's Fashion Emergency!

6/21/2007 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Grey's Anatomy's" Katherine Heigl loves scrubs -- and by that we don't mean Isaiah Washington!
Katherine Heigl
Heigl may not be a doctor, but she plays one on TV, and has decided to get into the celeb fashion biz by launching a clothing line -- of medical scrubs and healthcare industry uniforms! Nurse!

The Katherine Heigl Collection will feature designs "appropriate for women of all ages who work in hospitals, private residences, clinics, dental offices, labs, spas and other healthcare environments." Perfect for the code red carpet!

Most items in the catastrophic couture line are priced under $25 and will be "available this fall in retail outlets, online stores and catalogues selling women's medical apparel." Like Abercrombie & Splint, H+M.O. and Gap Smear.


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This is just a really bad photoshop, you can see her hand on the side.

2607 days ago


Now that's a smart business move right there!

2627 days ago


Does she realize that she works on a set.? Pin thin scrubs!

2627 days ago


OMG! Is this a joke? These stupid actors. Guys just because you can act doesnt mean you can sing, dance and design!!! This is the most retarded thing that I have seen all day. Thanks TMZ.

2627 days ago


I love her. She can do anyting she wants in my book. "Katherine, call me sometime!"

2627 days ago


Number Four you are a complete joke. Katherine actually forgave the sorry excuse of a human being Isaiah Washington. Washington's own actions got his sorry excuse fired.

It is him who is keeping talking about crap. It is him seeking interviews to media outlets comparing himself to Malcolm X and saying T.R., Katherine, and cast and crew are liars. It is him that made a hostile environment. It is him that has been noting of lying on public tv. It is him that got himself fired.

And check again. Over 90 million have seen Knocked Up domestically. It's a huge critical and finanical success unless you have been living under a rock to not hear about the success story of this movie. And NO not anyone could be in that part. The director noted to say if anyone else played Allison the movie would be completely different.

In fact this clothing line if very unique. I know many people in the medical field that despise their scrubs, and is looking for this new line. Healthcare people have every right to get quality clothes, and this is untapped industry. No celebrity has ever done it. She has no competiton, and the prices are just as same normal scrubs are.

It's not her fault that Isaiah is digging himself a deeper hole, and can't take responsiblity. He wasn't sorry for he did. it was all a going through the motions to keep his job but he missed the point. It was his fault that this whole thing happened. Good riddance.

2627 days ago

you are entitled to my opinion    

we're talking cheap, ugly, ill-fitting clothes -- how is this any different from sarah jessica parker's clothing line?

2627 days ago


All you people do is complain. You are all haters. Who cares what she does or what a fat billionaire does. I swear, I'm done with this site because all you haters do is complain. Your not rich so you cry about the rich people. Now her idea is pretty gay but I bet she makes millions off of it, so it cant be that dumb.

2627 days ago


#7 you are retarded. Get off the internet and go back to work. TMZ is a gossip news column. People can say whatever they want!!

2627 days ago


OMG #9 LOL!!! First of all we are writing so how would you know if we were crying? Second, I am jesus so you better watch your mouth or you will go to hell.

2627 days ago

Ummm OKAY...    

That doctor's jacket is superimposed on her. It isn't real! W/u, TMZ??

2627 days ago

Monkey Phat    

Gap Smear? Do you have a twelve year old writing this crap?

2627 days ago


I think this is actually a very interesting, smart idea. Unfortunately, even working full-time, many of us cannot afford big-brand designer name clothes. So for those of you who poke fun at "cheap" clothes, feel free to buy me some designer duds.

I agree with the comment that too many celebrities are out there singing, acting, designing, etc when they are not qualified, but I'm not ready to make that judgment until I see Ms. Heigl's line. Many of us moonlight to pay the bills so its not fair to be such a harsh judge on someone else's "side job". She may be great at it.

I find it refreshing that someone came up with the idea to provide an affordable line of clothing for health care workers. There are limitations for wardrobe in the health care field, and most health care workers don't get paid $500,000 a year. Even if they did, would you wear a $1,000 outfit that will get bled on, peed on and puked on at work?

This is a great idea! Don't let these negative comments get you down, Ms. Heigl. This is a practical, creative idea that targets the "normal" people - the working class health care professionals that WE ALL NEED at one time or another. I wish you the best of luck and can't wait to see the line. My mother and sister work in the health care field and are excited to see what you have to offer.

2627 days ago


Well said #12

2627 days ago


To all of you above complaining and bitching at each other - have you ever thought of just not reading or writing comments? I come to tmz everyday and rarely do i actually click on the 'click here for more' part that shows comments. i happened to for this story cuz i was tryin to figure out if she was seriously wearing scrubs on the red carpet... anyhow, after reading yalls comments all i wanna say is shut up. What's the point of wasting your time hating on a celeb on a comment board? What do we care you think she's a fat ugly whore? Are you hoping she'll read it? Yes, you're cool. And to those of you defending her and complaining of the haters post - what's the point? You're wasting your time too.

I never read comments on stories and this is why. You guys make me want to shove my fist into my computer screen and small yall across the face.

Hm, I'm betting this post gets lost of hater replies. Hence why I won't be coming back to check them.


2627 days ago
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