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Faith Hill Not Into Bush?

6/25/2007 5:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Country songbird Faith Hill was in the Yorkville section of Toronto this weekend, and found this wacky bumper sticker that says "wtf?" -- with a picture of Dumbya on it. Er, Dubya.

Faith, from Mississippi, was critical of the disastrous Katrina disaster cleanup.

Apparently, she'd like to stick it to Bushie a little more.


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Funny, it looks like NYC Mayor Bloomberg to me. BUSH ROCKS!!!!

2591 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

well 1st comment im sooo exited well evn a coountry singer like faith hill knows BUSH SUCKS,so haz paris gone home yet(lol)say ive got a good tmz joke:so i waz having an argument with angelina jolie and she said "im not marrying brad"and i said"u might az well marry brad your the PITS either way"ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha im funny no??????kids should have equal rights wat do adults no those close minded bastards!

2591 days ago


hahahaha - you people are funny ones to be tossing around the 'ignorant' insult. Talk about not being able to think for yourselves.

That bumper sticker rocks, I almost bought that same one this past weekend!

2591 days ago


if it weren't for the fans they wouldn't have plans

2591 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

Faith Hill can go to hell. I can't stand her and her horse face.

And I never heard of her husband until he married her and started riding on her coattails.

Education. That's what all these goober celebs need.

2591 days ago



2591 days ago


How much money did she and hubby dish out to the victims of Katrina???? The answer is probably $0.00!!!!!!!!!!!

2591 days ago


Just Me - Uuuuum they gave A LOT of money. Over a million dollars. Google it if you don't believe me.

2591 days ago


No wonder their latest albums haven't done very well.

2591 days ago


Fourth Dixie Chimp is right! Bush does ROCK!
Maybe if she and her retard husband let loose with some of their dough they could really help the people hurt by Katrina. But NOOOOOO. they like to spend it on homes, planes, vacations, etc... There is so much money in Hollywood, that if all the whinners put up the money instead of bitching the area would be back to normal by now.

2591 days ago


Hey FAITH....where is your boozin hubby? better go find him..! WTF to you too!

2591 days ago


great bumper sticker! i WANT one!!

2591 days ago

orig JMO    

It is not just LIBS that do not like Dumbya. Repubs are starting to see the light. That said, these celebs are smarter than this dumbass prez now runing (RUINING) this country. What is GREAT about the 2008 elections is that GWB won't be on the ticket. THANK GOD. Too bad GWB tricked God into "winning" the election. I bet God was pissed. God never intended for this man to screw up the world so bad. I hope GOD can fix it. Because I am not sure anyone human can fix this mess.

2591 days ago

Team Sanjaya    

hey Adam (number2) if you knew anything about her you'd know she gave more money to help the katrina victims and 9/11 victims than you will ever earn in a lifetime. So put your money where your mouth is. She did alot after the Katrina accident. Grow up and learn something before you open your big mouth!

2591 days ago

Jo Jo    

I'd like to send her ass to Afghanistan or Iraq. Her coward husband,too.

2591 days ago
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