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Paris -- I'm "Sick" of Getting Dumped On

6/22/2007 9:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton says she's had enough of the media mocking her every move -- and that she's "much more grateful" for, well, everything after spending a couple weeks in jail.

Paris tells Ryan Seacrest from behind bars that she appreciates the little things, "even just to have a pillow at night or food," and that her "gratitude has gone up so much." But she can't quite believe that they won't let her "give my dad a big hug" and that they have to embrace through glass because, she says, "I'm not a criminal."

Meanwhile, Paris may be making more coin from her time in the clink than just the $1 million that she'll reportedly get from NBC for her first post-jail interview. The New York Post reports that Paris' first post-pokey photos will run in People magazine, and that the snaps will be going to Getty Images for $300,000. Paris' rep had no comment on that.

Isaiah – T.R.'s a Liar, So Fire Him!

Isaiah Washington, meet sore loserdom. The slur-happy actor is swinging back -- again -- at ABC and the "Grey's Anatomy" producer, who he thinks should've axed his castmate T.R. Knight for creating the whole Isaiahgate mess just to get a raise from the network.

"They fired the wrong guy," Washington says to the Houston Chronicle. "I have to clear my name. I'm telling everything." Everything -- like the fact that T.R. lied to Ellen DeGeneres when he said that Washington called him "fa***t" to his face. "That's a lie. I used the word during a disagreement with Patrick. I apologized for that."

JT and Jess Thank God for Friday's

Given that he brings sexy back and she's got a sexy back, it's no wonder that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel love their baby back baby back ... oh wait, that's Chili's. No matter: JT and JB went all the way to Norway and had T.G.I. Friday's for lunch, even though they probably wouldn't be caught dead at one in the States. Cameras spotted the two budding lovebirds traipsing across northern Europe, with Biel spending some quality time with Justin's mom on a shopping trip in Stockholm. Then, the pair jetted over to Oslo, Norway, where they decided to eschew the cured fish and fenalar and pig out on some Wicked Wings and other Yank fare at T.G.I.'s, whereupon they realized they were fancy celebs -- and got on a yacht for a tour.

Party Favors: Clooney's Fishy Protest ... Beyonce Bounces Bodyguard ... Prince's Kate to Get A Mil from Tell-All?

George Clooney was one of 300 townspeople in Laglio, Italy who signed a petition to stop construction of parking lots and a promenade which would demolish the harbor where local fishermen keep their boats. ... Beyonce's dad has canned her longtime bodyguard, a 400-pound behemoth who goes by "Shortie." Matthew Knowles thinks that his B needs a "younger and more buff" protector, according to Atlanta Gossip (via Rush & Molloy). ... London tabs are abuzz that Prince William's former paramour Kate Middleton is getting offers galore to sell her story for up to a million bucks. She's not givin' up the goods, as yet.


No Avatar

Dr. Dave from Toronto, Canada    

Leave Paris Hilton alone...... I LOVE YOU PARIS!!!!!!!!!

I'm you're biggest fan!!!!

2678 days ago


please she loves the attention....remember no publicity is bad publicity, and for all thos4e who love paris try looking at getting a better role model for yourselves.

2678 days ago

crazy fingers    

So Paris has changed her attitude towards the gratitude. Plus she's fixin to score a quick $300k as soon as she walks out the door. Somebody lock me up, damn. Maybe Paris will become a follower of the Dhali-lama, go all out and shave her head spread peace and love and all that. most likely, though, she will once again be speading around in a 'Benze and byuing lots of shoes.

2678 days ago

ooh that hurts good    

if the inmate next to her get to hug a visitor then she should be able to but if not SHUT THE F UP! The fact is you are a criminal, you are in jail, albeit longer than most would (I'll give you that one girl, you got the hose) but it happened, your going to be even more famous and you can use this as an opportunity to improve.

2678 days ago


Actually, Paris IS a criminal. That's what you are when you commit a crime/break the law. Simple as that.

2678 days ago

kim suck    

too bad Paris !! this is only the begining BITCH!!

2678 days ago

getting tired of crap    

Hey Paris, since you are supposed to be reading the Bible, you might want to take a look at the part that says As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

2678 days ago


"I'm not a criminal."

Deifinition of the word criminal: guilty of crime or serious offense; involving or being or having the nature of a crime; someone who has committed (or been legally convicted of) a crime.

Paris still does not get it! She is a CRIMINAL!


2678 days ago


TMZ, do you read the news at all? According to NBC reps, Hilton is NOT getting the $1 million. I'm definitely NOT a Hilton fan, but you need to report the facts and not the sensational BS. I'm sitting here wondering whose worse -- her PR BS or yours.

Also, people, there are ways to be critical and to voice your opinions in an informative and constructive way, without being cruel and obnoxious!


2678 days ago


I really hope Paris learns a lesson here and her behavior changes after her stint in jail. I get the feeling though that she (and her family) might think that she is only being made an example of, and that she really didn't do anything wrong. In that case, she wont have learned anything at all, and her behavior will soon be back to more or less what it was in the past.

2678 days ago


Paris is not a criminal? Wow! Did she not break the law? Is she not in prison for breaking the law. I would say that defines one as a criminal. Can you say "coo coo"?

2678 days ago


This song is dedicated to Paris Hilton:

2678 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

There is something very phoney about T R..I may just believe Washington.

2678 days ago

no more celeb moms    

Yeah, sure NBC isn't paying for the interview. According to ET they didn't pay for any of the Anna Nicole crap either. What happened to 'no prision interviews'?

2678 days ago


Tell Paris we're sick, too. Of her.

2678 days ago
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