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Foxy in Unbeweaveable Fight

6/24/2007 4:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Foxy Brown was attacked by three female friends of her ex-boyfriend yesterday morning. The lady thugs pulled out her hearing aid and tore out chunks of Foxy's hair weave and also stole Brown's handbag and $500.

Brown allegedly dumped Roshawn Anthony after finding out that he was a pimp. The angry ex then called the three attackers to beat up Brown. According to a police source in the Daily News, "they beat her bad. They ripped out her hair weave. Her hair was a mess -- and that seems to be what she cared about most."

As tumbleweave gently flitted through the street, Brown drove around with police until they were able to find Anthony, who has been arrested and charged with assault.

Prince William and Kate -- Back Together?

Cinderella story: Kate Middleton's romance with Prince William may be back on. The royal pair broke up in April, but according to News of the World, Wills wants Kate back! Sources told the paper that royal hottie has secretly taken Kate out several times in the last month, in the hopes of winning her heart back.

Earlier this month, Kate and Will locked lips at William's Army barracks' party, before reportedly retiring to William's private quarters.

"No one in the royal household would be at all surprised if they get back together," said a royal source.

Gisele -- No Bloody Brits!

Hope for American men: Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen is no fan of British men. That's bad news for sensitive rocker James Blunt, who apparently had Bundchen next on his "hot models to date" list. Bundchen told the London Telegraph and reported in Page Six that she isn't into Brit boys. "I don't like them. I just don't -- and I wouldn't even be able to tell you why not," she said. Gisele is currently dating football hunk Tom Brady, who dumped pregnant baby mama Bridget Moynahan for Gisele.


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Standards are badly needed.    

Not so fast, Kate. I think Wills ought to be made to stew in his own juices for a bit.

Entitled is as entitled does...You just may find someone better.

Wills comes with a whole lot of baggage.

2574 days ago


FOXY FOXY FOXY you need to just see what you do to people it comes back to you your entourage caused Lil Kim to be locked up for a year because of that riff at the radio station.

You would not speak and tell the truth that you all fired the first shots and now look what happend to you!!!! KARMA is a bitch!!!

2574 days ago


karmas a bitch Foxy, and quess are you......but i had to laugh when i read they pulled out her hearing aid....that's so ghetto rap trash at it's finest.....
yeah super fly

2574 days ago


Giselle, you are so right! Had my fill of Brits! Now, Prince William...............A girl can dream, okay/
#9 It's called 'or something'. we all get to choose who the hell we care to date. This does not a Racist make.

2574 days ago


Poor Gisele "slutty" Bundchen. She doens't like English guys. Probably because they are too classy for her. I don't see what men see in her. She looks like a drag queen and speaks like a cow. YUCKKK

2574 days ago


Gisele is an idiot. This woman it's talking to much lately and nothing make sense. So she doesn't like english man? Is her lost, really. From William Shakespeare to Prince Willimas, english man are the dream come true for every women who has dream of the "knight in shining armor"- They invented the word "gentleman", they are refined, masculine, tender, strong, they have good manners, perfect "attire" are polite, do not speak loudly, etc, etc, etc.
Some examples that come to mind....Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, Joh Lennon, David Bowie, David Beckham, Charles Chaplin, Tony Blair, Bono, Jude Law, Daniel Day Lewis, Ewan Mc Gregor, Orlando Bloom, Olive Owen...They invented James Bond, for Christ Sake!!!

2574 days ago



2574 days ago

My words    

Gisele is one handsome dude. Most British men are pansies...I think. They should go together to balance each other out.

2574 days ago


Bundchen is a dip stick slag. Shut your gob and use your loaf, page three girl! Who bloody cares for a clot and scrubber like you?

2574 days ago


Tom Brady didn't dump Bridget Moynahan for Gisele..Tom broke up with Bridget and started dating Gisele and Bridget announced she was pregnant after Tom and Gisele had been together for like two months..Bridget probably would have just aborted if she didn't see that she could make Tom suffer and get attention for the baby.

2574 days ago

OTC Addict    

Gisele is not that good looking for a supermodel. Tom should have stuck to the Moynahan girl

2574 days ago


Kate should not give the time of day to baldie William. Does he think all he has to do is snap his royal fingers and she will come running ? I would make him beg, crawl on his knees, no way. Better still, she should pull a Camillia trick, marry some other fool and make William regret having let her go. Kate, be a proud woman, just say no until the bloke is ready to break, O.K. ?

2574 days ago


The Royal Brothers r a hot commedity. I happen to like them and that they r so kind and caring for our world like their mom. Wiliiam and Katie being back together is a great thing. Hard to be with someone for so long and break up. Willilam should not let anyone tell him who is should date or marry and the "Queen" his grandmother needs to just back off.

2574 days ago

He's Boring now    


The English also gave us, Jack The Ripper, Benedict Arnold and a reason for a Revolution.

Sure there is refinement and manners, no argument there, but they have had their fair share of snobs and womanizers as most other Countries do to.

2574 days ago


I hope that William and Kate get back together and he ends up marrying her. Not only is she beautfiul but she seems to have the style and grace that Diana had. She would be a dignified Queen later on. We will keep our fingers crossed on this one!

2574 days ago
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