Katie: On the Road to a Retirement Home

6/22/2007 3:24 PM PDT
Katie Holmes is aging by the minute! These days Kate looks more like a grandma migrating to Boynton Beach for the winter season than a 28-year-old Hollywood hottie. Who's in the mood for an Early Bird Special at Denny's?

Holmes was spotted "early boarding" a flight in Nice, France -- sans tiny Suri and teeny Tom. The robowife wore this burnt orange leather vest last worn by Steven Tyler in Aerosmith's 1977 "Draw the Line" tour, offset by a mustard colored blowfish purse she might have found while snorkeling in those goggles.

The Cruises were in France for the wedding of fellow Scientologist/billionaire James Packer to model Erica Baxter. Party at the Scientology Celebrity Centre, baby! Then it's off to shuffleboard!