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In News About People Not Named Paris...

6/25/2007 11:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Won't Be Boozing on 21st, Says Mom

The words "sensible" and "Lohan" aren't normally associated with one another, but her mom said yesterday that she's not only going to be on the wagon for her b-day, she's still going to be in rehab.

Self-proclaimed "White Oprah" Dina Lohan told reporters in a Long Island court yesterday that Lindsay will be doing "extended care" at Promises in Malibu, and suggested that she could still be doing rehab when her July 2 birthday rolls around, but won't actually celebrate at Promises.

Anna Biopic Erases Mama Virgie from Story

The latest Anna Nicole Smith TV movie won't have the large-and-not-in-charge Virgie Arthur in the script because, according to the woman playing Anna, "she just doesn't deserve to be in the film." Willa Ford tells Steppin' Out (via Rush & Molloy), "If there is one thing Anna wouldn't want, it's her mother in a movie about her life." Ford, for her part, says her own relationship with her folks is a whole lot better – so good, in fact, that they told her what she could and couldn't show in Playboy. 'Cause that's good parenting.

Germany Says "Nein" to "Cult"-ist Cruise

The German government has banned Tom Cruise and the producers of "Valkyrie," the movie Cruise is making about the attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler, because of the star's Scientology ties. A spokesman for the Defense Ministry says that the filmmakers won't be allowed to film at German military sites if the famed Count Stauffenberg (the leader of the plot) "is played by Tom Cruise, who has publicly professed to being a member of the Scientology cult." The film is slated for a 2008 release.

Party Favors: The New (Old) Indiana Jones, Deconstructed ... Tara Loves Her Clams ... Kelsey Sells to Hayek

The intrepid funnymen at have seen the first photo of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in the fourth installment of the series, and they've made several trenchant observations, among them the fact that Ford/Jones' unbuttoned shirt is a show of solidarity towards Anne Heche. Puzzled, let them explain. ... Tara Reid had a bivalve-licious dinner at N9NE Steakhouse at The Palms, sharing shellfish platters and other delights, before moving on to Moon Nightclub. ... Kelsey Grammer sold his Bel-Air mansion to Salma Hayek and rich guy fiancé Francois Henri Pinault for $20 million, says Page Six. What, no celeb discount?


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Thank you for your brilliant comments, number 13.

2673 days ago


Actually one of the people who seemed to hate anna nicole smiths mum the most was anna nicole herself so i think they have every right to exclude her from the movie, everyone who saw the long drawn out custody battle saw how much of a snake that woman is and how she was only interested in getting what she wanted from her own daughters death without caring about anyone else so i think she has no right being in a biopic about one of the people who hated her the most.

2661 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

I'm sure the DiLo Bashers will be out in full force - but once again, DiLo takes the high road. I think Stedman's influence on the "White Oprah" (I'd watch a talk show hosted by DiLo) has been profound and has finally removed the last traces of that lunatic ex-husband from the Lohan family. God bless DiLo - we're rooting for you and LiLo.

2675 days ago


Finally someone bans those crazy bastards from something. Seriously organized religion is one of the biggest causes of discrimination. Why can't we all just have faith that there's someone good up there trying to help as much as they can. Here's to the spirit in the sky, that's where I'm gonna go when I die!!!! Oh yeah!!!!

2675 days ago

Tara Tennent    

Oh please like The Germans are free from mind control..What a joke.

Lindsay Lohan needs more than an extended stay at rehab..She needs to be there for life..I would take the Hiltons over the abusive Lohan family any day!! Good Luck Paris, stay away from all those losers and sychophants..Get new friends!

2675 days ago


Like it or not, Virgie was a part of Anna's life.

2675 days ago


Good for the Germans! It is only right that they preserve the good name of Count Staffenberg. If they choose to do it that way, it's their right.

2675 days ago


Germany hasn't changed much over the years, has it? Think our way, or else!

Personally, I think our country was founded on the premise of freedom of religion and Tom Cruise and John Travolta and the entire country should be able to practice whatever religion makes them happy. Being persecuted for one's beliefs is just plain wrong. I've heard all the slams against those practicing that Scientology religion and while it's not something I would choose, everyone should have the freedom to make their own choice. Isn't that America?

2675 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

You tell'em Germany....It's nice too see someone has balls to say NO, to this Sceintology MORON. For those who are not aware....Sceintology is a CULT!!!!

2675 days ago


Cult or NOT Germans are intolerance! They're showing their true color acting like the Nazi they are. You can take Hitler out of the Germany but not Hitler out of the Germans.

2675 days ago


Germany has changed. Maybe you should read the problems the Scientologists cause here before you judge. And for the record, i believe the Europeans are far more liberated and enjoy many more forms of freedom than us, back home in the States.

2675 days ago


Oh really, why didn't the "hero" try to eliminate Hitler sooner??? Maybe because the German's were winning until 1944??? Although my family is of German decent, I am highly criticle of the German Defense Ministry about the role Tom Cruise is about to protray. Who cares about his so called Religious beliefs - it's a movie! Sounds like "Hitler" still lives in Germany...

2675 days ago


i am so freaking glad someone has enough guts to tell this idiot "NO" once in awhile. it has nothing to do with intolerance #7, it has to do with a country protecting their right. tom cruise thinks he's the second coming or something and obviously he is not. too many people bow down to this imbecile and i, for one, applaud germany

2675 days ago


I'm sick of TOM Cruise..and his oh so happy marriage (barf) gag......I'm glad someone said NO to him.....

2675 days ago


Crazy germans
first, Tom didn't ask for shooting, as reported on Reuters.
second, nobody film over there, it's forbidden; they want publicity over the biggest movie star
shame, it's the IV Reich!

2675 days ago
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