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Cameron's Commie Fashion Faux Pas

6/23/2007 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Actress Cameron Diaz committed a big no-no in Peru this past week. While exploring the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu, Cameron was spotted with an olive messenger bag emblazoned with a red star and one of Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong's favorite slogans, "Serve the People."

It seems Peru has a little history of problems with Communist insurgencies, (the Maoist group Shining Path terrorized Peru during the '80s and '90s) so Cameron's bag was a major faux pas. "It alludes to a concept that did so much damage to Peru, that brought about so many victims," human rights activist Pablo Rojas told the Daily News.

Tom Cruise Movie "Sure to be Crap"

The son of a German who tried to kill Adolf Hitler is pissed off that his father will be played by Tom Cruise in the upcoming movie "Valkyrie." Berthold Von Stauffenberg told a German newspaper that Cruise's devotion to Scientology is really "off-putting," and that he thinks the movie is "sure to be crap. I am not saying that Cruise is a bad actor -- I cannot judge that. But in any case, I fear that it could turn into horrible kitsch."

"He should keep his hands off my father," continued Von Stauffenberg. "He should climb a mountain or go surfing in the Caribbean. I don't care, as long as he stays out of it."

Pamela Anderson, Strip Club Owner?

It makes perfect sense: on a recent trip to Finland, perky-chested Pam Anderson came up with a great idea. People reports that Pam is looking into starting up a chain of strip clubs. Mama mammaries! "I'm going to look into opening a chain of strip clubs and I'll call them Lapland!!!!" writes Pam in her blog, in reference to the Finnish city of the same name.

Peta spokesperson Pammy also blogged about her fight to push a pro-animal agenda in Finland. "The demand is getting lower for fur coats and they breed foxes here just for fur. ... Sweden, Austria and England have banned fur farms. Let's hope Finland will too."

Party Favors...John Krasinski the new Chevy Chase?

"The Office's" John Krasinski has been fingered as the number one choice to play in the new "Fletch" movie. MTV News reports that Joshua Jackson, Jason Lee and Ryan Reynolds have also been considered for the part.


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God help me, but compared to the LOSERS in the section, Paris Hilton seems rational and just plain homey!

2674 days ago


Gah, having this mutant slut "campaign" for animal rights does more harm than good, especially when she combines it with her corporate whoring.

As for the strip clubs, she will just sell her name to someone else and the clubs will go the way of Planet Hollywood, bomb. Pamela Anderson is disgusting, desperate and broke.

2678 days ago


That's hilarious that around the world, Tom Cruise is known as a WACKO!!!

2678 days ago


Er....Lapland isn't a city's a geographic area.
Good name for a club though!

2678 days ago




2678 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

you mean there are animals with Human squirrels? very cool!

2678 days ago


You seriously think the Finnish government sits around thinking, hmmm, Pamela Anderson doesn't approve, we should change the law. PETA DUMP PAM!

2678 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

I'll bet DiLo's breasts are real! Pam needs a bit of deflating. I think she is jealous of all of the attention Hollywood gives to DiLo.

2678 days ago


Cameron Diaz is showing her true uneducated ignorance...serves her right being so
out of touch with world events except what is happening in LA...what a total embarrassment...go to college Cameron, open your eyes.

2678 days ago


Cameron Diaz's father is a cuban exile who left the island because of communism. It's a shame that she is so insensitive as to use a Mao bag. Well what can you expect from an airhead like her? The woman may be cute and nice but I don't think she is really famous for being intelligent.

2678 days ago


Lapland isn't a city, it's a region. Referring to the city of Lapland would be
like comparing it to the cities of Florida Keys or Cape Cod. Sheesh, interns go back to school.

2678 days ago


Haha, you ignorant americans! :D Lapland is a part of Noway, Sweden, Finland where the sames (scandinavian natives) use to live. Most of it is in Sweden. It is NOT a city in Finland. Lap= old swedish name for native scandinavians land0country in swedish. Ok?

2678 days ago


Tom Cruise is a fine actor. The German man should be honored that an actor of Cruise's quality, depth and capability is playing his father. There's no doubt that Cruise will bring dignity to the role.

2678 days ago


Fine actor? He's an alien-loving whacko, not to mention a control freak. No one cares about this has-been anymore. Everyone should boycott this movie. Pretty bad when the family of the character he's to play is appalled. HORRIBLE choice for this role. Go away already Tom- you're washed-up.

2678 days ago


Another blonde retard.

2678 days ago
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