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For the Love of God,

Xtina -- Don't Do It!

6/25/2007 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera is reading movie scripts in hopes of launching her acting career, as reported by the Associated Press.
Glitter, Crossroads, Christina Aguilera
Someone, please stop her.


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Come on people. Whitney did it and those movies ruled the and Soundtracks ruled. Soundtracks longer than the movies but they still worked. Give the girl a chance. If it fails, then she should not try it again but you should try almost anything, once.

2677 days ago


she will do fine unlike some of the other no talent singers

2679 days ago


Stop. Put in down. Walk away. No matter what your "people" say... It's not a good idea.

2679 days ago


I think this was a very cute movie. My daughter & all her friends loved it & it appealed to the ages 11-17 more than anything & I think that the critics didn't like it, because there wasn't any nudity. They can say what they want but thats why they didnt like it. She made this for her younger fan base. I still think it was a cute movie & that she did a great job acting in it

2679 days ago


She has a better chance of succeeding than Mariah AND Britney combined.

(plus she looks 10x better than both of them too)

2679 days ago


Beyonce did Dreamgirls. Christinia can do anything!!!!!!!!!!

2679 days ago

Just my opinion    

Beyonce, Brittany, Mariah, Jessica Simpson - will someone please tell these singing and pretty idiots to stick with their natural talents - singing.

Beyonce couldn't act her way through a toothpaste commercial, but she is pretty and can sing.

Brittany can actually sing but was obviously on her path to mental issues when she did that movie.

Jessica Simpson is truly beautiful but couldn't even play herself on a reality TV show that was ABOUT HER!

And Mariah - what can I say? She has a voice that can break a crystal glass but I'd rather pick up the shards of that glass with my bare teeth than to sit through Glitter ever again.

Now Christina comes along and she can actually, truly, naturally sing. And she wants to get into acting? Please stop her before she becomes another laugh at award shows like Beyonce or worse yet, another Brittany!

2679 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

STOP!!!! Do not listen to your ego. Don't listen to your alter ego.

She should not listen to anyone she wants to hear telling you that her can act, carry a movie, has talent that dept. Her voice is stronger than ever. She let go of the Xtina- Dirty cd and look. She got married. She shows class. Carrying a movie and be actress , she is going to make a fool of herself . She left a banner cd and tour and press and personal life.

if,IF she wants to act..she should take acting lessons. She should look for small roles in tv shows-comedies, dramas,and then small roles in films. then maybe ,just maybe she can ccarry , in a few years , years ,be able to carry a B-straight to dvd movie.

2679 days ago

Annonymous -    

TMZ: IF you really want to ask if Christina is going to act, ask her PR first instead laying all the lies and photos, you boneheads

2679 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Beyonce was in two movies that required singing. Her acting was okay. She did not carry the movie. She needs t o stick to singing.
Mariaha nd Brit ,who neither onecan act, tried to carry a film. A bad film.

Jessica is eye candy in thetow movies she made.B light weight movies. She tried to carry the last one and if flooped. I cannot believe a studio is back her in a a film, a straight to dvd B movie a cheaper remake of Private Benjamin.
Jodie Foster can carry a movie. Julianne Moore cna carry a moive. Cate Blanchett can carry a movie. these girls can act ,but they cannot sing!

2679 days ago


I hope it's a porn she thinkin about doin.

2679 days ago


Listen people, just because crazy Britt and Mariah the nut did a bad job in their movies does not mean ALL singers are not lucky , example Diana Ross ( who I dont even like, did a great job in the movie Lady sings the Blues - the story of singer Billie Holliday , of course she did Mahoganey ( ? ) that movie is so bad I cant even spell it ! So ya never know.......

However I have seen the bad Xtina mistakes - the big blond afro wig, that clothes thing that made a 10 dollar whore look like Paris ... oh thats another story !

In my op I think she could not do any worse than any of the others , she has the best voice of them all - yes that includes Janet Jackson , Bette Midler - she does have entertainment value- but I could go on and on.......

I hope the people who are suppose to help care for her do the work dont let her take just any movie .
By the way Alicha Keys is in a movie and it got good reviews so.....

Whatever, never mind

Peace and Love : )

2679 days ago


Maybe she could do better than Britney and Mariah. Those movies sucked as I've heard from many people.

2679 days ago


She needs her head examined.

2679 days ago


plssssssss...not you too

2679 days ago
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