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Fergie's Meth Meltdown

6/23/2007 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not so Fergalicious: Black Eyed Peas' Fergie has come clean about her addiction to meth, and in this month's Self magazine, she talks about a particularly hamper-ing moment on the drug.

One time she was so paranoid on the drug that she talked to her hamper for eight hours straight. "I remember thinking somebody was inside of it, going to come and get me, so I was talking to the person who was crawling in the hamper," she admits. Now that's a bad trip!


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Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Put them side-by-side, for better communication, Fergie

that way you do not have to use a cell phone or bull horn to talk to the other person

in the other hamper,

Make sense?

If it doesn't then crystal meth has fried you

2585 days ago


Pissy Pants!!

2585 days ago


Once an addict, always an addict.....just like some of the others have posted. She is still behaving like an addict, she is just substituting with another drug, alcohol. You can't use any substances, she will be an addict the rest of her life. The term is "recovering".

2585 days ago

sexy hollywood kid    

I use to be an stuck on meth and other drugs but now ive been clean and sober for 2 years . . I have Fergie or anyone who has kicked the habbit !!

Good job, and i love your music.

if life gets you down, smoke pot, dont do meth !!

say no to drugs kids ~ and pot isnt a drug, if you have a licence =)

2585 days ago


So she WASN'T all messed up when she pissed her pants on stage? Or wrote My Humps? Well what do you know about that? She can't blame drugs for being a no-talent suck.

2585 days ago


I saw an interview with her, where she acknowledges peeing her pants on stage. She just kind of blew it off, saying when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. Maybe this wouldn't matter to alot of people, but I find her repulsive.

2585 days ago

christo Johnpherson    

She is a talentless twit selling sex, a whore you might say. She could disappear this instant and maybe a handful people would really notice (her agent, the dude she's currently using for sex, a couple of mindless fans who fixate on her ever exposed navel as worthless unmusical music plays like a command in their heads "Empty your mind of all coherent thouthgts" ...). Why are so many Americans fat and star obsessed, what makes an American so easy to peddle crap to? Because they too are meth addicts, or some equivalent living vicariously through the exploits of media savy morons. The future is bleak.

2585 days ago


Sites like this just are horribles since they do not print the WHOLE story. Fergie talked going to therapy and still attending groups for this addiction.

She has come through a very hard thing and is telling how bad it was to do these things.

For those of you judging, you or someone you love may go through this someday, don't be so cocky.

BTW about her pants peeing incident. She was on a german talk show and told the story, and BTW I was there in San Diego. She was driving from LA caught in traffic and was late and wanted to go on and not make the audience wait, so she ran on stage without going to the bathroom and when jumping, she had an accident. The traffic was horrible that day and that is what happened.

Now, for all of you acting like you are so appalled, you are liars, people have accidents when exercising all the time.

I admire her honesty and she is a sweet talented woman.

2585 days ago


So is everyone who reads TMZ an ex-addict or an ex-con? Seems odd to me that so many of the people who post here say "oh, i know how it is in jail" I drove DUI, i am a current/former/wannabe addict.

Very strange!

2585 days ago


Been there done that. ...................THE WONDERFUL LIFE OF SOBRIETY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

2585 days ago



2585 days ago

NYC 2 LA    

talking to the hamper thats sad but interesting

2585 days ago

Kitty Meow Meow    

How did she get addicted to meth? Was it before she achieved fame and fortune? It's really a lower class drug. Why not cocaine or prescription drugs? She looks so worn out from meth use. Young people, don't t try meth, or any other drug. It will make you look old by the time you are 30.

2585 days ago

James Omar Peebles    

The meth addiction may be what caused Josh Duhamel to pursue her in public the way he approached her after the republican convention. She ended up just like other women before her and gets a threat to be sued if she does not pose for pictures or go out on a"date". Good luck cleaning up your public image if you are seen with a desperate man and trying to stay sober.

2585 days ago

Kitty Meow Meow    

#93 What? Josh Duhamel is too good for her! What are you talking about?

2585 days ago
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