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Sheen to Sizemore: I Feel Your Pain

6/25/2007 3:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What the hell was Martin Sheen doing in court for Tom Sizemore's sentencing today? Simple answer, really -- Tom's mom asked him to come.

After a judge sentenced Sizemore to 16 months in state prison for violating the terms of his probation, Sheen told reporters outside of Los Angeles County Superior Court that he identifies with Sizemore because he has, "experience with addiction in my own life and in my own family." And speaking of Charlie ... Martin added that Sizemore and Charlie are friends, and the only reason that Charlie didn't come to court with him today was because he's currently out of the country. Bummer.

Of course, a press conference regarding celebrities and addiction wouldn't be complete without an opinion on the Britneys and Lindsays of the world. Sheen's thoughts: "They ought to give thanks and praise that they're not facing more serious charges, like manslaughter."


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steve Real    

This is the height of cruelty.
If not just a plain evil act
by the court of California.

The State Government owns your body
in California.
The Nazi's like that policy too.
Your body belongs to the State,
in California fellas.

Seig Heil !
I'll were my jackboots
and my Nazi arm band
the next time I'm in Sacramento.

So the court punishes a man
who is already punishing himself with addiction.

Nice Job.

Who wrote this law?
Because this an evil law
with evil intentions.
There is no redeeming quality to this law at all.
It's regressive and immoral.

He wasn't doing anything
to anybody else.

So you take away his living,
his life,
and all for what?
For smoking meth ?
Is the California court cruel fellas or what?

All possibility of redemption is lost
when you put people in prison for addiction.
It's just as evil
as our American policy of torturing our war captives.

Witness the evil that men do to each other.

I'll pray for the Courts soul.

Good Luck Tom

Tom move out of California.
California is for the cruel and mean spirited.

2646 days ago


Help that poor bastard, Martin!

2647 days ago

10 feet tall    

i've always wanted to have the first comment on this damn blog......................maybe someday!!! wa wa wa wa wa wa wa

2647 days ago


I guess he has nothing better to do!

2647 days ago


Ooohh!!! You hear that Britney and Lindsay! You just got burned by Martin Sheen!

2647 days ago


Good looking out Sheen......I hope Sizemore can make a comeback.....LEAVE THE DRUGS ALONE....PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZ.

2647 days ago

tuna marie    

before bitching about britney and lindsay, he should say the same about his own son.

2647 days ago


Martin is a STAND UP guy.

Anyone who mocks him for responding to a mothers' request has their own issues.

Go on....I dare you to look honestly at yourself in a mirror (whipe the coke/crack residue aside) and take a close look at who and what you are?/

Way to go Marty!!

2647 days ago


Bravo, Marty Sheen.......
You are not only a heck of an artist but, a heck of a stand by your friends.....bravo.....

2647 days ago

Nick B California    

Martin is a stand up guy who has been touched by the effects of Alcoholism. He is a man of faith and and understadning. Hats off the him for being there to show support

2647 days ago


#7-nobody is insulting Martin!

2647 days ago


Really, some of the best people to take advise from are the one's who have 'been there, done that'.

Martin Sheen is a stand-up guy who just wants to help.

2647 days ago


Hollywood boner----yeah, were all crackheads! Intelligent post.

2647 days ago


I bet a lot of these Hollywood actors get tired of the press constantly asking them about Britney, Paris an Lindsay. They probably want to say who gives a crap but won't since it will be on the television. I do hope Tom comes out of this a better man and wish him the best.

2647 days ago


I may not agree with him on all his political stances however he is definitely a good father and friend. I remember when he turned Charlie into the police and would not let him take an easy road. He gave him tough love when it was needed.

2647 days ago
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