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Guess The Train Wreck!

6/25/2007 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Skanky fishnets, homemade jean chaps and black undies can only mean one person ... and no, not even Britney would stoop this low!

Reality star Brooke Hogan scalded the retinas of a crowd in Charlotte, North Carolina with this fancy wardrobe choice at a KISS 95.1FM radio show performance this weekend.

Once again, making the Hulk proud.


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That's how my dog looks right before she drags her ass on the carpet.

2674 days ago


Does she really think that look is cute...

2674 days ago


She didnt need the back of her pants anyway..................she has no butt.

2674 days ago


Does this remind anyone else of the Dirrty video?
But seriously...I think she has a wedgie

2674 days ago


I saw pics of her a recent concert she did in my town, wearing almost the same outfit. Jeans were the same but she had on white panties on instead....that's just wrong. Doesn't she have a mirror?

2674 days ago


Chaps are sooo 5 years ago, my dear girl.

2674 days ago


oh my GOD, i am so shocked to see that is Brooke Hogan, i am a fan of the show the Hogans, and have seen how her parents treat her like a kid!! i guess that's just her way of tellin them she's not a kid no more, but it looks whorish and sluttish!! no offense brooke!!!! but u parents have right to treat u like a child cuz u still act like one!!!!!!

2674 days ago

I love taco bell!!    


TMZ viewers don't like no artist at all, all you do is complain all day about them. I'm starting to get tired of TMZ, we really need someone to moderate these boards,I'm tired of just hearing negative stuff all the time. What artist do you like? If everyone of them you insult.

This is what you say about each artist...ext

Paris- Whore,Trash,Spoiled,Bitch..ext

Britney- trailer trash,put some underwear,always showing her prvt,slut...ext

LiLo- drug user,stay in rehab bitch,I can't stand her..ext

K-holmes- brainwashed,stupid,old lady,leave that maniac...ext

Mary K ashley- OMG so skinny go eat, we don't need to read about this anorexic..ext

Nicole Richie- Your next whore,Can't wait for you to go to jail with your buddy whore,slut go eat..ext

J-Lo - fat,arrogant,animal killer stop hurting our animals, Jenny from block is a bitch..ext

Broke- OMG she's fat,hair extensions are ugly,she's a slut..ext

Christina- you where a slut now your nice but your still a slut to mee...ext

Come on people get a grip!!! I haven't yert seen 1 positive comment to a artist,I can't believe you complain of each artist. You people are so judgemental. I think TMZ is filled with old,fat,poor people who like to come here to insult celebrities.

Broke is a beautiful girl,She is not fat,and she doesn't have extensions. (That's her real hair) On the show she dint want to cut her hair. She is a young singer. Helloooo is 2007 her pants are sexy, It's fashion and I like them. College students where them all the time to go to the club..I see it all the time. If broke wants to wear them on stage that's her problem to me she looks hot!! You people are the most ENVY people i have seen. Oh and by the way nope she is NOT 25 she just turned 19.


2674 days ago


Vulgar? Tacky? Offensive? Other Unmentionables?

This gal just pissed away whatever chances she ever possibly had of "raising herself up" in Life. I wouldn't introduce my pet fish to her! She is dressing like my vision (if it can be called that) of a "skanky 'ho" & if this is where she is at a young age, she will be boring to live with, too trashy to take out to dinner or anywhere else in public because of the embarrassment/trash factor. What man would want her to be the Mother of his children? (Hey, Mom's a trash tart!) You can't take her to high tea, for sure.

Too bad that such a beautiful young girl is behaving in a way that strips whatever personal dignity she may have had, brands her as a non-desirable person at your child's baptism, takes her out of so many wonderful happenings in Life, and she just projects a very negative image of herself to the immediate world. She's probably a good gal at heart, but her clothes? Ugh!!!!!!!

Well, she has to make her own decisions. I do hope, for her sake, that she rehabilitates herself before much more damage is done.

And, those pictures are in terribly bad taste. Shame to her parents. They were supposed to be the Adults in this family dynamic.

Pity. All around.

2674 days ago

AZ Beauty    

Good Lord!

What is wrong with this girl?? Overweight, overbleached, hooker clothes, no talent... the list goes on and on! Just goes to show money does not buy you class or good taste.

Her and her mother look like white trash twins.

2674 days ago


It is amazing how far this family has gone. The father is a professional wrestler... or was a professional wrestler like a million years ago. I wouldn't care to comment except the stupid reality show has him protecting his daughter from looking like a whore, all the while cashing the checks that roll in WHILE SHE LOOKS LIKE A WHORE. The parents allow their family to be exposed all in the name of cash. By the way - the girl can't sing... even with her cheesy "grill." OHMIGOD. Complete white trash the whole lot of them.

2674 days ago


Ok,people.I think you are too harsh.She is a nice girl as I remember from the show.And she is just a teenager.She'll grow out of it.And she is not a slut at all.Clothes mean nothing.And you can't just sit and insult a daughter of one of our most favorite star .Give me a break.

2674 days ago



2673 days ago


haha i bet daddy hogan's real happy about this!!

2673 days ago


You would think that the Hulk could afford to buy his baby girl some real chaps so she wouldn't have to ruin her best Old Navy denims!!!

2673 days ago
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