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D's Double Ds

6/25/2007 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DDemi Moore's nipple winked at the paparazzi yesterday outside the actress' New York home. Hey lady!

While not quite a striptease in sweatpants and no bra, the guys from Boyz II Men aren't complaining.


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Hey Demi....welcome to the wonderful world of looking your age.
You look great...for you(our) age. I am so so so glad to finally see a pic of you looking more or less NORMAL.
You are still beautiful...but I would be very bummed if I were you and I had spent so much $$$ on plastic surgery over the last 10 years to
keep up a non-existent movie career and
snag a very very very young hollywood actor.
Note...wear a bra. You look like an idiot with your boob hanging out.

2615 days ago


Dear DEMI!
You took all that time off to raise your kids out in Hailey, Idaho....very commendable....
Why is your daughter not in college?
It is disgraceful and very sad to see her constantly in the pictures with the Hollywood-teenage-loser crowd.
Get her into college out in the midwest. She needs to get a real education and then a career on her own. You will be making trips to rehab to visit her if you don't.
Many important life lessons are learned at college too...not just schoolin'!

2615 days ago

Duke, Duke, Duke, - Duke of Earl    

Guess the young-guy lover thing is getting to be old news for Demi. What's next for her? No panties photo while exiting a car? If you're going to in public without undies everyone knows you are a media whore. Party is over, honey. Your too old to play the game. Time to move on--you had your 15 minutes.

2615 days ago


I agree with tuna marie!

2615 days ago


She looks good but she needs to wear a bra.

2615 days ago

Funny Answers    

She still is a pretty women. But, then if I paid that much money for those breasts,(fake boobs had constant nipple erection) hips, knees, legs, lipo, and had a young husband, maybe , just maybe she was having one of the days all women have, where we feel ugly, old and fat, even if your not. So, she chose to show off what she paid for, good for her, if it helps her ego, that is what makes good actors/actresses, ego. She is good at her job, a good mother, and seem to be a good friend. She got the attention she wanted, or we would not be typing in our opinions.

2615 days ago

CA Mom    

Another act of Holleywood parenting. Can you imagine what it would be like to see your mother acting like this, and these people wonder why most celeb kids are drug addicted losers. This is the same woman seen late at night in a bar with her underage kids. Try growing up BITCH, or just give the kids to Daddy he seems to have grown up, while you've been sliding down the toilet!

2615 days ago


She's the same no-talent boob-flashing moron she's been for years. She's attractive, yes, and loaded with dough, so no wonder Ashton follows her around like a puppy, but it does seem she's getting a little desperate. And yes, she definitely looks like a typical 45 year old woman in this picture. Maybe not a decent, classy 45 year old woman, but I guess we can't have it all......Put a bra on, skank!!! You've got 3 impressionable daughters - please!!!!

2615 days ago


Demi always reminded me of a younger Marg Kidder.

the lady who played in superman with Christopher Reeves.

she looks like her.

2615 days ago


Go Demi! She can wear whatever she wants. If she feels sexy enough to wear a shirt like this, who cares??? She probably looks hotter than any cellulite-assed 25 year old posting on this site! And how does anyone know if she had plastic surgery? Just because she may have some assets that are better than yours doesn't make them fake. Alot of people can't believe that anything nice is real! And the people who call her names sound so angry! Why is it that people are mad at other people who feel good about themselves? I'm sure Ashton doesn't have a problem with her...

2615 days ago


Wow--for the first time in a while--she almost looks her age here--she looks younger when she smiles!

2615 days ago

Gatorade Please    

Demi certainly looks great, but she's looking like "40" something. I wonder how long her May-Dec. marriage is going to last. Ummmm, perhaps 5 years, then Ashton will be looking over the fence.

2615 days ago


Is there no other way to show you feel good about yourself than hanging a tit out at what looks like a public restaurant? Was the "young crowd" getting too much attention? Still smacks of desperation to me.

2615 days ago


it doesnt matter how old she is. she and everyone else who does this looks pathetic!

2615 days ago


Fake boobs. No way they could be real after breastfeeding three babies......

2615 days ago
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