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Kathy Hilton: Arrrrgh! Paris Still in Jail, Mateys!

6/24/2007 2:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Yesterday Kathy Hilton stopped by Lynwood to visit Paris and reported that her jailbird daughter "is very excited to see the family." She then had a random run-in with a friendly pirate Paris fan, who's vowed to camp out in front of Lynwood until Hilton's Tuesday release.

The most important bit of news Mrs. Hilton had to share: Paris is soooo over orange. "She can't wait to get that orange suit off!" said Hilton. Take note, fashion mavens, once she gets out -- orange is out!


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One of the worst parents especially the mother. How can a mother let her child go without a High School education. How can a mother let her daughter be so sexual explicit as apparently a video is with her boyfriend. How can a mother think it is cute for a daughter to stand there looking like a fashion model when her head is as empty as a cabbage. How can a mother allow a daughter to drive without a license, not once but three times when she could have killed innocent people. I vote that Mrs. Hilton occupy the cell after Paris leaves. Mommy Dearest is too kind for her. June

2676 days ago


Posting #25, who is the smart ass posting under my name.

That is not, I repeat that is NOT my posting.

2676 days ago

Go away!!    

don't worry sanity rules, all of us with any smarts know that wasn't you. kathy hilton is on the site again, trying to deflect attention from her herpes infected skank of a daughter...........

2676 days ago





2676 days ago


#33, stop posting under my moniker. I do not know how you are doing it, but you are being reported immediately.

These are not my reflections on any of this. If you read my postings they are all well thought out and without anger or bitterness.

This has got to stop - I do not condone what #25 or #33 is doing.

2676 days ago

Mary T.    


You have for days and days and days.........Maybe you should go after the guy who had so much to do with her going back to jail....ROCKY...if you live in LA you should be furious how many tax dollars he has wasted..if you pay taxes.....

2676 days ago


what a piece of work you are kathy..get some help woman !!

maybe paris got her herpes in her mothers birth canal..

2676 days ago


Sorry, I mean posting #32 not #33.

#33 thank you for seeing that it was not me writing those things.

2676 days ago


There was no private investigator hired by the Hilton's involved. City of Los Angeles Legal Secretarys are prohibited from filling in as child care providers and being ordered to pick up the highly paid City Attorney, Rocky Delgedillo's drycleaning, food shopping, washing and fueling up his personal vehicle, and many other personal errands, etc., at the expense of the Los Angeles taxpayers. That is what Rocky has a wife for. That is what regular taxppayers hire domestic workers for. (I am a senior Legal Secretary and I hire a "legal" immigrant domestic to do the work I am too busy to do myself!)

But then, his arrogant wife was a co-conspiritor in the abuse of the taxpayer-paid employees, so what should we expect? It was the Los Angeles Secretarys who blew the whistle on Rocky Delgedillo. Not any private investigators. Nor the Hiltons.

Please permit me to further vent my disgust over these abuses in that the Delgedillos' arrogant behavior is much the same as the manner in which the wealthy families in Mexico abuse their "slaves." Michelle Delgedillo is well aware that she needed a city license to operate her home-based consulting business. To be a consultant, the individual needs to have many years of training, experience and/or expertise in a certain specialty. Exactly in what is Michelle Delgedillo's expertise? No! she deliberately evaded paying the IRS which is illegal. She is no different than the other illegals who invade our borders daily. What part of illegal don't the Delgedillos not understand? NEXT, ..... when can we get a whiff of the Los Angeles Mayor's dirty linen?

2676 days ago


hiltons are the worst parents in the world
they should all be sterilised

2676 days ago


I'm adding my coments to this "column" because I am a concerned parent. Many of us are, and it has nothing to do with being a "hater" or with jealousy. I am appalled that Kathy Hilton thinks that Paris is a "model" for the young girls of this country. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many of us were shocked at Kathy's behavior in court, and her comments to the media. But when we read excerpts from that new book -- the expose about the Hiltons, "House of Hilton" -- we began to understand why.

Regrettably, one can only surmise that her value structure is so distorted, and that she is so caught up with this "stardom" and media hype, it has made her a questionable parent who is apparently in denial. It's sad to watch.

2676 days ago


# sanitaryrules U R so god damn ridiculous . go and bug someone else.
the subject of Hilton is so superficial. write for a real cause like irak , darfur

2676 days ago


While many of you have posted comments on other Paris Hilton related articles here that Kathy Hilton is a product of HER upbringing, that is going to be hard to prove.

Her mother may have groomed her children to be what Kathy Hilton turned out to be. But her two other daughers are not that way. Her other daughters are Kyle and Kim Richards, actresses in their own right. Many of you will remember Kim Richards as a child in "Return to Witch Mountain" and other Disney movies.

So, even though your parents groom you to be a certain way, does not mean that is how you have to turn out as an adult.

Kathy Hilton realized that she had no acting talent, and no other talents. So what else was a no talent to do? Well, of course, seduce and marry a wealthy man. Then groom her own children to be like her.

What a sorry excuse of parents both of them are. They are a classic example of why adults should take parenting classes long before they have children and then should continue with parenting classes as long as their children are under their care.

2676 days ago


Are there any people in Hollywood... who have REAL talent....that TMZ can write about? I'm sure alot of people on this blog are not 20 somethings.....! Is there nothing going on in Hollywood worthy of a decent story.......? I've seen enough ASS, Plastic boobs,crotch shots,drunkin loosers......Come to think of it ...I guess thats not going to happen...because first Harvey and his teeny bopper staff would have to get their noses out of the Hilton ass's.. I suppose I will watch what ever program Paris appears on to see if she has changed....but I'm betting un-less GOD came to her in her dreams and asked her to change her ways.... it will be the Traveling PARIS side show all over again...sad but true

2676 days ago


For any of you posters who now fall under the posting number that I refer to to stop using my moniker, I apologize to you. TMZ is removing this person's postings and now your posting number is the reference point for many who are just now coming here to read these.

For every, please understand that when I was making reference to certain posting numbers as using my moniker to post here, those posts have been removed and the posting that now fall under that number are not the ones I was referring to.

Thank you.

2676 days ago
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