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Pauly to TMZ: Craven's Lawsuit Is Bogus Buh-ddy

6/21/2007 3:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ cameras rolled over to Pauly Shore's Hollywood Hills mansion this morning to check out the alleged damage from a landslide that's driving his neighbor, Wes Craven, out of his mind -- when we caught The Weasel himself on his way back from a coffee run! Ever the gracious host, Shore invited us in to check out what Craven was bitching about in the lawsuit he filed yesterday.

After the tour, a TMZ staff member rolled over to Craven's place. They weren't quite as friendly over there.

Check out the video.


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jProud American Author    

TMZ is so polite. I hope everyone at TMZ is like that. Celebs seem to enjoy talking to TMZ. Good job! Professional!

2617 days ago


The best way to combat loose dirt and land slides is PLANT SOME FREAKIN' TREES! The roots help keep the soil together and the trees themselves help slow down the rushing waters. Any grade school kid knows this. Look at that slope! It's bare.

It's up to the property owners to insure that their own land is safe.

At least Pauly is owning up to what's on HIS property. Sure, that little wall may be just a comfort of mind, but it isn't going to save his house. If the foundation shifts, so does that wall. Whatever contractor sold him on the idea that the wall would save his home is just another L.A. crook.

2617 days ago


YO, PAULY!!!!!!

2617 days ago

Allred Tree    

I wonder if that wall was built to code and with a permit and passed inspection. If not, he can be made to take it down.

Many people plant native plants, such as iceplants on these hillsides to prevent soil erosion. Trees could be too much of a fire hazard. Many of these homes are required to trim their shrubbery back from the house due to the extreme risk of fire.

Just today, the fire department is warning of the terrible risk southern Calif. faces due to lack of rain.

Today is only the first day of summer and we are already in a heat wave.

I would not live in one of these homes in this area even if I was paid to do so.

2617 days ago


#11 LB, the rest of the WORLD DOES HATE AMERICA.

Thats why we should stop sending Aid to the rest of the World,,,,

2617 days ago

Little Bit    

I watched the video and the man makes sense.

2617 days ago


What view---all I see is desolation. I see barren, dry land with a few box houses. I wouldn't live there for no amount of money.

2617 days ago


LOL...these people talking crap about LA are so funny! u just wish u live here, where u can go surf at the beach then go snowboarding within a few miles...

Jealous bunch! so where do u live people?? in North Dakota?? hahaha!!

2617 days ago


I really hate to say this butttttt........Paulie lives in a DUMP...

2617 days ago

give the dog a bone    

Pauly who???? I can't hold out much longer, when is the "big one" gunna suck Califorinia into the ocean????

2617 days ago

yirmine snipe    

Okay can someone explain why anyone in his right mind would want to live in that area? I mean it looked like a f#$&*ng desert. And what person in his right mind would want a house below a big dirt hill, the key word being dirt. Anyone with half a brain would have know that if they ever get rain the dirt hill is going to erode like hell on the houses below. Seems to me the planning department in that area is filled with idiots. You don't allow people to build houes on railroad tracks and where they've built is just as stupid.

2617 days ago


Bush is not that wish in today's standards. His tax form showed he's worth 4 million dollars which is lot less than other politicians. As far as other countries hating Americans, why don't we stop sending money to other countries as they do not appreciate it. Plus, alot of it is given to the top guys & the people don't even see it.

2617 days ago


I didn't know that a house could destroy someone else's property. Maybe in a Wes Craven movie.

2617 days ago


I have taken a few soil classes in the past. Being from texas near houston, texas I can say having type IV soil is better than type 1a or 1b. Type IV is clay gumbo soil and type 1a or 1b is very course like sand. I remember going to cali last year and was surprise by the soil. I was no wonder they have landsides over here. I just won't feel comfortable living on top of those mountains or hills or whatever they call them. But hey to each their own.

2617 days ago


Well, L.A. was a desert before Mulholland decided to dry up lake beds, and take water from the colorado river. A new ecosystem was created to attract people to that area, and now it is nasty. Covered in smog. The mayor has decided to "go green." Which is good. But they want to connect power lines to Arizona, in the most direct route possible. That means disrupting the only natural desert marsh in Southern California, constructing through the Joshua Tree National Park, and many other preserved government lands. Why? Because they are likely to have less opposition. But they are wrong! People are not stupid because they live in the desert. They live in the desert for the clean air, because there aren't many people. It is like the landfill proposal L.A. was trying to get (and actually paid over 40mil upfront for). It would have been the largest landfill in America, and located only 1.5 miles from the national park. It was ultimately canned, but now the company who owns the land has changed names and is starting new litigation. Way to go L.A. Way to 'go green.' Destroy every other ecosystem so you can remove your trash and have a cleaner energy source. Those people are a complete joke who need to consult with scientists, not capitalists, not a political team, before they make decisions.

2617 days ago
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