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"Survivor's" Dreamz -- Devious Player, Deadbeat Dad?

6/25/2007 6:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Andria "Dreamz" Herd -- the "Survivor: Fiji" runner-up who infamously reneged on an immunity deal during the show -- has been slapped with a lawsuit by a woman who claims he's run out on his obligation to take care of their baby.

Herd was sued nine days after last month's "Survivor" finale by Amanda S. Young, who says in court papers that her seven-month-old baby Luca Finley was fathered by Dreamz, and that he owes her child support, medical expenses and insurance. The Wilmington Star-News reports that Herd wasn't listed as the father on the birth certificate filed by Young, and no other documents supporting her paternity claims were filed. Herd has another son, a 2-year-old, by another mother.

Dreamz won $100,000 in the contest, as well as a $60,000 truck, but was scorched by fellow players and fans for going back on a planned deal with fellow contestant Yau-Man Chan, who gave Herd the truck when he was promised immunity later. Herd said he wanted to keep his end of the deal to show his son how to be "a man of his word."

The plaintiff Young's lawyer didn't return calls for comment, and Herd couldn't be reached either.


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Stars are Blind, as is Justice    

I knew he was a piece of crap!!!!!!

2642 days ago


He's a weasel, through and through. Going back on his word after the impassioned speech about how he wanted to show his son he's man of his word will go down in Survivor history as a real low point. What a pig. I hope if he's the father of this baby the court nails him for child support. He's obviously got the money but if he's spent it all then he can sell that ill-gotten truck and use that money to support the baby.

2642 days ago

grow up    

this guy was/is a complete freakin loser this does not surprise me at all.

2642 days ago


Hey Dreamzzzz














He probably spent his money on anybody who would agree with him and tell him that he had ANY charecter at all!!!

Oh wait, is this the son that he feared would not be proud of him?

2642 days ago

Just my opinion........    

GREAT NEWS! What goes around . . . . . . come around. He deserves whatever punishment he gets. I hope it is the maximum.

2642 days ago

Rosie's circumutilated sons Parker and Blake    

Tsk. Yet ANOTHER Black celebrity deadbeat dad. You guys are sooooooo chronic, it's not even funny! And when you're NOT avoiding paying child support, you're being typically arrogant, like Tyler Perry (is). Someone needs to smarten you guys up!

2642 days ago


A N D R I A...!!!!!!!



A N D R I A>>>>LOL!!!!!!

2642 days ago

Just my opinion    

Short on news TMZ? No Paris gossip at the moment? This guy is a nobody and if you read your own story you would realize this woman filed suit 10 days AFTER he won $1 million dollars. He*ll, 7 months ago he was on the friggin island filming the show!

But anyway, I agree with everyone above except for lame-azz, loser #5. Get a life you old dirty ho ar, and stop using your small-minded prejudices to lump an entire people into one category based on your single life's experience. That guy dumped you because you are a fat, bologna eating skank, not because all black men are in the same category as your father.

2642 days ago


When Dreamz/Andria betrayed Yau Man, it was one of the biggest reality show debacles of all times. It really demonstrated the character of Dreamz, or the lack thereof. And Yau Man displayed honor and class throughout the whole situation. Dreamz rationalized his Survivor-Judas behavior because it was only a "game" he said. Well fathering children is no game. It might not be his kid. Time and DNA testing will tell. Good luck Dreamz, you will need it, since law of karma is unquestionable.

2642 days ago


To #8 Short on News TMZ?: Why are you telling TMZ to read their own story. They wrote, it, they know what is says. He may have been on the island 7 months ago, but it was 9 months before that when she was having unprotected sex with someone (could have been him). When the baby was born, she possibly didn't know he was competing on Survivor and didn't put him down as the father cause she already knows what a sleaze he is. After Survivor aired, she saw that he had come into some money, so she decided to make him pay up! (I'm sure they'll have to be a DNA test to prove he's the father before he would have to pay)

2642 days ago


I don't mind if the guy went back on his word, or that he's a complete loser. You find plenty of those in the world. But, what makes me laugh is that he must be a complete dimwit to go back on his word in front of national television.

Good luck getting a job..

2642 days ago


I agree. I couldn't decide whether Dreamz was a schemer or an idiot when watching Survivor, but when he made that deal with Yao Man, I believed him. And who would be dumb enough to go back on his word in front of millions of viewers and waste a perfect chance to fool people into trusting him. Guess I got taken, too!

2642 days ago

bunny rhae    

I am from wilmington and as it so happens my family used to help this young man and his older brothers out when they were in school. I can tell you that at the time he and his family were upstanding kids that made their way out of the worst. He has always said that this was his son, and I hope he does the right thing. I can say that I was shocked at his behaivor on the show. He needs to do some soul searching.

2642 days ago


This guy is such a nobody that it doesn't deserve our time...HOWEVER...yippee skippee that karma is nesting near this homeless, shameless, arrogant LOSER. He definitely took the low road on nice for the world to see, especially his son. Talk about a vicious circle! I can only hope that someone has already stolen his truck. Rock on, YauMan!!!

2642 days ago


Easy people! I know this guy! He puts others ahead of himself! Please don't pre-judge!

2642 days ago
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