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'The Police' Nab Jennifer Aniston

6/21/2007 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, Alanis Morissette and Jeremy Piven were all rallying for the police last night -- well, the Sting-fronted band of the same name, anyway.

Ms. Aniston made a sneaky entrance into the Staples Center for The Police concert in L.A. Wednesday evening, somehow keeping her face hidden from cameras as she rushed in -- every little thing she does is magic!

Dustin Hoffman started singing a rather appropriate song to the snapping paps on his way in -- "Don't Stand So Close to Me" -- and even promised our cameraman a Police CD on his way out ... our photog is still waiting. Also at the concert were Jeremy Piven, autograph-happy Adam Sandler, Lou Diamond Phillips, Jamie Lee Curtis and No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal.

TMZ even caught Sting at The Edison for an after-concert party, throwing a wave to the camera on his way out of the bash.

All this and more in today's "you have to turn on the red light" edition of Star Catcher.


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First of all Jeremy Piven is a celebrity, Bella & Jackie, I dont know what your problem is with single moms but you guys need to get a grip. I happen to think it's a little refreshing seeing an article about Jennifer or Jeremy instead of Paris. It seems these TMZ comments become a chat bitch room. A lot of nasty things said about all these celebrities, I have to wonder why? Maybe all just a little jealous??? GROW UP & GET A LIFE!

2689 days ago


you are a sad misinformed fool.

2688 days ago


The Police suck!

2688 days ago


ANGELINA IS A CREDIBLE TRAMP AND WHORE WHO IS BUYING KIDS OF COLOR OUT OF THE USA TO BUILD AN INTERNATIONAL PR BUSINESS FOR HER LIFETIME WHILE SHE IGNORES THOSE ORPHANS IN THE USA know nothing my dear and I do know who she is. If anyone was paying atteniton to her life over the past, it's no secret who she is now and who she was. Just like the press that she tried to quash, while she sells her info and pics to the ones she gets by telling them what to print. Angelina is a fraud and a fake and a whore sitll applies. I do like her billboards though, doesn't she have 15 tattoos now? Hard to keep track .. they are ugly outside as she is inside. Brad will be dust soon .. just wait and watch .. Brangelina is who she is .. low class scum

2688 days ago

Jeff Kay    

Gordon Sumner=Sting, Clavin Brodus= Snoop Dog. Stop calling these pyscho Divas by their psuedo nicknames. Gordon is a bi-polar manic depressive C u n's sad watching everyone fall all over themselves to see the Police perform..2nd rate band even in their prime. Their drummer is the best musician of the trio.

2688 days ago


Jen, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look up "class" in websters and JEN's face will be smiling back atcha.......................... muuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxxxxx..

Now look up skank, whore, home-wrecker, desperate-for-attention, man-and-baby-stealing-hoochie, useless, anorexic, psycho bitch...............and Angelina's face and vial of blood will pop right up!


2688 days ago

she looks like her son    

I had no idea about Laura Dern, Courteney Cox and Sheryl Crow! Thank you Lissi for the post. Jennifer has best friends that all have been with married men and one had a baby! Now it is reported she might be seeing Billy Crudup, that would really put a spin on all of this after what he did. Last week, she was with a past drug addict that seeks fame and attention.

She hangs around with an interesting moral group of people, I guess. IN HER OWN MIND.

She should be ashamed for how she portrayed Angelina when she eats up her little flawed friends.

My eyes are open now to these people.

2688 days ago


Very interesting, Lissi, and good job. Very true on how these things work. The jenfreaks just love to rag on the lovely Angelina. Aniston only seems to get press when/because of Angelina. No one really cares about Aniston anymore. She made a bunch of movies last hear that all tanked, but one. She signed for all those movies while she was still Mrs. Pitt. She loses out (and really, she did it herself, no one stole anything from her) and hasn't signed for a new movie or real project since her split. She is a has been, can anyone say Meg Ryan? Not that she has Meg Ryan's talent. But Aniston's day is done and wish all her freaky fans would slink off with her.

2688 days ago


Angelina was doing her good deeds long before Brad came along. At least she is out there doing her thing and not playing the victem role over and over again like someone, who, I don't want to mention any name here.

Lissi, I am with you. I guess some people just can't handle the truth.

Ms. Aniston has had many men before she married Brad, and I'm sure there will be many more after Brad. Apparently she has moved on with her life, and she is, how do I put it? OVER IT. I think we should, too.

It takes two to tango. I don't see Brad is getting blame as bad as Angelina is. What is up with that???

God bless you & your loved ones, Angelina. And a lifetime of happiness!!!

2688 days ago


Let face it, I'm not a Brad Pitt's fan. But if he is such an ugly and dumb guy, I guess Jennifer liked an ugly and dumb guy, too. Because she married him once...LOL.

2688 days ago


ohh puuleese and Val are the perfect examples of jenfreaks. No logic, no reason, no sensible thought process. Just ugly filth and stupidity spilling from their hateful souls. You people reflect on your idol you know. I have never seen the likes of jenfreak fans, such creepy hatemongers. Such small minds and so much free time to show up at all the websites and post your idiotic thoughts. Get a job, get some valium and get a life.

2688 days ago


Isn't that interesting, Margaret? Lissi did a fab job and every word is true. You can look it up but not in ooh puuleease's dictionary. She has some kind of freaky one that can only be bought at . For the mentally impaired, apparently.

2688 days ago


Good ones, ladies. And so true. And do any of Aniston's buddies or their boyfriend's exes play the victim? Best role of Aniston's life, without it she would be absolutely under the radar!

2688 days ago


Should of added, without the role of victim, she would be pitching personal products, doing commercials. Oh wait. That IS what she will be doing.

2688 days ago


jenfreak^: -someone who thinks they know the cast of Friends because they have watched each episode 32 times. -someone who feels a compulsive need to defend someone by spouting ugly, angry, obscene things about others. -someone who has a compulsive need to visit websites and spout these ugly, hateful things about others, usually multiple times, usually under different names. -someone who can't seem to understand that someone is NOT the character they portray on Friends, and even if this person WAS the character they portray on Friends, they wouldn't like the someone either and wouldn't be friends with the someone even under threat of death. -not to be confused with jenfans, normal people have no problems with jenfans.

2688 days ago
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